Princesses of Belgium Fashion and Style Part 1: April 2010 - September 2022

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And behaved a bit 'mother-of-the-bridezilla' (the activities prior to the wedding/the clapping when they were leaving the church/clinging to the groom's arm on the family picture). Let's just assume she is very happy about the couple... and not that she had nothing else going on and therefore went crazy about this wedding.

Laetitia seemed to honour her Austrian heritage with a dress that seemed dirndle inspired.
Okay. (Deep breath.)

Astrid's outfit is surely going to be an all-time contender for "most hideous thing at a royal wedding" for a long, long time to come (hopefully no one will feel the need to try and beat it any time soon). I don't know if that dress's shade of green looks good on anyone, but it doesn't on her. :sick: Jacket's fabric looks awful. We know she likes furry clothes; again, just not working here. Hat and/or poor dead Muppet on head makes the whole thing even worse.

Why, why, why would you do this at your daughter's wedding...? And no one, not the bride, not her other daughters, not Mathilde, Delphine, Paola, not any male around with a particle of fashion sense told her not to??? Or even take it down a notch to bearable levels?

Sigh. Let's just remember she has three more unmarried kids... Yikes.
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Astrid was head to toe in Gucci. It was festive ánd it was a lot. The furry sleeves could have worked if the rest was toned down, but in combination with the hat and the elaborate skirt & elaborate top under the jacket it was too much for most. The quality of the materials and the cut were far superior to anything that the Queen was wearing. I didn't mind it as much as others did and I like it that she is having fun with her outfits.

Princesses Léa and Esmeralda were chique as usual. The tailleur of Esmeralda looks like a classic model that her mother could have worn.

Pss Louise was a nice surprise, she looked lovely in a Californian brand named Rodarte.

And I liked the outfit of Pss Elisabetta as well but she can wear anything and look good in it.
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I remember Astrid also wore a crazy hat to a royal Wedding i believe it was the wedding of Willem-Aleexander and Máxima.
Princess-Archduchess Astrid looked like she was auditioning for the role of Grand Marshall of the St Patrick's Day Parade.

Far too much green and wish she'd hire a stylist.

Delphine just looked daft as usual.
These excentric ladies make fashion watching more fun.

I loved Princess Louise’s look with her Frida Kahlo like headdress.
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Princess Claire attended an honour ceremony at the Italian Embassy in Brussels yesterday, September 13:

** Full view **
Princess Claire looks really lovely as always and a nice combination too!
I wonder how long this run of very distinctive shoes is going to go on for...
I am starting to wonder if she dresses to draw attention to herself.

There is no other explanation for that getup.:ermm:
I am starting to wonder if she dresses to draw attention to herself.

There is no other explanation for that getup.:ermm:

She's an artist exhibiting her work. Of course she does. She has also been an artist for many decades preceding her Princesshood, and if she totally changed her image now because of the latter, she would appear very insincere.
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