Queen Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh Current Events 5: March-June 2005

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Photos of Her Majesty and Princess Anne riding in Windsor Great Park on 28th March:


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According to the House Wessex website, this year Chelsea Flower Show will take place on 24th May.But at that time, The Queen would be in Canada,so i think Her Majesty would miss it this year.Or maybe Her Majesty will attend but on 26th May.We all looking foward to the upcoming events of our Gracious Majesty.
Visit to Canada ends on 25th. Perhaps she will be too tired. And she always attend the first day of the show, which is not open to public.

But this visit causes more problems to Prince Philip: I checked dates of national driving events and I discovered that he won't able to attend the first selection (20-22 May) for the World Pony Championship.
The other selection is on the first weekend of June: on Saturday morning (the marathon day) I think he has to attend a review in Horse Guards Parade, as it's the Saturday before Trooping the Colour.
From The Times today:

"The Queen has been pleased to appoint the Hon James Lindsay and George FitzRoy to be Pages of Honour to Her Majesty in succession to the Hon John Bowes-Lyon and Archibald Young."
sara1981 said:
i got news from BBC

Queen paid tributes to Pope John II

when Pope John visit Great Britain in 1982 met Queen Elizabeth II for few days have any posts pictures?

Sara Boyce

I have this one. I've never found a very good picture about this visit.


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This Saturday 23rd April:
The Queen & The Duke of Edinburgh
will view Aston Martin cars to mark the 70th anniversary of the Aston Martin Owners' Club and the 100th anniversary of Rotary International, at Windsor Castle.
Also on Monday 25th April:
The Queen & The Duke of Edinburgh
will attend a service at Westminster Abbey to commemorate ANZAC Day.
Happy birthday to Her Majesty.Today is her 79th birthday.I wish all the happiness to our Gracious Queen.
"God save our Gracious Queen
Long live our Noble Queen..."
Happy Birthday Queen Elizabeth II!

To celebrate her 79th, Her Majesty went horseback riding in Windsor today, pictures from UK press:


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I wish she wear helmet for safety.. but she look good.. and spirited....

and where i find picture...UK press..

thank you for the pictures.....

Thank you

This Sunday 24th April:
The Duke of Edinburgh
will attend the Investiture Mass of Pope Benedict XVI in St. Peter's Square, Vatican City, Rome, Italy.
HMQueenElizabethII said:
This Sunday 24th April:
The Duke of Edinburgh
will attend the Investiture Mass of Pope Benedict XVI in St. Peter's Square, Vatican City, Rome, Italy.

what about HM Queen go with him?

Sara Boyce
The Queen is Supreme Governor of the Church of England and most certainly would not attend the Investitute Mass of the Roman Catholic Church.

It is very rare for the Queen to attend things of this nature in person and at 79 she is not going to begin now.

Sending her son to the previous pope's funeral and now her husband to this investiture is a huge break with tradition. I know quite a few members of the Church of England who were upset that the next Supreme Governor attended the funeral and put of his wedding for this event as this was seen as bowing to Rome and something that Anglicans haven't done since 1533. Others were supportive of course.

Sending her husband is a safer bet as he won't hold the title of Supreme Governor and shouldn't upset as many Anglicans.
I just saw this photo from Royals of the UK Yahoo group.I know that it from Corbis but i can not find this photo from Corbis,i did not see this.This photo of the Queen in January attended a Memorial Service in Sandringham:


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I just saw this picture from GREMB,Is that when Her Majesty said farawell to French President Chirac in Nov 2004?I feel very sad that ?Her Majesty crying:(


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Oh!:( I wonder why she was crying? Maybe she was remembering her mom and sister b/c I believe Pres. CHirac's visit was about the anniversary of the Entente between France and the UK. Maybe...
The itinerary for the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh's upcoming visit to Saskatchewan has been released:


Saskatchewan will have a unique opportunity to celebrate the centennial withThe Queen this spring.Her Majesty The Queen and His Royal Highness The Duke of Edinburgh will visitRegina, Lumsden and Saskatoon from May 17th-20th, 2005."To have Her Majesty and His Royal Highness in Saskatchewan to help celebrateour centennial is a great honour," Provincial Secretary Joan Beatty said.The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh will be welcomed on May 17th at Regina'sInternational Airport before attending a program at the First NationsUniversity of Canada.The official welcome to Canada and Saskatchewan will be May 18th at theSaskatchewan Legislative Building, where The Queen will unveil a GoldenJubilee statue and a centennial mural while The Duke of Edinburgh will turnthe sod for a War Memorial; in the afternoon, they will travel to the town ofLumsden for a luncheon hosted by Premier Lorne Calvert.On the morning of May 19th, The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh will lay awreath at the cenotaph at the Royal Canadian Mounted Police's Depot Divisionin honour of all RCMP officers killed in the line of duty. They will thentravel to Saskatoon for a tour of the Canadian Light Source Synchrotron at theUniversity of Saskatchewan; in the evening, they will be guests at theLieutenant Governor's Centennial Gala – A Celebration of the Arts.On Friday, May 20th, Her Majesty will officially open the addition toGovernment House Heritage Property while the Duke of Edinburgh attends a DucksUnlimited event. The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh will attend a luncheon inthe afternoon hosted by the Government of Canada before leaving Saskatchewanfor Alberta.
Does anyone know the weather in Canada or in Albeta and Sasketchewan in May?
In May, Canada is generally petty warm with temperatures usually ranging from 15 degrees Celsius to the high 20s. It might be slightly cooler in Alberta and Saskatchewan though.
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