Queen Elizabeth II's 80th Birthday Celebrations: 2006

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How Fun, it will be held on my birthday. Shame im not a kiddie anymore. Looks like fun.
its would be fun at Children's party and meet Queen and member of Royal Family
What a neat event! I may not be a kid, but as a reader, I wish I could go!
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It is going to be a spectacular event. Im really curious to see how the queens grandchildren and other younger members of the royal family like lady helens children, zenouska mowatt,lady amelia and marina windsor will interact with each other and the other children at the event. I think this is an especially great event because i think its the closest we might ever get to see whatt the royal family are really like behind closed doors. I think its really cute that there are people dressed like characters from childrens books.
Who here actually thinks she will surpass Queen Victoria or at least tie with her Who old does everyone here think Charles will be when he suceeds :)
GrandDuchess said:
Wow, this is a really fantastic idea! It sounds like this exhibition will be a "must see" one, so perhaps a London weekend needs to be planned so that I can go see it too! :)

And Windsor too, for the photo exhibit. I am every shade of green with envy for those of you who will be in the UK and in a position to go!!
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yes indeed thanks so much for posting :) wonder if a Royal Family member will get the Garter this year :)
I like the white and gold strapless gown with the sheath like covering that goes over the left shoulder. Very chic and regal. It could be worn today. I would for some of the old gowns that have been saved up to be used again if they are still in good condition.
It's absolutely wonderful news,selrahc4!Thanks lots for that, I'm so looking forward to see that if it'd be on TV and through pics from image agencies, we can have a review of all the Queen's beautiful dresses and her impressive Tiaras.Im sure it will be really wonderful with Her Majesty's Celebrations this year.
Queen's 8Oth Birthday Stamps UK

The images of The UK stamps to commerate Her Majesty's 80th Birthday have now been issued.

You can View them below or at

They are not what one would normally expect for Her Majesty The Queen.



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RoyalProtocol said:
The images of The UK stamps to commerate Her Majesty's 80th Birthday have now been issued.
Thank you RoyalProtocol. The only 'glittering' pic is the first of the 58p stamps, where the Queen is wearing what appears to be the Nizam of Hyderabad tiara. The best photo is the first, taken by Lord Lichfield on the deck of the Britannia. The original pic, in colour, shows the Queen at her most relaxed and natural.
I really love the new stamps to commemorate the Queen's 80th birthday. She looks so happy and relaxed in them. I am glad that more down to earth poses were included instead of HM in tiara's and state robes. Thanks for posting the stamp preview. Does anyone out there know whether other Commonwealth countries are issuing stamps for her birthday as well?
Those pictures are wonderful!
I think the one of her as a little girl with her mother is absolutely adorable!!!
She really does have a wonderful smile.

Warren said:
The best photo is the first, taken by Lord Lichfield on the deck of the Britannia. The original pic, in colour, shows the Queen at her most relaxed and natural.

I love that photo of the Queen, one of my very favorites.

(photo from NPG)


Here is some background about that photo (taken in 1971) from The Country Life Book of Queen Elizabeth II, A golden Anniversary Tribute (Foreward by The Earl of Lichfield):

"While on board Britannia Lord Lichfield was subjected to the indignities meted out to those making a sea crossing of the equator for the first time. He was covered with shaving soap and ducked in a pool several times but, ever-vigilant photographer that he is, kept a waterproof camera at the ready and managed to capture this delightfully spontaneous shot of the Queen laughing at his discomfiture."
I've just bought one of the Isle of Man 80th birthday mini-sheets. They really do issue some lovely stamps. I'm glad to see that the GB ones are nice as well; some of the recent stamps from there have been rather marginal.
Queen's Birthday Stamps

Most commonwealth countries will be issuing stamps for Her Majesty's Birthday, Including Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Gibraltar, IOM, Jersey, Gurnsey, Alderney and most of the Carribean Commonwealth which are still Queen's Realm's.
This Birthday site is fabulous (click on "The Queen's Life"). Thank you purple_platinum! :)
Indeed it's a really great website, I love it! Professionally done with a great and stylish layout, easy to navigate - and the contents is just wonderful, there's so much great stuff to look at! I hope this website won't disappear after her birthday, it should stay as a great resource.
great archive photos! the queen, the queen mother, charles, andrew, edward anne, zara, sarah, diana, wiliam, harry, sophie, louise, phillip! great archive photos!
I spent far too much time looking at everything at that site, when I should have been working!

I agree with GrandDuchess, hoping that it will stay permanently available.
The stamps and website truly are a celebration of a glorious reign and a very interesting life.
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