Queen Elizabeth II's Fashion and Style Part 3: February 2011 - April 2012

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Beige is boring and certainly doesn't make HM stand out in a crowd. I love her in bright colors also, and I love her in bright yellows. She always seems to manage to look regal and elegant, imo!
And HM wants to stand out in a crowd so people can see her, so I'd think beige would be put on the back burner as a reason not to wear it. Blue is beautiful on her, but she also excels with the bright jewel tones as well.
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You're correct, Tyger. Probably in its convoluted way, the article is indicating that blue is her favorite color because she wears it 29 percent of the time, more so than other colors. No other reason is given for its frequency of appearance, though.
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Well that was a mis-leading headline - it promised to tell us WHY blue was her favorite color (like they had a quote from her or something) when in fact it just told us what colors she wore the most and least. No 'why' any where in there.

I would love to know the reason behind Her Majesty's favorite color. When I read the article, I thought I missed something, but when I re-read it again, I discovered that no reason besides the frequency of appearance was given. The title is indeed very misleading.
Does anybody know why their favourite colour is their favourite colour? I doubt even the DM could guess because I don't think The Queen herself would know. Most people answer the question with: "it's a nice colour", "makes me feel better".
Loved the chart, and my favorite color on HM is yellow, like she wore to William and Kate's wedding last year!
HM looks great in all blue shades and of course, in yellow! She should avoid beige and nude shades as they would make her look unhealthy and pale, IMO. ;)
HM at the Newbury Racecourse, Berkshire, April 20, 2012. I like the coral/black coat, but dislike the hat immensely with the material wound so oddly around it. However, the pearl brooch is just magnificent.

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Courtesy of Iceflower from the Queen's current events thread.
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The coat looks really good on the Queen, but that hat is just ghastly. It looks like someone has cut some of the coats fabric off and just randomly wrapped around a black hat. But elsewhat she looks lovely and the jewellery is absolutely stunning.
I like the coat but I hate the hat. Of course, the pearls are beautiful!
That hat is atrocious. However, I love the coat. Black and peach compliment each other nicely.
Garter robes are shown as an example of "2% black", but they're actually blue. :ermm:
Beautiful coat but absolutely horrendous hat.
I've never really been a fan of pink/coral - black combination and even Her Majesty looks quite frumpy in it.
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I am not a fan of the bright coral color of the coat on HM. Somehow the cut of the coat seems to look too large on her. Terrible hat.
Queen Elizabeth II visited the Cutty Sark on April 25, 2012 in Greenwich. She wore a lovely coat with matching hat over a floral dress, combining it with a gorgeous flower brooch. The coat and hat are bright red but appear to be pink in some pictures.

- The overall look
- Close up
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Love the brooch and the Queen in vibrant red is a wonderful sight.
Just the hat is not my favorite, it looks a bit like a man's hat. Overall sophisticated as usual. :)
That's a very jaunty hat. Like the colour but not particularly the shape.
Love the outfit, but the hat is a little too " country sheriff".
Not a fan of the hat, but I love the coat and the color of the ensemble. The brooch is a lovely accessory.
HM looks smashing. Love that hat.
Love the coat, love the dress, love the hat. The Queen looks AMAZING! She just gets better and better with age. A woman with style and substance, and who says you can't have it all. I'm not one of her subjects, but.....Long Live the Queen!
Love the whole look!
Her Majesty looks brilliant in vibrant colours but pale, understated ones sit her equally as much.
HM looks absolutely wonderful from head to toe! Love her jaunty hat and stylish coat. She is amazing!
If the Queen's on a 2 day visit to Wales, does she stay overnight? Any idea where she stays?
Whit is one of her best colors, IMO!
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