Princess Stephanie of Monaco & Family Current Events 12:November 2008 - December 2017

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Stephanie can read and she knows how to use the internet, guys ...

This is my very last post.

Arguing like this on messageboards ? ! Not what I want to be.... or need to be.
No offense to most of you here, I guess.

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I liked Stepahnie's interview about herself and family except for dragging the Casiraghis into it.Charlene is old enough to be photographed like a femme fatale on divans in the palace and she is not old enough to defend herself in a one on one interview instead of Stepahnie going to bat for her?She is an Olympian and has a code of ethics I would think.
Some people will never like Charlene just as some people have never liked me..... so why is she seeking the approval of persons who will never like her? Why does it matter?Why is approval and popularity now an issue? Did she feel that might magically come with the territory? No one has to earn that.... and not censor the critics.If Charlene has done her best and knows it then she should put an end to all these entreaties on her behalf.
I am afraid that this recent pls allow me to go forth without criticisms from her detractors has really begun to wear me down.First they were jealous of her now she needs to be given a chance.None of these things should be brought up at all.Charlene should get out of her own way..
"To thine own self be true".
As for Stephanie doing this it was meant to assist I guess.. wonder if it will?
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to the reporter who asked sthephanie if the aura of her mother who is going to trouble Charlene,she said no, it is not the comparaison, stop to compare,to judge or critize, let her express herself. She said I like her very much, she is an extraordinary woman.She said" I admire her for her discrretion, she is posée, she is for several years with my brother, she is not arrived as an hair on the soup she is with him and with us,she is a right and honorable woman and she is magnificient".She does'nt speak of the critics of monegasque people, because in all the reports on the appearance of Charlene on the balcony, the monegasque people said" we will have a very beautiful and elegant princess and we hope soon an heir and we like her yet". Stephanie reads the comments of some forums who critize always Charlene.
Stephanie read the forums? She actually cares about who critizice who?
I'm pretty sure Charlene is very insecure and she reads the forums, but Stephanie...
A very nice interview with Stephanie - she's very poised and has a very soft voice. She sounded very real to me. I loved when she said 'we should not refuse to grow old' (referring in part to Madonna not doing it)...
I love Stephanie, she is so true to herself and down to earth and she shows this in this interview.
hello i am new

i just read a funny anecdote from a friend on facebook. he was stuck behind stephanie today at the supermarket carrefour in monaco for ten minutes because her credit card didn't work or was broken or the thing to read it is was. anyhow poor stephanie, this happened to me once it's such a stupid feeling when the line behind you gets longer and longer and everyone has to wait because of you.
Haha ... Steph , that's just bad luck. :D You're right, this is some uncomfortable situation...

Princess Stephanie has handed out Christmas presents to older people at a
retirement home in Cap d'Ail, today, December 14, 2010. As always many
wonderful interactions!

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 ** Pic 3 ** Pic 4 ** Pic 5 ** belga gallery **
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stephanie is a very sweet person. people seem to like her a lot at home in monaco.
Of all the pictures of PA, PG, CW and PS, Princess Stephanie alone shows true compassion and human warmth.

The three others above could learn a lot from her.
i love stephanie! she seems like a really cool person. and very down to earth too. i think sometimes people are too harsh on her, just because of her choices. i wish we'd see more pics of stephanie and caro's kids together. i cant recall seeing stephanie and charlotte together not even once.:eek:
to day, there is an interviews of Stephanie on ParisMatch and an another on NiceMatin . Nice Stephanie!
I´m not sure qhat she meant with the Casiraghi´s comments either. I don´t think Caroline wanted them to be in the spotlight, but they were chased by paparazzis since they were kids. All they did was show up in the balcony, and that brought much glamour and class to the principality. They are not better or worse than her kids for doing so.

I have noticed that through the years, Princess Caroline's children attended national events such as the Mass for Monaco's national day and standing with their grandfather and parents on the palace steps and appearing on the balcony. Princess Stephanie's children never did that at all. Princess Caroline had to step in to fill her mother's role. She and her husband Stephano appeared in public for national events, sometimes with their children.
Stephanie's role in Monaco is different from her sister's role. That is the difference with their children's public lives. I remember Stephanie saying in an interview that she deliberately chose not to have her children appear at public national events. She wanted to protect their privacy.
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Princess Stephanie and her girls are currently in Mauritius again, type in
"princess StŽphanie" at profimedia to see some pics from today, not very
close, but they can be identified..;)
We almost never get to see her in vacations with her family. That's good.

I also thought so, Nathalie Cox, last year during that island vacation they got a
bit closer with their cameras, this year Stephanie and her kids regained a bit
more privacy, that's good to see.
Thank you iceflower.

I actually typed in Stephanie and nothing happened.. Then I followed the instructions. :)

I think Stephanie looked so much better before... you know.. I still love her though. ;-)
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