Queen Elizabeth II: Tiaras, Necklaces etc 2: Nov 2007-Dec 2015

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Feb 12, 2004
Welcome to Queen Elizabeth II's Tiaras and Necklaces part 2

Part 1 can be found here.

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A Queen Mary Stomacher - 2002

The stomacher and necklace are today part of Queen Elizabeth II's massive jewelry collection and are probably collecting dust alongside other magnificent pieces of jewelry in the vaults of Buckingham Palace. The stomacher, now out of fashion, was one of several dozen pieces of jewellery that Queen Elizabeth inherited from her grandmother Queen Mary.


Here Queen Elizabeth II is wearing one of the stomachers that belonged to Queen Mary. Queen Elizabeth recieved it as a wedding gift in 1947, and she wore it here for the first time during a dinner for the other monarchs of europe to celebrate her golden jubilee in 2002.
To think of the treasure-trove of what Queen Elizabeth has tucked in her vaults... there are so many pieces of jewellery that have been acquired over the years and which have never been worn or have not been seen for so long. One time she was quoted as saying "We have too much already", when she was being presented a piece of jewelry as a gift.
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Dismantled jewels

I have only seen this tiara worn twice, it has been written that the tiara was dismantled (only the 3 roses are left) I do not know if this is correct, dose anyone know for sure?


"Nizam of Hyderabad Parure is a important Diamond-Necklace and Tiara. It was a present of the Nizam of Hyderabad to the Queen of England.
This wonderful tiara does not exist anymore. The tiara was, together with a necklace given to HM The Queen by the Nizam of Hyberabad as a coronation-gift. Made by Cartier and later broken up to be used in new setting, in the Burmese Ruby Rose Tiara, made by Court jeweller Garrard."
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I'm not sure if it was dismantled; if I recall the roses were detachable and could be worn as brooches. I thought the Queen wore the Nizam of Hyderabad tiara fairly often when she was younger. Regardless, the necklace is still very much intact and I think that the tiara may well be intact, just not worn. Looking at it, it looks like it may be difficult to take the stones out of. It may be dismantled, but in Munn gives no indication that it no longer exists.
This question has been discussed at length here and elsewhere. There are two opposing views: Leslie Field in "The Jewels of Queen Elizabeth II" (1992) states that the Nizam was broken up to make the modern Burmese Ruby Tiara; Geoffrey Munn in his magnum opus "Tiaras - A History of Splendour" (2001) states that the Nizam remains intact.
That's all anyone knows, so take your pick. :)
Whatever the current status of the remainder of the frame, all 3 rose motif brooches still exist and have been worn by QEII in recent years. The smaller pair (I call them the Lesser Nizam Roses) were worn last as far as I can tell, on 30 June 2006 at the re-opening of the Commonwealth Society. The "Greater Nizam Rose" has appeared twice this year, and a total of 26 times in the database I have compiled so far (normally at least 2/3 times per year)
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So, my question is this--if you're going to dismantle a piece, why not dismantle the whole thing? It doesn't make sense to take everything but the brooches apart, does it? There wouldn't be enough stones. And, the Queen seemed to really like this piece. I do think she doesn't wear it anymore because it is a little dated--it has the fifties thing going on and looked good with those hairstyles--but I don't see the Queen tearing up a piece of a set of jewels (tiara and necklace). It doesn't seem like her style.
Does anyone know of a website that has pictures of all of Queen Elizabeth's tiaras?
Thanks Warren some good sites a pity that others have shut down.
I've found a picture of Queen Elizabeth wearing a bracelet that very resembles one of Queen Mary's chokers.

Here's it in bracelet form


and here's the original, as a choker


We know that another choker of QM was shortened and worn by QEQM as a bracelet


And I'm wondering about this bracelet, too..
It is quite wide...could this have been another chocker, too..?

