Queen Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh Current Events 16: July-December 2007

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Pics 25.10.2007

Britain's Queen Elizabeth II during a visit to the Corps of Royal
Engineers at Brompton Barracks, Chatham, Kent, 25 October:

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Prince Philip's health fears as heart condition is revealed

Prince Philip has had a secret heart condition for 15 years, it has been revealed.
The Duke of Edinburgh, 86, suffered a bout of ill-health recently which caused concern among the royal family, according to a report in today's Evening Standard. He recovered and has since insisted on carrying out a full programme of engagements, refusing to curtail his busy schedule
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Queen Elizabeth's comedy role

Queen Elizabeth has been offered a part in hit comedy sketch show 'Little Britain'.
Comedians Matt Lucas and David Walliams - who co-write the popular BBC One show watched by close to 10 million viewers - are desperate for the monarch to play the grandmother of one of their most popular
It sounds like the heart condition is under careful monitoring, and that is a good sign. Plus he no doubt has the best doctors. As long as he takes his meds and eats a healthy diet, gets plenty of rest, he could be be just fine. Sometimes the best thing one can do is to stay active. I know there are some circumstances where it's not enough or where activity is actually counter-productive, but in his case, I bet it's one of the best things he can do for himself. He gets out and about, getting fresh air and exercising his legs and joints, stimulating his mind, and he has lots of minders watching out for him in case of emergency.

I am disgusted by one of the comments in that article: someone from thailand, forgot the name, wrote "he should feel lucky, as he's never worked a day in his life." That's a horrible thing to say. :bang:
I Agree what a silly piece of Rubbish Hears to the Health of Prince Philip
24 October 2007
----> Picture The Queen received the President of Afghanistan in the Audience Room at Buckingham Palace. Source: AP/Fiona Hanson

---> Picture 1 Picture 2 Same source
The Queen presented Kofi Annan with his GCMG.

Warning: If you like these pictures, you should save them. These Yahoo! News links are never stable. Yahoo! dumps them after a rather short period of time.
Given Prince Philip's activity level over the last 15 years, I doubt that it is much to worry about. He's seemingly healthier than many other men his age, too.
Yeah, how common is it for men his age to be as healty as a horse!
Given that his father died of heart failure around the age of 62 (and his mother also experienced heart trouble I believe although she lived to the age of 84), it wouldn't be surprising for him to have these problems. However, I'm always leery of the total accuracy of reports based on "unnamed palace officials". Nevertheless, true or not, it would be a great loss not to have him around. He's unquestionably the head of the family and I doubt that there is any member of it who is not anxious to earn his approbation.
Oh yeah, Andrea died of a heart attack.:sad:
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The Queen is starting a blog

I saw on FOX News that Queen Elizabeth is starting a blog so she can get in touch with her people. I know the Queen is with the times, but I didn't know she is that with the times!
Hmmmm. Not sure I believe that. What's she going to write?


Had a chat with Anne on the phone, she says her bunion's killing her and could I pick her up some Dr Scholl insoles in Morrisons. Watched a bit of telly with Phil but we had an argument over 'Ready, Steady, Cook' and he went off to shoot something. Must remember to pick up some Mr Sheen for the tiara.


Did a bit of waving in a hat. Pie and Mash for dinner.


Edward sat us down tonight and told us he had something to tell the family but we had to cut him short 'cos Corrie was on. Still, he seemed happy with the Boyzone album we got him at Virgin Megastores. I didn't go in, I popped into Littlewoods for a cup of tea and a bun and Camilla bought Boyzone and a copy of "Dr Dray" for William. Had a bath, did the ironing and went to bed.


Did a bit more waving and then Gordon popped round for an hour. Apparantly he's inviting the King of Sweden over which'll be nice 'cos he owes me a fiver and Silvia can bring back that coat she borrowed last time she was here. I told her to give it to one of the kids at a foreign do but as yet, I haven't seen it. Phil said to buy a new one at the market on Saturday but it's the principle. "How Clean is Your House?" then bed.


Charles and Camilla came round in the morning but had to go early 'cos they were unveiling something or other and then Edward came over in the afternoon saying he really did need to tell us something but what with Rolf Harris pestering me for another picture I didn't have time to listen. Anne popped over though and kept him amused - he wants to borrow her wedding dress for a party. Must be fancy dress.


