Princesses of Belgium Fashion and Style Part 1: April 2010 - September 2022

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Jan 29, 2005
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Welcome to Part 1 of the thread for the Fashion and Style of the Princesses of Belgium!

This thread is dedicated to all Belgian princesses like Princess Léa, Princess Marie-Esméralda, Princess Maria Laura, Princess Elisabetta Maria and so on.

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Princess Maria Laura of Belgium Fashion and style

The outfit she wore for Archduchess Marie Christine of Austria

The outfit she wore for some event (I cant remember the event's name)

The outfit she wore for the Belgian Royal family"s photoshoot in 2008

A lovely outfit she wore for another event

The outfit she wore while electing the new prime minister of Belgium

The Outfit she wore for Electing the new EU head
Princess Maria-Laura really developed her own style the last year. As a young girl she was more old fashined dressed but that really changed.

I love the first 2 looks you posted. And she always looks good in jeans, t-shirt and a leather jacket.

Some more
Black dress

White/cream dress --> Love this one

Jeans when visiting king Albert in the hospital
Close up of the orange and blue outfitt

Totally in black at birthday party Queen Fabiola

Grey dress of H&M

I like the jeans and a white sweater, she looks very sweet.

And, I am right there with you, I love this dress!! I want one!!

My favourites are the lovely white and blue combo which Maria Laura wore at the official opening of Europalia China at Brussels Center for Fine Arts (2nd picture posted by Shikha Pal -a fine style for a young lady with amazing body measurements. Delicate hair ornaments like this one suit her a lot, i.m.o.) as well as that white/cream dress posted by stephanievl -just fantastic and certainly not ordinary. Would've preferred another colour (stronger or darker), though.
What do you think about Maria Laura's hairstyles? Not too strict ones make her look vivid and interesting, see for an example (from Queen Fabiola's 80th birthday in 2008)...
Finally, here are another view of the wedding-outfit posted by Shikha Pal and a rather casual outfit the Princess wore in 2006:
I don't really follow her fashion, she seems like a rather elegant young lady. I liked the black and the white/cream dress posted by Stephanievl. She looks lovely in general - how old is she?
I don't really follow her fashion, she seems like a rather elegant young lady. I liked the black and the white/cream dress posted by Stephanievl. She looks lovely in general - how old is she?

She is 22!
So very young and yet, her fashion sense is great! Hope to see more from her in the future.;) Thanks for answering my question, Steph! :flowers:
She's quite a fashionable young lady. I do like her sense of fashion, she dresses up in a really fun way and very much her age.
Lovely jumpsuit.

I also liked her bikini very much
Princess Maria Laura bringing her little sister to school. I really like this look on her.

She really looks lovely very much like her mother .she is really coming into her own now it's nice to see
I agree that she looks so much like her mother too!
Oh my, she is the spitting image of her mother! That said, she is a very nice looking young woman and the coat/dress she's wearing is very nice. And her makeup is very natural looking and done very well.
A bit too short for a church service IMO and her hair could use some more styling. But all in all, not bad.
I agree,it's too short.But I do love the shoes.
Beautiful jacket, but a longer skirt would have been more appropriate.
Princess Maria Laura attended the Eucharist celebration dedicated to the memory of the departed members of the royal family at the Onze-Lieve-Vrouwchurch in Laken.
Full vieuw 1 - Full vieuw 2 - Upper part
Maria Laura borrowed this chic jacket (exhibiting a beautiful moiré fabric) from her mother, Princess Astrid: Royalement Blog: Partage de tenues vestimentaires (scroll down)
I prefer it on the taller and slimmer daughter who looks just gorgeous wearing a voluminous furry collar plus trimmed sleeves:).
Princess Maria Laura is wearing such a lovely coat for the celebrations.
Last edited: the Belgium royals share their clothings among the family members. Great recycling effort!!
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