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At first glance it looks like Prince Phillip's engagement gift to Princess Elizabeth, created from stones that were once set in a tiara of his mother's. But, in all truth, that photo isn't helping me because I can't really see the design that well.
It could also be the diamond link bracelet, which was a choker of Queen Mary's that was comprised of two pieces and could be worn as either choker or necklace. The Queen inherited it in 1953 when Queen Mary passed away--but after looking in some of my books I don't think HM is wearing this bracelet in this photo, so I think it is the engagement bracelet--but I may very well be wrong--but I would wager that Warren will know!
Thank you so much for the pictures of the Godman necklace. It is magnificent and with the Prnicess Vladimir tiara with the Cambridge emeralds it is just wonderful. The queen in glasses and emeralds is priceless!!!! As for the current President de la Republique Francaise, Lord help us and the poor queen. The man is a vulgarian beyond belief. Besides his socialist opponent would have been able to wear a few goodies of her own and all would have gilttered indeed. Now we must worry is the Presiden't "item" shows up with him and spoils everything.
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Speaking of the Vladmir tiara--when was the last time it was seen with the emerald drops? My recent memory can recall pearls and the tiara without drops--but I cannot recall when Her Majesty wore it with the emeralds--a pity, because the emeralds are the best (in my opinion) version of the piece.
she is so beautiful in the banquet in nigeria...nice jewels but the smile its the best!
This question has probley been answered but I can not find it anywhere. What happened to Queen Victoria emerald tiara and her sapphire tiara? I would love to see these pieces.
Queen Victoria's emerald tiara belongs to one of her immediate descendents--no clue who it is, although Munn knows. The sapphire gothic tiara, seen in Winterhalter's portrait of Queen Victoria, was given to Queen Mary's daughter, Mary the Princess Royal as a wedding gift (along with a stunning sapphire necklace and other sapphire pieces) when she married Lascalles, who later became the Earl of Harewood. Upon her death, the family sold the necklace and many other pieces (the Duke of Westminster has one of her fringe tiaras) but the sapphire piece remains with the Harewood family. Have you read Munns book: Tiaras: A History of Splendor? He discusses the piece in there.
Yeah, the Countess of Harewood claims they only have the one tiara (Gothic Sapphire).

I had no idea that the Westminster fringe was from the Princess Royal.

The emerald tiara is visible in the Winterhalter portrait of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert seated with their children (it's a huge thing with versions on the Isle of Wight and in the Gallery at Buckingham Palace). I read somewhere that it belonged to the prussians via Princess Victoria (Empress of Germany). However, I've never seen anything to substantiate this, so it might just as easily have belonged to one of the other branches of the family. I think we would have seen it, though, had it been passed to the Schleswig-Holsteins (as Marie-Louise left her jewellery to the royal family, for the most part).
Yet again, the emerald tiara was photographed recently...I think maybe it was sold? There were rumours that a royal victorian tiara had been sold a while back.

Now that I think about it, I had a photo of one of Victoria's daughters (or even granddaughters) wearing the emerald tiara. I will look for it, because that would tell us who inherited it.
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I saw a photo of one of Queen Victoria's granddaughters wearing the tiara in Munn's Bible--but he said she had borrowed it. Munn knows who has it, and I'd wager it is still in England or we would have seen it by now.

Incentally--HM is wearing her mother's ruby necklace tonight! I've been waiting for this--she looks wonderful. I don't like her other two ruby necklaces--well, I hate the Saudi one in yellow gold, and I like the other--but this one she is wearing tonight for the State Banquet is my favorite. Her Majesty looks regal, as usual.
The ruby necklace was originally set in opals (along with the Indian Oriental Circlet) and was left to the Crown by Queen Victoria. Queen Alexandra disliked opals, thinking they bring bad luck, and had both the necklace and tiara re-set with rubies she had been given by the Indian princely states.

Queen Elizabeth selected the pieces when she became Queen Consort in 1937 and wore them until her death. They returned to the Crown and can only be worn in right of it by a Queen.
I don't particulary care for opals, but I would have liked to have seen the pieces set that way. I do love the rubies--I think they are beautiful. I hope to see Camilla wearing them one day.
Thank you Warren. I was sadly in need of a really good fix and that photo with HM saluting President Sarkozy is a doozy! :wub:

But oh how I would love to have seen a photo taken from behind her of his face. Bet his eyes were popping at the sheer magnificance of the Burmese ruby tiara, and blinded by the brilliance of the sunburst brooch. :D

Better picture of the jewellery ensemble from the State Dinner.
(click on the pic to make it bigger)
Cropped from a larger HQ image courtesy of Tamara at RJOTWMB.

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oooooh, it's so lovely!:wub: i wish it was mine! ;)
definitely suits her, it's really elegant and classy!
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