Queen Fabiola and the late King Baudouin: News and Pictures Part 2

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Fabiola being greeted by young and old, quite a touching pic IMO. (point de vue)

Thanks for the photo Hannelore! Its obvious that the Belgian people love Queen Fabiola.
It is Queen Fabiola is in love children!!! She have not children and his royal family of Belgium in love!!!
queen Fabiola and countess Isabelle Borchgrave d'Altena at the St Nicolas party of the Mimi Foundation, a foundation that aims to improve the life quality of cancer patients. (point de vue)

What happened to that magnificent tiara QF had on in the picture with Queen Sirikit?
It still belongs to queen Fabiola,but since she's a widow she doesn't wear a tiara anymore, she only made an exception for the Spanish state visit to Belgium in 2000.
Do you know if she has a nice collection of jewels that will be passed along following her death?
Emily said:
Do you know if she has a nice collection of jewels that will be passed along following her death?

She does have a nice collection (look here http://www.theroyalforums.com/forums/f20/queen-fabiola-belgians-jewelry-1964.html?highlight=fabiola), but I don't know what will happen to it when she dies. I think in Belgium we should have a sort of "fund" like in Sweden and Holland where the jewels aren't private possesion, so nothing gets lost when someone dies. This has happened over and over again in the Belgian RF, which is why we have so little, compared to other countries.
Thank you for sharing, Purple_Platinum...These pics are so moving. Speceialy the one where Fabiola is crying.

King Baudouin and queen Fabiola anounce Fabiola's first pregnancy, 1961, when they're at the vatican. Fabiola would loose the baby and have several miscarriages. They were never able to have children. (le soir illustré - thanks to Chris).

Baudouin and Fabiola on holiday in Gstaad in 1976 (point de vue).

I LOVE the photo of Q. Fabiola and Q. Sofia. The tiara Fabiola is wearing in that picture is actually the necklace that she is wearing in the yellow gown with K. Baudoin(sp), or at least it looks like the necklace. I'm going to to look at her jewelry.:ROFLMAO:
Queen Fabiola, who was escorted by the most competent Donna Infanta Pilar, attended Brussels Audi International Jumping today.
Source: BELGA PHOTO DIRK WAEM, click here for more.

And she is really very fond of this event, since she visited the opening evening yesterday as well. (source: audi-equestrianmasters.com)


Fabiola has been quite active today. Accompanied by Princess Mathilde she also paid a private visit to the Royal Museum for Art and History today. They admired the collection of Dora and Paul Janssen. The Janssen’s collected precolumbian art and their collection will now remain in Belgium since Dora Janssen reached an agreement with the Flemish government about the inheritance tax.
To catch a glimpse follow this link and go to Vrijdag 29/09, 19u the clip starts at 21:30 min running time.
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Wasn't Fabiola a sort of lady-in-waiting to Infanta Pilar? When they visited Queen Victoria-Eugenia in Switzerland Fabiola met her future husband for the first time...
Wow Queen Fabiola is beautiful grand old lady of royal family Belgium!! She hold arm infanta Maria Del Pilar. She have 70th birthday and see out good alert. Grand old lady Queen Fabiola and Princess Maria is good friends see out photo. Queen Fabiola is good near friends royal family of Spain and his sisters Maria Del Pilar,Margarita of Zuarita!
she seems like such a warm person :) like the Late Queen Mother

Buried in Madrid Gonzalo of Mora, with presence queen Fabiola

Gonzalo of Mora and Aragon, fifth Marquess of Casa Riera from 1959, he was buried this morning in a cemetery of Madrid, in presence of his relatives, between them, of his sister Fabiola, the queen of the Belgians.

Born on May 17, 1919, it was the first one of seven children of Gonzalo of Mora and Fernandez del Olmo (fourth Marquess of Casa Riera) and of Blanca Aragón y Carillo de Albornoz.

Gonzalo de Mora was, besides, a count de Mora and vizconde of Baiguer, title that happened to his fourth son Luis Maria in 1998.

Attorney of profession, was a brother of Fabiola, widow queen of the Belgians , and of the acquaintance aristocrat Jaime de Mora y Aragon, which expired in 1995.

Between other decorations, ihe was in possession of the Great Cross of the Civil Merit, the Great Cross of the Wreath of Belgium, the Great Cross of the Holy Sepulcher of Jerusalem and Honor's Great Plate and Merit of the Red Spanish Cross, the Cross of War, the Cross of Italian War, the Red Cross of the Military Merit, the Medal of the Campaign, Medal of Of Guipuzcoa Volunteer and the Medal of 25 Years of Peace.

He was a member of the Academy of Genealogy and Italian Heraldry, president of the Council of the Military Order of the Holy Sepulcher of Jerusalem and Gentleman of Justice of the Order Constantiniana of San Jorge.
In 2005 there was granted him the Great Cross of the Order of the Naval Merit by white badge by the Ministers' Council.

