Queen Elizabeth II: Tiaras, Necklaces etc 2: Nov 2007-Dec 2015

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:previous: I am surprised she wore Queen Victoria's Crown Ruby necklace, earrings and brooch with the Girls of Great Britain and Ireland Tiara.

It is surprising that she didn't wear a ruby tiara because the Girls seemed a bit overwhelmed against the rubies and the use of the ruby brooch on the red Order sash meant it got somewhat lost.

This is the first time I have seen HM look less than sparkling on a State Occasion. It appears so discreetly understated to the point of boredom.

Well it was just black tie. And she has been wearing the things from the collection for a few years now... ;)
:previous: Oh! :doh: Just back tie? Well, I guess that's okay then! ;)
If Her Majesty called me and said you can have a set. I would take the emeralds including Di's choker. They just mesmerize me!! Ill let you know when this happens............
The British Royal Collecton doesn't really have 'parures' as such.. rather it has MANY individual pieces [some of which USED to be part of complete parures], and which [therefore] 'match'.

But the majority of the jewels are 'mixed and matched' [by colour] depending on the grandeur of the effect desired... The only complete parure in the collection [that I can think of] is the Brazilian Acquamarine 'set' which was given by Brazil to the present Queen.
Others may have other ideas tho' !
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The Crown Rubies are beyond belief. Apparently there are 4 brooches in total along with the necklace. It must be the best ruby collection sported by any current RF.

Out of interest, anyone any idea what that necklace would be worth?
Thank you so much
I thought that there would be a few conplete parures in the uk collection
The Crown Rubies are beyond belief. Apparently there are 4 brooches in total along with the necklace. It must be the best ruby collection sported by any current RF.

That is probably correct.

Out of interest, anyone any idea what that necklace would be worth?

Difficult to tell. You may be able to value the individual stones, but the historical aspect means it will be nigh on impossible to establish how much they may fetch it auctioned.
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Very elegant necklace i agree.

Stunning necklace. Soo beautiful:)

Oh my god what a color indeed.
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:previous: It is regal indeed but it is not of my favorite :)

The Queen have a amazing jewel collection. This necklace is another magnificent peace of this.
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Ah yes. The white face powder years. Glad she moved on from that. I don't think they realized how horrible it photographed. Jewels are outstanding though.
What fun. Someone needs to do a "Evening handbags during the longest reign" blog post. I was astonished at that lame bucket bag at the premier of "To Catch a Thief." And she did carry clutches in her youth!
Looking back, she has such timeless taste in dress. In that photo from Nigeria, compare the other lady's dress to the Queen. I am sure that black embroidery was quite stylish at the time, but it really does look more like a saloon girl's get up than a suitable dinner gown. Not that the Queen has not done dark embroidery - she just did it better.
And the jewels almost always work with what she is wearing. Not over but equal to her dress. It's a combo of good taste and really good jewelry. Gush.
I agree Queen Elizabeth know exactly how wore every jewel. I just hope all this amazing collection used equally by Camilla and Catherine.

(An Ard Ri who is in your avatar?)
This week's People has a spread of photographs of HM. It 'reveals' that she likes to play in her jewel box, adjusting and repairing her tiaras with a set of tiny tools.

(It's the US edition with Rosemary Kennedy on the cover.)
The kokoshnik Tiara is the one that suits Her Majesty better IMO... It is simple yet elegant and grand at the same time... I have a soft spot for tiaras with simple line and not too much fussy design!
Saturday Sparkler: The Burmese Ruby Tiara | The Court Jeweller

This tiara is one of my least favorites. I love the rubies but not the design.

I looove this tiara and that rubies.

The English jewelery collection is amazing, what colors. And especially the brooches. I had not noticed before Jardine Star brooch just marvelous.

Well my favourite tiara is the Oriental Circlet and i like and the Brumese Ruby.
Maybe i never wore the Brazilian Aquamarine and Modern Sapphire tiara.
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This one, and the Aquamarine say a lot about her taste. They are pretty much the only ones completely designed by her. BTW, I like Art Deco, and the Aquamarine set. I am not a fan of the fringes.
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