Queen Camilla, Current Events Part 1: September 2022-

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A special honorary role for sure.
Is what Camilla wearing part of the uniform for the regiment? women's version or?
I think it’s a uniform-like dress especially made for her… Like the uniform-like Grenadier Guards dress she wore to Trooping the Colour last year.
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She had a great idea of matching her dress with their outfits.
The Queen, Patron, on Wednesday received Mr Benjamin Chapman (Chief Executive Officer, British Forces Broadcasting Service) at Clarence House.
For someone who was brought up to marry well and tend her children and nurture her community through such things as bake sales for the WI, Camilla is the absolute star of the BRF troopers. To someone not born royal and with nothing other that a middle to upper class upbringing, in the natural way of things she should be tending her children and grandchildren and participating in the social life of the local country set, yet Camilla's contribution to the BRF as the Duchess of Cornwall and then the Queen Consort has been simply stunning.

From the time of COVID onward she has been going well beyond what was expected and, with the illness of Catherine she included a few more engagements on her behalf and then, as if that wasn't a heavy enough load, she has upped her diary even more by representing her husband to the people while supporting him through his fight against Cancer as well supporting both Charles as her beloved husband and Catherine as a loved daughter in law on a personal level.

I truly do not know how she is managing all this and am filled with pride and admiration that somehow, someway, she is getting things done and may possibly find the prospect of a Snap Election a welcome relief. Our Queen needs and deserves a break and this is it.

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