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Jan 7, 2003
She's really a cool girl.... are our fav Steph-pix.....

Hope you like them!

Love , Michelle ....and my brother Joey

and this one...

and ...take this....

this one is sweet...

....and again we go...


that view...!!!

beach - time....surfin' USA....


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glamour-girl....real beauty....

my little man...

Professeur de ski....ESF Auron
Stéphanie Grimaldi

....what are you up to...?

"Have I told you lately how much I love you..."

...Andrea holdin' close...


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Hi Michelle! :)

Thank you for the photos. That is quite a collection. I have never even seen some of them before.

I especially like the photo of Stephanie and Andrea.

thanx for the compliments.....

...I like the Steph and Andrea -pic as's cute, isn't it!?

I'll add another topic now...with some more pics of all the family...

Thank you, Michelle (and to your little brother, Joey!)! The pics of Stephanie are great! I think that many times Stephanie gets overlooked for Caroline and it is wonderful to see a bit of what her life is like!

Hi !

I guess I have a great chance anoying you for one more time..... :p ....

...Dunno if you could ever be as fond of Steph as I am.... :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: ....

...but here's to you a few smashing pics of the worlds most "taking-my-breath-away" princess....

With her doggie Atmo....

...with Louis, Camiile and Franco....

....keep smiling, baby....

...Winds of chance....

...that's the story...morning glory....

...what a girl.... :rolleyes:

...great fun.... :lol:

...sweeeeet..... :flower:


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Thank you, Michelle for all of the pics! Stephanie looks like a really fun person. ;)

I think this is one of the best photos I have seen of Stephanie....


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Hi Julia and Galiesto!

Thanx for the replys....
Yes, Steph is indeed a fun chum to be with... ;)

As for ur uqestions, Galiesto: The Replay Cafe and Store in Monaco are unfotunatly closed since 1999...that was the time Stephanie moved to Auron with her kids. Daniell was part owner of it in the beginning...then he gave his psrt to Steph...or sold it to her...His brother Alain was Stephanies business director at that time in the Replay.

About her tatoos: Well, she's got about 7 of them : One around her wrist, it's a sun she got made while she was with Daniel - One on her ring finger, she got made it a bit later - then she's got on round her waist, dunno what that repesents, she added that one later - she's got one on her back as well, it is kind of an african tatoo and the newest of all (I guess) - then there's one in the hip area, it's a rose as far as I know - and last but not least there're two on her , I gusee, left foot, dolphins, one around her ankle and two on the other side kind of in the middle of her foot...she adores dolphins.....

Hope that helps :rolleyes: :heart: :rolleyes: ...I'll add pics of her in a minute....

..the one around her waist...

..on her finger and around her wrist...

..the dolphins...

..on the back...cooooool... ;)

.. rose on the hip...


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Hi Galiesto!

Well, as for the ring she has as a tattoo: She told me that it doesn't represent a wedding ring or ring of engagement..or it's just there for fun... :rolleyes:
Here are some earlier and newer covers of Princess Stephanie ;)

on Point de Vue...

on a 1985 People Magazine...

on a 1985 European Travel & Life mag...

on a 1995 Point De Vue...
Love The Hair

A Very Nice Lady


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Paris Match 1995

Hello 1992

Stephanie & Daniel

Paris Match 1986

Paris Match 1986

Paris Match 1997

Here are two more ...I like those a lot.
Plus.....I've got a question: Is Galiesto still around? I saw that a few of her posts are missing in this thread...
Where are you, honey???? Please come back!



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Stephanie, Louis, and Pauline in Disney World

Stephanie, Pauline, and Camille holidaying


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Here are some Party-pics with Stephanie....

Would you like to have party with that princess????? ;) :p

...with Victor Kee....

with Daniel in 1995....

P.S. Could you do something about the capacity of posting pics? 32 k is sometimes not enough....thanks


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Yeah she does...Victor seems proud having her in his arms....

