Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie's Fashion and Style Part 6: May 2014 - April 2015

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Well, she's trying! :flowers:

I like the black evening outfit very much. It looks early 50s to me. I like the hairstyle. I think it suits her to have her hair back off her face and it suits the dress very well. I like the shoes, too. I think the are appropriate for the era the look is based on, and I think the wide straps are in good proportion to the dress, and they look comfortable. All in all a very good effort.

Unfortunately the beige outfit makes her look like a mushroom, I think, but again she's trying and maybe it will look better in other photos.
This is a miss for me, especially the hat. Nothing attractive about it.

And I thought Eugenie's hat for trooping the colour was lovely - especially viewed from the side. Her dress was flattering IMHO. But that's the thing about taste - it's all just our opinions. No one can ever be "right" or "wrong."
Princess Eugenie's hat was almost identical to one worn by Diana in Australia in the 80s. Diana's was burgundy with a white stripe and at the time was considered quite chic.
June 14: Princess Eugenie wears a beige outfit whilst attending 2014's Trooping the Colour. I like her coat although have no words for her hat... I'm trying to work out if it's a Chinese style bowl or a satellite dish. ;) I don't think Beatrice was in attendance:

Close-up ~ Full (ish) view

Like someone said, she looks like a mushroom. What the heck?
Someone mentioned a similar hat Diana had. I dislike that one too. Looked like a mushroom.
^^ That reminds me. I need a new wok.
Not just the hat that is unattractive the dress it's ill fitting also, baggy neckline and rough looking fabric which does her no favors, really bad look for her unfortunatly
The colour does nothing for her it's very meh. That hat does make her look like a mushroom it's all too bland and the dress doesn't fit her well at all. Another miss for me. And Beatrice wasn't there? that is unusual we normally see her at these events.
:ermm:Well this outfit isn't all bad. She is trying, don't like the neckline then I never like necklines like that on anybody, the color is okay with her dark hair, and the hat...........omg, it is ugly. All the comments about a chinese wok, yes it sure does look that way.
'Shiny' is NOT your friend, Ma'am.
No like. It looks bunched up around the waist and why is she wearing a coat dress? :ermm:
The only thing I like about this look is the color. It suits Beatrice. Otherwise, not very flattering.
I like the color, but that's all.
The fit is off on the coat, and so it doesn't look special.
She looks fine. Better than at most other times.
She looks fine. Better than at most other times.

All my life I've seen people that could put on a potato sack and it looks totally wonderful on them and there's other people that make it look like well.. a potato sack. I'm one of the latter. I think I could have a dresser and spend thousands on outfits and still not have the panache to carry it off.

Although I do think the York girls do try and think about what they're wearing, I don't think that their outfits and makeup and their figures and whatnot are their top priorities in life.

What I admire more about Beatrice and her sense of wardrobe is how she handled "that hat" fiasco. You got a lemon, you make lemonade with it.
Both Hats are good.. and Beatrices' dress is lovely,although 'on the knee' would've been more elegant imo.
Beatrice by far and away my favourite! That dress is stunning.
Agree about the dress (and it fits!!!), but another choice of shoe would have been approrpiate...what a jumble.
I simply love Beatrice's dress. She looks very elegant in it.

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Agree about the dress (and it fits!!!), but another choice of shoe would have been approrpiate...what a jumble.

Agreed, the choice of shoes remains a mystery...... though given this is Beatrice we are dealing with, anything can happen!
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I like Eugenie's hat; otherwise, I don't care for either outfit.
I think Beatrice hit it out of the park today! She looks amazing, and I like the multicolor pumps, they make the outfit interesting!
Eugenie, Eugenie...what on earth...she was doing so well with her dresses ....maybe there's something better on under that coat....

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