Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie's Fashion and Style Part 3: June 2011 - May 2012

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Mama mia :eek:. That's....quite an ensamble she got there. Yikes. The color of the dress is gorgeous, but otherwise, everything is quite horrid. This is one of those outfits that belongs in the very back of the closet in one's attic, where other unused and old things are kept.
The boots need boot-cut jeans, I think. That's the only way I can see someone of Eugenie's shape looking half-way decent in them.:)

This is one of those outfits that belongs in the very back of the closet in one's attic, where other unused and old things are kept.
Santa's little helper in blue

I'm just so glad that Eugenie didn't choose that dress in RED

Princess Beatrice leaving a private event at Ronnie Scott's Jazz Club in London, October 4,
2011, wearing a black dress and jaket, a better much choice than Eugenie's ;)

** Full view ** Upper part **
The dress does not look interesting but the jacket is nice.
The dress does not look interesting but the jacket is nice.

I agree. I like the jacket, but no so much the dress. However, the outfit is appropriate for a jazz club setting. It's nice to see her going the safer route.
I think Eugenie is trying to go the "runway route" and that's not going to work for her. Many young women seem to follow trends that are just not right for them. In a word ... hideous!!

Beatrice, on the other hand, looks very nice. I wonder if she is choosing her own clothes now or getting help from someone. Either way, she looks lovely.
Eugenie looks awful even given that she is out with friends and so on the dress was a bad choice IMO and gosh I agree the young follow trends that are just not for them
Beatrice looks nice the jacket is a cute cut.
Love the cut and color of the dress. Very flattering on Beatrice. She looks very polished in this simple outfit.
She is very very very good. Bravo. She managed to have a nice line, and elegant appearance!
Bravo bravo bravo. I hope that she reads TRF. This girl got such awful comments years ago for her body, and now she replies to the bad people.
Her sister should take example and improve herself.
I hope she gets some outfits from Elie Saab, his designs are gorgeous. Daddy will have to fork out a bit if she does though. Ideas for a designer for a wedding dress?
I would like to see her marry her boyfriend.
I never thought I would say this but she looks lovely, the red outfit is stunning on her and her new slim figure is just right, not too thin but perfect.
Absolutely stunning! Bea looks amazing.
Both girls look good; I like how Eugenie's accessories all match but, indeed, she does need a more stylish and well-combed hairdo.
They both look really nice. I love Beatrice's outfit but prefer the color on Eugenie.
Princess Eugenie - looking stunning, her hat is beautiful.
Princess Beatrice - stylish, chic and practical.

Eugenie's hair looks almost always unkempt and her coat could be longer to flatter her figure a bit more, but all in all she looks lovely. Cute hat and and nice color combo. I get a slight 20's vibe from that outfit, quite romantic look which suits her well as she's a feminine young woman. :flowers:

I love Bea's outfit, from head to toe. She looks classy, young and stylish - that girl has really developed a good style in the last months. Thumbs up!
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Both women look really lovely (although I like Beatrice's outfit slightly better). My only nitpick is Eugenie's hat. That flower sticking out of it looks hideous. I think her outfit would have looked better with a different hat.
Lovely outfits on both girls. Stylish and classy.
The ensemble is quite ok in general. The style and colours are very good for Eugenie. The funny flower on the hat nicely reminds us that she is a York woman afterall. I just don't like the way she's standing - was the place that icy because it looks like she's stoping like a hockey player would do on the ice.
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They both look very chic and elegant.
Actually, I wish Kate and Eugenie switched shoes...I'd have loved to see them with Kate's outfit!
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