She's a very funny chick (oops,sorry for that... ;) ) when she had one or two glasses of vine..or bottles of beer... ;) :p can imagine that looking at the first pic..... :p :p :p
To just jump into that Steph-discussion: I just think that she is not a princess like all the others ( Leatizia, Mary, Mette,Victoria, Maxima....and I dunno who else) But she never was and probably she never will. What's the problem with that? I mean she doesn't even claim to be that kind of ideal-princess. Most people like her just the way she is, all Monegasques do, 'cause she's their little princess ( almost 40...) She's just an original,: frank, loyal, sweet, nice, helping, careing etc. least thats how I got to know her and how she always behaved with me.
There's a little thing that appears to me by now: These men-stoties!!! I always thought: Well she was just unlucky in this for all the time..but now after that short mariage-intermezzo with Adans and having already a new guy...hmmm I dunno really what to think of's a bit confusing and maybe also kinda stupid of her to jump from one relationship into another at her age with three kids etc....Until now I always saw and understood why she did the things she did. Today I'm a little lost ( Maybe I gotta talk to her....maybe we all should before judging...) On the other hand I think it is not necessary to understand every step Steph does. She's just a human beeing.People make choices all day...some choices are right and some are wrong....maybe her choice of Adans was wrong, even though she could have been thinking about it more carefully before marrying him ( at least I would have done so..I guess) But, see...I'm not her...we're different...and hey...this is her life. And whenever I met her and that kids they seemed to be happy in their life. Maybe it would be good for steph to calm down a little and understand that she doesn't necessarily need a man on her side to be a valid person. But she has to decide and live that on her own. She's old and clever enough to do so I believe.
So that's how I see this: You can critizise Stephanie's choices and make better suggestions or state what you would like better or not etc. but I also think it's a bit rude to say that she looks horrible and stuff like that. But I won't keep you from doing so (and I can't) because if this is your opinion..go ahead.
People have different tastes thats for sure but hey noone can reject that Stephanie has beautiful eyes ( can you?) and a great figure.
And why do you think that the Red Cross dress looks cheep: It's from Jicky, a famous french designer and friend of Steph...and maybe you should look on it a second time : It fits her...and the haircut is very original too...well, that's Steph...she just special ...not such a boring everyday 'I'm l-like -all-the-others' - princess...that's what makes her STEPHANIE....
After all she's extremly loved over here in Europe, especially by her own people.
You should go there and you'd understand the affection they have for their princess.
Because she does a lot of good. She works very hard for her 'Fight Aids Monaco' asso, for handicaped people,old people and kids. She does all of this with her passioned heart. Why should she learn from Caro? Maybe Caro could learn some from her lilltle sis...or maybe they should just stay the way they are...they're a great mixture...
I think part of the problem is people have unrealistic expectations on who and what Princess Stephanie should do and be. Being born with the Legacy of Fame" it must be hard for her and overwelhming at times and I'm sure she has resented it. think of the late JFK jr. people in the US and in the New York area put him up on such a high pedestal and have people who wanted to use him and just project their own baggage and then complain about his choices in personal life ( chosen carreer & wife) .
I don't think she is 100% perfect I also don't think she is mean or vapid and shallow as some of the aspiring NYC socialite are- the ones that "do charity work" to be in the magazines most of the money gets spend on food and flowers.
As for her choices in men she does have a bit of a loser streak ( it could be worse she could windup with Blackie Lawless !!! ) but what about the one Princess Mafalda (can't remember of what country) who was in last years Vanity Fair royals issue she's the same age and Steph and has kids with every guy and is on her 3rd hubby too guess it's o.k because she's a blonde. I'm not a big fan of Stephs'but I do think she tries her best as a daughter, and a mother and unfortunatly she will always fall short for some people.
was it suring a period she was often on the cover?

and the covers were they photos only for the magazines cover?
Stephanie with her husbands and boyfriends

:) :D ...Well, we all know, right...?:D :p ...Stephanie's the one for the guys...or maybe more: The one with the guys .....
So here I go and start this one with some of hose who did not only cross the Princess' ways but meant a whole lot more...or just a bit more...some more , some less:) ....

Steph et ses mecs ....

1. With husband Nr. 2 Adans Lopez Peres
2. With husband Nr.1 Daniel Robert Jean Ducruet


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With Daniel, probably the greatest love of her life.....


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With Daniel again.....+ Wedding Photo


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Somewhat close with Francky-boy....


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