Queen Beatrix's Fashion and Style Part 1: October 2003 - April 2013

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Queen Beatrix attended the premiere of the play ''Unseen'' (Ongezien) on the occasion of the 100th
anniversary of Het Schild in Wolfheze today, March 17, 2012.
Het Schild is a center for blind and visually impaired elderly.

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HM looked absolutely wonderfull.It´s called Class!:)
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I love what Queen Bea is wearing. She is divine IMO> but I can't help but see the stress in her face, she puts up a great front and it seems she is quite fond of the Luxemborg royals.
Indeed, the stress and worries is etched on Her Majesty's usually cheery face. And under the circumstances, it is only understandable. :sad:

The second outfit worn by Her Majesty for today's visit is equally elegant and rather more colourful. The Queen chose purple ensemble for her meeting with Prime Minister Jean-Claude Juncker. She matched it with another lovely hat and three brooches.
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She was wearing black pearls.
I remember reading that they are often associated with mourning.
Do you think that she purposely wore them? Because of her son and the visit to the WW2 memorial.
That may well be true. Queen Beatrix started wearing a lot of grey and black pearl jewellery after the deaths of her husband and mother. For example, she chose to wear black pearl earrings and brooch for official court mourning. However, she has also worn black and grey pearls on ordinary engagements as well; that's a very sombre-looking picture, but it was actually taken during economic meeting with German and Dutch entrepreneurs at Hotel Adlon back in 2008.
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I love the taupe suit with the fur cuffs, and the poncho is always a favorite of mine. Really a polished look for HM!
I don't believe there is anything more to her black pearls than the fact that she likes them. She wears different pearl jewelry quite often.
For the second day of her official visit to Luxembourg, the Queen went for somewhat brighter colours. She wore a lovely red suit and paired it with brown hat, gloves and bag, as well as a beautiful brooch and necklace.

I think Queen Beatrix looks brilliant. :)
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I like the red suit too. The 'hat cake' must be a Black Forest this time. :lol:
I too enjoyed the bold red suit and hat of late worn by Queen Bea- she really knows how to take over a room. (I mean that in a good royal way!)
I quite like this red jacket on Q Beatrix, how could she not stand out in this attire?
Thank you for all the photos, Artemisia and Dierna. With the exception of the purple outfit, I thought Bea looked absolutely smashing especially in that red and black number. I really love the wide black embroidery on that jacket. Strong colors do suit her exceedingly well and red is such a power color. And it seems her style hats are just as much a signature look as her hairdo - a very structured, almost architectural design. This style hat always reminds me of a cake pan with handle:


A Queen Bea indeed!:)
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Queen Bea - elegant as always.
Now I'm not a fan of the green and gold look; I don't like the look of that gold broadcloth at all. But her black and brown-patterned suit is lovely and her pink brocade gown has a sari-like pattern with the deep embroidered hems. And what gorgeous rubies! Lovely pictures; thanks for posting, Artemisia.
The Queen looks great! I'm like all the outfits, especially the brown one, except the green and gold. Her pearls are enough to make a person become a thief!!!
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