Queen Elizabeth II Tiaras & Necklaces 1: Nov 2005-Nov 2007

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Has anyone ever seen the Queen wearing the tiara given to her by King Faisal of Saudi Arabia (on a state visit to Britain in 1967) which Suzy Menkes talks about ? I'm curious to see a picture of it (if it ever existed...).
The necklace used by The Queen in Singapore is just fantastic.
Garter said:
The necklace used by The Queen in Singapore is just fantastic.

The necklace is another sunray necklace which The Queen owns a few. The neckline of diamonds has a very close design from King Khalid of Saudi Arabia necklace (made by Harry Winston), from the necklace presented on the beginning of this page and from the necklace recently worn by Camilla.
That made me confused for a long time...
As someone said before, all these look like Arabian gulf oil monarchies' presents.
Dear Members,

While I adore amethysts, and I give the above writer credit for a valiant effort the stones and whole thing should have been redesigned and the stones recut. QEII looks wonderful, of course, but with greater imagination one could have done something really striking. Witness the oriental circlet or the setting of the cambridge emeralds in the Princess Vladimir tiara. When faceted amethyst shows off to greater advantage as it is such a dark stone to begin with. It does work very well with gold-the purple and gold combination is quite impressive/ But the above idea does suggest possiblities. I think it is such a pity that that particular stone seems to be so ignored. When handled properly it can be very lovely indeed. But it is such a lovely idea to use the computer (?) and whatnot to create virtual tiaras. And they do not cost a dime, whereas the real things-well, the less said the better. Cheers. Thomas Parkman
I love the amythest parure. Im so mad the Queen Mum sold them. I know amythest arent the most regal and rare jewels but they are so beautiful and the parure is gorgeous.
I think amethysts are rather underrepresented among tiaras currently so I love seeing them in any form, be it real or virtual.;) I also think QE II can wear them beautifully with her white hair and fair skin. I wonder if there are any regrets in BP that this set "got away" :( because it's wonderful.
Thomas Parkman said:
Dear Members, While I adore amethysts...
Thomas, I get the distinct impression you, in real life, must be a jewelry designer, you display such knowledge and vision when it comes to this topic. Therefore, and forgive me if it' s been asked before, but would you have a favorite among the british tiaras? If so, which one is it, and why?
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Dear Princess Olga,

You astonish and flatter me!! I am a retired academic who was trained as an historian and librarian. I worked at the University here for 28 years as a research and then as music librarian. History fascinates me. I just love all the pomp and circumstance and colour at which royalty are such past masters. It satisfies some deep atavistic part in all of us. These blasted republicans are such bores. Dull, glum and boring. Nothing like covering the iron hand of power with a glove of finest brocades and jewels say I.

As for my favorite British tiaras and why--Humm. Actually my two favorites are not British at all but that is another matter. Let us see. Do not groan too much Warren but the Fife tiara. It is set with free hanging diamonds which move when the wearer moves, creating a scintillating and sparking light. It is lovely. The portland diamond tiara for the same reason, with its huge diamonds even if it is a little dated. The Princess Validimir tiara because it is such an imaginative and lovely use of pearls and then with the cambridge emeralds the same thing. And finally I am somewhat ambivalent about the Cartier Indian tiara because it is so thick and heavy but still quite impressive, indeed rather massive. An imaginative use of diamonds, pearls with sapphire highlights.

You will notice that none of the above goodies are what one would call shrinking violets. They belong to the Queen Mary School. While she may have had her foibles she was quite a gal. And adored jewelry and wore it. Tons of it. Her clothes had to be fitted with extra support and fabric so she could wear all of the stuff. She wore everything-which would have included the kitchen sink, if it had been made of platinum with a few diamonds stuck around. I agree with her: if you got it, flaunt it-with taste and elegance of course. Of course she did overwhelm you.

She was noted for the amplitude of most royal bosom. She did, after all, have six children. That most royal appurtenance was of course bedecked with the wealth of the realm on all appropriate occasions. The British Navy- when she was queen-promptly dubbed the MRB Cartier's Counter. Leave it to a bunch of sailor. Cheers. Thomas Parkman
auntie said:
I have a question, from whom did the Queen inherit the Russian Kokoshnick Tiara, I know it belonged to Queen Alexandra, and then where did it go? Why not to one of Alexandra's daughters? Duchess of Fife or Queen Maud?

Queen Mary and Alix daughters went to Sandringham to "look after" the jewels. QM's part (for her husband, the queen mothers son) she took ALL jewels which where gifts from Edward VII at their wedding or later. THe Russian Kokoshnik was a present to their silver wedding aniversery.
QEII's grandmother was a formidible adversary when she set her sights on a treasure and went to some surprising lengths (and quite controversial tactics) to obtain what she wanted either for free, or well below market value.

A shrewd opportunist, Queen Mary got her hands on - through one method or another - many exquisite pieces of Russian imperial jewelery as well as objects d'art, antiques and other furnishings from her subjects :) ... which was a tremendous contribution to her descendants.
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Throughout the centuries EII's ancestors have amassed beautiful tiaras through a variety of means from downright horrifying tactics to legal purchases from those in dire financial need. So with this huge collection I am wondering why she does not loan more of them out to her royal relations for the society events they enjoy attending?

If these gorgeous symbols of class were allowed to circulate royal females would be even more dazzling, which would certainly reflect back in public opinion for the monarchy. It makes sense, doesn't it?

Courtesy Tim Graham/Getty images
How many engagement rings in this parure?

