Queen Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh Current Events 16: July-December 2007

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Pics 11.10.2007

Britain's Queen Elizabeth II poses with the recipients of the Order of Merit, at Buckingham Palace, in London,
Thursday Oct. 11, 2007. They are, back row, left to right: Lord Rees of Ludlow, Lord Eames, Sir David
Attenborough, Lord Rothschild, Sir Roger Penrose, Sir James Black, Sir Anthony Caro, Sir Tom Stoppard,
Lord May of Oxford, Baroness Boothroyd, Sir Michael Howard, Sir Timothy Berners-Lee and Lord Fellowes.
Front row, left to right: Sir Denis Rooke, Sir Michael Atiyah, Baroness Thatcher, Reverend Owen Chadwick,
The Duke of Edinburgh, Queen Elizabeth II, The Prince of Wales, Sir Andrew Huxley, Dame Joan Sutherland,
Lucian Freud, and Lord Foster of Thames Bank. The order, established in 1902, is a reward for distinguished
service in the armed forces, science, art, literature of for the promotion of culture, and is limited to the Sovereign
and 24 members ----> Pic

with the Ambassador of Luxembourg, Mr Hubert Wurth ---> Pic
with the High Commissioner for Bangladesh, Mr Shafi U Ahmed ---> Pic
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Why is Margaret Thatcher dressed for a funeral? Are in state mourning?
Why is Margaret Thatcher dressed for a funeral? Are in state mourning?
(referring to this pic) Everyone is in dark or darkish colours, apart from Nelson Mandela and...
Who's the odd person out (and therefore the stand-out)? :D
Ah I see! I get it now. The Queen has to stand out. Right.
I'm sure you got it the first time. :)
I have to own up to a moment of thickness and say I didn't. :lol:
It is wow Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philis is active and good healt his high age. They will married at 60th wedding anniversary!!! Queen Elizabet see out healt good and alert!!
Thanks for the post, fanletizia. For me the link you posted doesn't work. In case others have a problem, here is a link to the gallery.

Polfoto gallery: search "Queen Elizabeth"
Latest pics: The Poetry Day at Buckingham Palace yesterday, and also The Queen meeting members from the New Zealand Rugby League in the Palace Bow Room.

The Gloucesters were also on the books for this event but I haven't seen any pics with them yet.
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Pics 19.10.2007

Queen Elizabeth II and Duke of Edinburgh arrive at the new
Diamond Light Source facility in Didcot in Oxfordshire, 19 Oct:

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 ** Pic 3 **
Queen Elizabeth II and Duke of Edinburgh arrive at the new
Diamond Light Source facility in Didcot in Oxfordshire, 19 Oct:

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 ** Pic 3 **

What a pity HM is wearing that outfit AGAIN, with so many nice clothes why oh why do these same outfits keep on appearing again and again and again?
I don't know why but the hat she wore in Didcot reminds me strongly of Willy Wonka. I think it's the shape of the hat and the way it sits on her head, and the black trim, but could also just be another example of how crazy I am..... :D In any case, the dark colors don't suit her as well as the bright ones; though the "Willy Wonka" feeling made me smile. Great movie, that.

Forgot to mention....... The Queen has sent a message of good luck to the English rugby team in advance of the match against South Africa at the Stade de France near Paris.
Queen to send message of support to England rugby team - Yahoo! News
She confirms that The Princess Royal is to represent her at the match.
It also says that a Clarence House spokesman said Prince Harry is closely following the Cup and implies that Harry & William will be at the match today. But I am not sure the CH guy actually said that....
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These pictures are from October 15, but since they were not posted before, here they are.

Queen Elizabeth II, wearing the regimental brooch, hosts a reception at St James's, London for the Queen's Royal Lancers to mark the Sixtieth Anniversary of her Colonelcy in Chief.
London, UNITED KINGDOM-15/10/2007.

