Queen Elisabeth Music Competition, 2008-2024

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Window cleaners are workers and are paid..
My friend is the head of the volonteers during the competition at Flagey, giving their time for free and Queen Fabiola came herself thanking them. Each year the same old Ladies.
More important : this Evening Standing Ovation for Elli Choi (USA) and her Chostakovitch n°1. She played with a Stadivari violin (1706)
Queen Mathilde this evening, May 28, at another final:

So, the one night that Laurent and Claire were scheduled, they cancelled - but Mathilde filled in for them...
Non smiling Princess Eleonore , ans she plays violin . Sad !
Non smiling Princess Eleonore , ans she plays violin . Sad !
No, if you click at the links to the press pictures, she is vey well smiling! Everything else would be astonishing btw - the Royals are workhorses and they learn from a very young age to make a bella figura in the public...
A few more photos from the Chapelle Musicale Reine Elisabeth in Waterloo yesterday.
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