Went to the market. Got a new coat. Turns out Silvia lent it to Queen Margrethe and it's got burn holes in it. Me and Phil had that new steak and kidney pie from Marksies. Only 3 minutes in the microwave and you wouldn't know. We were only home five minutes and the bulb in the ballroom went so we had to get the ladder. Phil was swearing like a trooper but we got it done and had a game of twister with Beatrice and Eugenie. Edward phoned and said he'd really actually quite like to tell me something but what with all this hat choosing I'm snowed under. Alexandra's coming over tomorrow to do me hair so that'll be nice. Bed at 10.


Church this morning. Vicar pissed again. Oh well, I gave him a fiver so that's the pools sorted for the week. Alexandra came over and gave me hair a colour and did the home perm so I'll be ready for tomorrow. Phoned Edward but he said he couldnt chat 'cos he was off to a Shirley Bassey concert. He does like his music that boy. Sophie came round in the afternoon so I missed 'Songs of Praise' but little Louise had a whale of a time with that new Fisher Price Army Barracks we bought her. Had lamb for dinner and stone me, I'd forgotten to buy mint sauce. Phil went mad. Beatrix phoned - she's just bought a George Foreman grill and she's not sure if you can do fish fingers on it. I told her I'd ask Zara to pop over in the week and show her how to do it. Watched a programme about me on Channel 4 and went to bed.
Are there any other sources for that? I can't seem to find it anywhere online.
I have a hard time imagining what she'd write about. She's not meant to have a political opinion, so she couldn't write about that… She most likely wouldn't share family secrets with the general public… and even the family history would likely be kept under wraps.

A blog about horses? Or corgis?

I think having a blog would seem strange for someone who has made a " lifelong custom" of not being interviewed and "prefers to be observed rather than questioned" - What Does the Queen Do? - TIME
Philip shoots down those heart rumours

Link to article

From the article
Prince Philip showed he felt fighting fit yesterday by enjoying his favourite winter hobby - shooting game birds.
The 86-year-old Duke of Edinburgh was spotted driving around in his Land Rover, walking unaided and taking pot shots at birds flying overhead on the 20,000-acre Royal estate at Sandringham, Norfolk.

And, P.S., Sam, your blog parody was brilliant!! :lol:
Yes, that was brilliant, Sam! But I bet if the Royal Household opens up a blog it will be something very official. Maybe the Royal Collection will do something like this about updates in the exhibitions and stuff. Who knows? I can see something like this happening. The royal site has a podcast, why not a blog? The Prince of Wales may do something like it too: he has a video podcast which I subscribe to but it's not updated much, so it's a bit annoying. But when it's updated it's awesome.
Pics 1.+2.11.2007

Queen Elizabeth II receives His Excellency the Ambassador of Vietnam,
Mr Tran Quang Hoan and His Excellency the Ambassador of Azerbaijan,
Mr Fakhraddin I Gurbanov who presented the Letter of Credence at
Buckingham Palace, 1 November 2007

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 **

The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh pictured during their visit
at the world-famous Pinewood Studios, 2 November 2007

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 ** Pic 3 ** Pic 4 **
:flowers:That is great for the Queen. She does have good taste.
Pics 3.11.2007

I read this and thought it was so sweet and appropriate too.
The Queen always looks great and is an inspiration for how to dress your age and still be glamorous.
I could not agree more with your last sentence, daisygoogles :flowers:

Pics from the weekend, the Queen enjoying an autumn ride:

Britain's Queen Elizabeth II, on her return to Windsor Castle for the Autumn Court,
takes advantage of the warm Autumnal weather and goes for an early morning ride
despite the Foot and Mouth restrictions still not having been lifted, in Windsor Great
Park, London, UK on November 3, 2007

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 **
It is so nice to see her ride and get exercise. She really is a country woman at heart!
Those horses are so amazing. The grey-white horses are my favorite kind but that black beauty is so gorgeous too, and they are so stocky and sweet, with their wonderfully brushed tails. :wub:
Pics 6.11.2007

Here are some more pics from yesterday:
Britain's Queen Elizabeth II and the Duke of Edinburgh officially open the St Pancras International
station, Euston Road, London, 06 November 2007. Queen Elizabeth II launched a luxurious new
international rail terminal in London 06 November 2007, marking the beginning of a new era of
high-speed train travel linking Britain to continental Europe. AFP PHOTO / Lewis Whyld / POOL/Getty

* Pic 1 ** Pic 2 ** Pic 3 ** Pic 4 *
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