Queen Elizabeth & Prince Philip: Visit to Bermuda, Trinidad & Tobago - Nov 24-28, '09

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It's the Kensington Bow with pearl drop. There is lots of information about the brooches on the Royal Jewels section..

Thankyou, GillW, for brooch info. It was hard to distinguish.
The Queen has worn the Nizam's necklace to an evening function.
I adore the Queen for doing this and for wearing her wedding tiara. She has looked stunning this trip, it has been a wonderful trip :flowers:

I have liked all of her new outfits - smashing surprise to see so many. Not too sure about the applique gown, but I'll blame her dressers - obviously not couture trained for that work...It will never appear again in that form, I'll bet!
It is similar to a rumor that is repeated many times that most people will believe that it is a fact, especially when it is published. :flowers::flowers:
Thanks to all for the news links, pics, etc. It looks like it was a wonderful success and I thought the Queen looked terrific in all her finery (including the royal jewels). :)
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