EIIR: Diamond and Sapphire Tiara, Necklace & Earrings

Thank you, Warren. That sapphire necklace looks just like the ruby one from the Queen Mother's collection. The stones are the same shape and everything. The Queen sometimes wears the ruby one, doesn't she? I think the ruby one was another relic of Queen Mary's vast collection?
The Ruby necklace previouly worn by the Queen Mother was left to the crown by Queen Victoria. It was originally set with opals.
Queen Alexandra had it reset, with the tiara, the earrings and the brooches (2 or 4?) with rubies.
The sapphires in the necklace are rectangular while the rubies are more oblong. But it design of the two necklaces is very close : diamond clusters interspaced with diamond collets and a long pendant.
I always thought the sapphire tiara could be a necklace that had fixed upside down (spikes instead of pendants, and chain links...). Does anyone know exactly the conditions of its fabrication ?
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Does Queen Elizabeth own an amethyst tiara at all? If not it's even more of a shame that the Queen Mother sold the amethyst set.
DEar Members,

Here I go drooling again. But the picture of above of QEII with her sapphires is really quite stunning. Which in a way is amazing. The tiara, as far as design is concerned really is a flop-or at the best light a mediocre just pass. But the necklace and the beauty of the gems themselves redeam everything. They just need to take the tiara and get a few more gems and redo the thing.

BTW I must ask the impertinant question, since I am a computer and whatever mongoloid-what on earth is Nunn syndication? Is it the code into your vast vault of goodies that you keep hidden away and only go salivating over during the dark of a full moon? cheers. Thomas Parkman
Thomas Parkman said:
BTW I must ask the impertinant question, since I am a computer and whatever mongoloid-what on earth is Nunn syndication? Is it the code into your vast vault of goodies that you keep hidden away and only go salivating over during the dark of a full moon? cheers. Thomas Parkman
No salivating over Nunn, Thomas. Nunn Syndication is a photo agency that owns the copyright to their pics. Nunn have requested that all their images be removed from this site...or else. So every page of every thread of every forum of TRF has been progressively checked over the past week by the Moderating Team to remove all Nunn Syndication images.
My view of Nunn Syndication cannot be printed in a family e mail forum, even one as broad minded as this one. I know, there are limits and Warren would contact the little men in white suits were I to really say what I think. What I think crude, vulgar, highly insulting Anglo-Saxon English. What harm is there is allowing a group of people to see all those lovely photos. The basis of it all is greed, pure and simple greed. After all what harm is there, apart from the damage to the computer screen, of my drooling over the latest goodie Warren has hauled out of his barn of some jewel bedecked and hopefully drop dead gorgeous royalty or other? World Class Party Poopers, that is what they are. Cheers.
Well, the copyright law exists to protect people who make a living producing photos and articles; if their work is splashed all over the internet where it's freely available to anyone, authors and artists won't be able to afford to continue doing their work. You may be doing nothing but drooling, but other people may be copying the photos and adding them to their websites where even more people can see them without the photographer getting paid.

The days of unquestioned free access to just about anything on the internet are coming to a rapid close, and people are having to adapt.
Is it possible that the Sunray Necklace worn by the Queen in Post111 is the unknown Sunray Tiara worn by Queen Victoria in one of her fabulous portraits?
The Queen's necklace in that post was discussed elsewhere at the time and all that could be said was "modern design, therefore likely a gift, nothing else known."
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A classic

Queen recently wore Girls of Great Britain and Ireland Tiara, and lovely sapphire set- earrings, bracelet and necklace (NOVEMBER 21)

I don't know if this was posted yet:

please notice me, if link falls
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Dogwood jewellery gift to QEII

Are any of our Canadian posters able to access archives etc. about the jewellery in a dogwood pattern, presented to QEII by the British Colombia gov. or people. I seem to remember it was a necklace.
A description and or a photo was be absolutely wonderful.
A short time ago, someone on GREMB, someone posted a garnet brooch etc that was a Bosnian gift, and so solved a mystery. I am unable to remember the year this gift was given.
I had a book at the time that wrote of it, but I cannot put my hands on it.
FACT: The Nizam of Hyderabad tiara was dismantled decades ago to give way for the Burma Ruby Rose Tiara
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HRH Queen Mary said:
FACT: The Nizam of Hyderabad tiara was dismantled decades ago to give way for the Burma Ruby Rose Tiara
Not necessarily. Leslie Field says the Nizam was dismanted; Geoffrey Munn in the more recent Tiaras, A History of Splendour, says it wasn't.
Mr Munn is the acknowledged tiara expert, but even so, take your pick because we may never know for sure. :)
branchg said:
I am still waiting to see if the Queen will wear her mother's Boucheron Honeycomb Diamond Tiara.

I don't think Her Majesty will wear it anytime soon because the tiara was loaned to the Duchess of Cornwall
I just saw HM The Queen on CSPAN at the Official State Dinner at the White House glittering from all those diamonds! She had on the Girls of Great Britain Tiara (and it is a lot bigger that I thought!), and what I think was the King George VI Festoon Necklace--and she was wearing white and looked just stunning. She was also wearing Queen Mary's True Lover's Knot Brooch (sigh.....). She conjured the bejeweled spirit of Queen Mary tonight!
CSPAN also showed clips of previous toasts at state dinners. I saw Queen Alexandra's Kokoshink tiara (I believe that was Eisenhower), the Grand Duchess Vladimir tiara (with pearl drops),--with those she wore what appeared to be Queen Victoria's Golden Jubile Necklace and Queen Mary's pendant earrings (I think that was Reagan) --and the Sapphire tiara HM had made to go with the suite of sapphires her father gave her (Bush, Sr). I think that was order of the tiaras-
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