Queen Elizabeth
Queen Elizabeth II meets soldiers
Queen Elizabeth II meets Sgt. Jimmy Jenkins, who suffered injuries in Iraq
Queen Elizabeth II meets Trooper James Kerry, 17, the youngest Queen's Royal Lancer (young he may be, but he certainly has manners :D)
The mystery of the Queen's missing bouquet

Princess Elizabeth carried orchids into Westminster Abbey, but they do not appear in the wedding photographs.
Royal biographers usually treat the mystery of the missing bouquet as a pre-wedding hiccough, along with the tiara that snapped and the pearls that were left at the wrong palace.

I had noticed in the past that some of the wedding pictures included a bouquet and others did not, but never really thought about why. This explains a lot.

From the article:
But some time during the couple's exuberant return to the Palace, or during the wedding breakfast, he says, the bouquet was mislaid and couldn't be found in time for the group picture.
A week later, his father, founder of Longmans the florists, was asked to make an identical bouquet so that the bride and groom could be rephotographed - this time with orchids.
They passed through London after the first part of their honeymoon - at Broadlands, the Mountbattens' home in Hampshire - and once more dressed up in their wedding finery. But the crowned heads and distinguished other guests could not be reassembled, so posterity has a choice: Philip and Elizabeth with orchids, or Philip and Elizabeth with relations. Not both.

In looking back at various photos I can see now that while the photos without the bouquet show the couple pleased and happy and smiling, the ones taken a week later show them with different body language and a lot more sparkle and zing in their looks and smiles. I'd say that speaks well for a very successful honeymoon. :wub:
I love the light green outfit the Queen wore on October 15 it looks good on her and the brroch is lovely too. The Queen looks like she has quite a firm handshake.
I love the light green outfit the Queen wore on October 15 it looks good on her and the brroch is lovely too. The Queen looks like she has quite a firm handshake.
I alsways think she looks great in anything in the green-blue-purple color range. It really brings out the blue of her eyes.
I love her in blues -- any shade.... that Diana memorial ensemble, the royal blue, was fab, but the lighter blue such as in Virginia in May was great as well.
Wow wow Queen Elizabeth is active and his 81 age good healt!!! Queen Elizabeth have many dress and perfecft his high age! Photo is beautiful on Queen Elizabeths dress.
Today The Queen held an Investiture at Buckingham Palace, and I presume she had her weekly PM meeting as well. Among the recipients of distinctions:

Dr. David Starkey (CBE)
Jim Leishman (MBE)
Christiane Amanpour (CBE) ---> Picture
Desmond Pawson (MBE)
Clasford Stirling (MBE)
Elizabeth Aiken (MBE) ---> Picture
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David Starkey isn't a Sir (though he'd dearly love to be I'm sure), he's a Dr. Let's not massage egos anymore than the Queen has today!
There is a lot to be said for making someone feel proud and good about themselves. I'm sure even you, Sam, would be gloating from here to the moon if you was invited to the Palace to receive an MBE from HM. :D
You'd be tickled pink, you know it. ;)
Pics 24.10.2007

Britain's Queen Elizabeth II invests former United Nations Secretary
General Kofi Annan with insignia of an Honorary GCMG in the Private
Audience Room at Buckingham Palace in London, UK on Oct 24, 2007:

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 **
Wednesday, 24 October 2007
Her Majesty received Kofi Annan and other notables at Buckingham Palace.

Kofi Annan (former Secretary General of the UN) received the Grand Cross of the Order of St Michael and St George (GCMG) in Her Majesty's Audience Room at Buckingham Palace.

The following were received by HM in the White Drawing Room of Buckingham Palace.
Mrs Elizabeth Ya Eli Harding (High Commissioner for Gambia)
Zef Mazi (Ambassador from Albania)
POLFOTO (16 new)
Hamid Karzai (President of Afghanistan) was received in HM's private Audience Room. HM also received there Mark Collins, director of the Commonwealth Foundation, and Lloyd Jones, winner of the 2007 Commonwealth Writers' Prize.
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