Queen Beatrix, Current Events 6 (August 2010 - April 2013)

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HM will open the new Sergeant-Major Scheick barracks of the EOD explosives unit at Soesterberg,wednesday march 7th.

It will be HM first public engagement since the accident of Prince Friso as opposed to the concert this coming saturday as that,obviously,will not be her first public engagement.The concert is on occasion of the 25th jubilee of the Master Pianists program at the Concertgebouw,Amsterdam.

The State Visit to Luxembourg starting march 20th till march 22nd will go ahead as planned.

Her Majesty The Queen today:

ANP Photo

courtesy ANP
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Thank you for the pictures and information, lucien and iceflower! :flowers:

This must have been an extremely difficult engagement for the Queen, her first official event since the tragedy that happened to her son.
Her Majesty put on a brave face but you could see it came with a cost; her smile is forced - nothing like the happy, informal Beatrix we are used to seeing. Which, under the circumstances, is perfectly understandable. :sad:
A wonderful lady, at a very difficult time. But keeping busy when you have problems is often a good thing.

Queen Beatrix attended an anniversary concert to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the
Master Pianists series in Amsterdam today, March 11, 2012.

** ppe gallery ** anp gallery ** belga **

The Queen Look Very Beautifull I Like Her So Much , I Like Her Necklace Diamond & Sapphire and Brooch Very Much Looks Very Unique , Thank you iceflower :flowers:
So nice to see HM out, love her sapphires, she is looking well, IMO.
HM will receive the Credentials of TE :

the ambassador of Barbados,Mr Samuel Jefferson Chandler

the ambassador of the Republic of Guinée Bissau,Mr.Alfredo Lopes Cabral.

Noordeinde Palace,wednesday march 14th.

On saturday HM will attend the play "Unseen" (Ongezien) on occasion of the 100th anniversary of the " Het Schild" (The Shield),center for visually impaired elderly,Wolfheze.
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Thank you Lucien for these most interesting links. Certainly a very busy time for Queen Beatrix but I am sure her attendance at these events is so very special for all involved. I hear the TEFAF is particularly interesting this year.
A very professional Queen! I admire her for keep doing her duties.
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Queen Beatrix attended the premiere of the play ''Unseen'' (Ongezien) on the occasion of the 100th
anniversary of Het Schild in Wolfheze today, March 17, 2012.
Het Schild is a center for blind and visually impaired elderly.

** ppe gallery ** anp gallery ** belga **

HM will start Her three day State Visit to Luxembourg today.
See the Luxembourg thread.
HM The Queen will attend part of the Essent ISU Worldchampionships Speedskating at Thialf Ice Stadium on saturday march 24th.:)
HM THe Queen and the PM will attend the hand-out (by the PM-) of the Four Freedoms Award on may 12th at the Nieuwe Kerk in Middelburg.

The American Franklin and Eleonor Roosevelt Institute bestows these annual Awards to individuals or organisations who have significantly contributed to the freedom in the world.

This years Laureates are:

Former President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva of Brazil, The International Four Freedoms Award,for his work to improve the social and economic posotion of the Brazilians and Brazil

TV Channel Al Jazeera,the Freedom of Speech and Expression Award, for its work to provide news also to and from regions previously not so wellknown or highlighted despite opposition by many Arab leaders,the respect for Al Jazeera grows.(Indeed!)

Archbishop Bartholomew,the Freedom of Worship Award,for his continuous work/fight for freedom of Religion in Turkey and the Middle East.Together wirh HH Pope John Paul II he supported the conciliation of the major denominations,Christians,Jews,Islam and while doing so constantly condems fanatism in any form related to religion.

Mrs.Ela Ramesh Bhatt,the Freedom from Want Award,for her continuous work to improve the [position of poor and oppressed women in India.

The Iraqi Vice-PM and Minister for Energy Mr.Hussain al Shahristani,the Freedom from Fear Award.. for his continuous efforts to help transform Iraqi society from a dictatorship into a prosperous and booming democracy.

(Uhmm,it "booms" allright,but not quite what he intended I'm afraid,poor people..)
Shr gave a lovely toast at the banquet, so elegant!
Nice that she was there. According to the news she only saw the 1000 meters for women and after that met a few skaters.

A clip:
NOS Sport - Beatrix schudt hand schaatsers

She was really funny with her remarks,especially to Kramer as she said;"I really don't know what sort of telegram I can send to you anymore",due to his many many victories in championships...grin..
Home - Het Koninklijk Huis

HM The Queen will attend the 25th anniversary of the 4th and 5th of May Committee organising the annual Remembrance of the Dead on the eve of May 4th,and the Liberation Day on may 5th.

Nieuwe Kerk,Amsterdam march 27th.

On wednesday march 28th HM will open the new venue of the Zonnehuis Group Amstelland carecenter in Amstelveen
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I just cycled on the Dam square and it seemed quite busy at the church. Lots of cars, police, spectators and some vans of the NOS and other broadcasters. And it seemed somebody at the entrence was playing with fire.
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I just cycled on the Dam square and it seemed quite busy at the church. Lots of cars, police, spectators and some vans of the NOS and other broadcasters. And it seemed somebody at the entrence was playing with fire.

Ofcourse,it was a jubilee meeting of the 4th & 5th of May Committee.See my post above yours & some more pics of HM last night::)

PPE Agency

courtesy ppe
The Nieuwe Kerk is such a wonderful setting for an event such as above,having been there twice myself.
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