Princess Stephanie's Fashion and Style: October 2003 - September 2018

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The absence of heels didn't bother me as much as the absence of a head covering. I know she rarely covers her head in Church but I do wish she'd make an exception for a big, important event like this one.:whistling:
The dress was totally inapproriate and too short for such a big ceremony... it would have been fine if she had worn it at a picnic or something like that... Her hair was nothing special too... At this point I prefer the simple boring bun she sported at her brother's wedding back in 2011
A lovely dress and an unusual colour for Stephanie. But, this is not a good choice for such a special occasion. Oh how I wish she would come up trumps once in a while - but it is a long time since she has really shone on the fashion front.

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Princess Stephanie's outfit was a bit inappropriate given it was a Christening Mass for the Prince and Princess.
Stephanie simply does not seem to care she wears what is comfortable no matter what. The dress was not elegant and looked like something one of her daughters should have worn.
I agree, dress too short and I think longer sleeves would also have looked better. I thought she looked a bit "different" about the eyes. Might she have had some work done? She has eyes like her father, in that the lids seem to droop a bit at the outer edges. Did anyone else notice anything?
I liked Princess Stéphanie's dress today, this strong color really suits her but I agree, she should have worn high heels.

Also a hat would have not harm her. Fortunately she had the headband.
At Prince Albert's wedding, I found the fact that she did not wear a hat, disrespectful.

About Pauline and Camille:

I liked Pauline's outfit, it was simple yet very chic. Pity we didn't have many pictures of her from today.

We couldn't really see Camille's dress due to her shawl which aged her very much. Her look would have been more appropriate on her mother or her aunts.
Yes, this event was good that Stephanie had used hat. But it uses little hat.
The dress is nice but it is a bit too casual for the ceremony. Wearing such a short dress, with flats and a headband really made her look like a teenager. I didn't like it at all.

Anyway, does anybody know the brand of the dress?

Stephanie at the Fight AIDS Summer Gala in Monaco yesterday, July 10, wearing a black top and printed pants - a nice outfit for a summer evening and her hair looked lovely.

** Full view ** Upper part **
Very beautiful. I had time to see the Stephanie so beautiful.
Princess Stephanie's Fashion and Style: October 2003 -

Lovely to see Stephanie looking good and choosing an outfit that is more flattering than her sister's for a change.

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I don't like it - the cut of the top makes her shoulders look huge.
Yesterday she was super but today back again to the old good Stephanie. Not flattering dress at all.
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while I am not a fan of the lower part, the dress is pretty and finally that's a good look for Stephanie!
Not a fan of Stephanie's dress (as usual)....however her daughter in green...that girl is a stunner.

I quite like it, I've seen her in worse. I think it might look more flattering if it wasn't quite so high at the front.
Fashion credentials are clearly lacking in this branch of the Grimaldi family tree... Both mother and daughters need help. Desperately.

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Stephanie's dress was very blah IMO but her daughters looked lovely and dressed perfectly for summer and the outdoors without being underdressed.
I prefer Stephanie's hair this lighter shade and slightly shorter length. I think she is looking good this summer.

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I think Stephanie she was best dressed both times.:)
Stephanie more than held her own at this wedding. I very much like the print and material of her evening gown and would love to see it without the wrap.

The earrings for the evening also look stunning.
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Princess Stephanie evening outfit was one of her best looks in a long time,she was perhaps the best dressed member of the extended Princely family.
Very rarely the best dressed guest at ANYTHING, but in this instance she was...
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