Gonzalo de Mora y Aragon was married with Mercedes Narváez Coello de Portugal and was a father of fourteen children.
Some updates concerning Queen Fabiola:
Fabiola opened the India Festival at Brussels` Centre of Fine Arts (Bozar) on Saturday (Oct 7th). The festival reflects India’s age-old culture and its new vision of the world. The Bozar displays a collection of precious miniatures dating from the 18th century. These paintings are shown for the first time out of India.


And she has been pretty active these days. She also enjoyed an extraordinary concert on Thursday (Oct. 5th) at the Bozar. Fabiola took the chance to listen to no less than 12 Stradivari in one evening! The twelve musicians, who received their precious instruments from the Nippon Music Foundation, performed compositions of Schubert, Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, Dohnany andco. Unfortunately I found no pics.
And today she had to cast her ballot in a hurry to be in time for the plane to her brother´s funeral.
When did don Gonzalo de Mora y Aragon die? Now her only remaining sibling is Dona Marie de Luz, right?
Marengo said:
When did don Gonzalo de Mora y Aragon die? Now her only remaining sibling is Dona Marie de Luz, right?

According to the information, it seems that he has been buried this morning , for what he should have died yesterday. If some another information appears in the Spanish press already I will put it.
Sadly Dona Maria de Luz is her last remaining sibling and the Flemish press reports her brother died this Friday (Oct. 6th).
How sad that Fabiola was never able to have children! :sad: Ohhh....At least she has her niece and nephews and now their children too.:wub:
Marengo said:
Wasn't Fabiola a sort of lady-in-waiting to Infanta Pilar? When they visited Queen Victoria-Eugenia in Switzerland Fabiola met her future husband for the first time...
Yes, you are right, there's a well known story about that, Queen Victoria-Eugenia of Spain (grandmother of King Juan Carlos and Infanta Pilar) was known to be a perfect matchmaker, according to the book Françoise Laot wrote 'Juan Carlos & Sofia' she thought her grand-daughter and King Baldouin would be a perfect couple.
She arranged a meeting in
Lausanne Switzerland (where the old Queen was exiled).
She chose a lady-in-waiting to ‘escort’ infanta Pilar, a
girl of the spanish high society, a perfectly refined girl, but whose beauty could not overshadow Infanta Pilar.
She was called Fabiola de Mora…. everybody knows what happened: Fabiola married king Baldouin and became Queen of Belgium.

Seven years later Infanta Pilar married the Viscount de la Torre Luis Gomez-Acebo.
Brussel-Allerheiligen 2006

:) Found the following:

"De Brusselse Kerkgemeenschap organiseert in de Allerheiligenweek naar het voorbeeld van Wenen, Parijs en Lissabon, een grote internationale samenkomst. Het is een kans voor de christenen om samen te komen, elkaar te ontmoeten, samen te vieren en te bidden. Het is echter ook een gelegenheid om naar buiten te treden. De week biedt tal van kansen voor een ontmoeting met de hele stedelijke gemeenschap, die dit evenement een warm onthaal zal geven."

In short, the Brussel Church (Roman Catholic) is organising a week of international meetings. A chance for Christians to come together, but also to meet the city-community.

On Thursday, 2 November 2006, in the Church of Laken a church service was held in memory of King Baudouin. If you follow the link below you get to a slideshow with photographs of this event. I found it work best when I do not use the automatic slideshow changer, but move manually from one photo to the next. Photos are a bit dark (it looks like night outside in anycase), but Queen Fabiola can be clearly seen in a number of photos. She was accompanied by Princess Margaretha and her husband, Prince Nikolaus of Liechtenstein.

Still rocking

Seems Queen Fabiola is still out and 'rocking' ;) :


Concert sluit Brussel Allerheiligen 2006 af
Brussel - Op het Brusselse Paleizenplein was het gisteravond al rockmuziek wat de klok sloeg. Katholieke rockmuziek dan, van onder andere Exo, Spear Hit en Cx Food. Het concert was de afsluiter van Brussel Allerheiligen 2006, de week waarin de katholieke Kerk zich een week lang wou bezinnen over evangelisatie in de stad. Het richtte zich voornamelijk op jongeren, maar dat heeft koningin Fabiola er niet kunnen van weerhouden om mee te komen rocken. ,,Ze wilde absoluut het concert van Glorious zien, samen met haar nichtje. Elke dag pikte ze trouwens enkele van onze activiteiten mee", zegt perswoordvoerster Moniek Delvou.

In English it basically says:
In Brussels it was Catholic rock music from bands like Exo, Spear, Hit and Cx Food. It was the closing of the Brussels Congress 'Allerheiligen' (sorry don't know how to translate that) 2006. The Congress (and especially the concert was aimed at the youth, but Queen Fabiola could not help but attend (to rock with:lol:). According to a media representative, Queen Fabiola absolutely wanted to see the concert of Glorious with her niece (wonder who?). She attended daily some of the activities of the Congress.
This Lady is amazing! Go Fabiola:lol:
lol She "Takes a licking and keeps on kicking"
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