Princess Stephanie of Monaco & Family Current Events 12:November 2008 - December 2017

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Thank you!! So happy to see them together. Pauline is more and more beautiful and fresh, she has a radious smile! I can't wait seeing more pics!
Stephanie still looks great and happy
Does anybody know if she's still in love with sébastien Gattuso ?
Stephanie still looks great and happy
Does anybody know if she's still in love with sébastien Gattuso ?

Sorry, I don't. But Stephanie´s official image has changed lately so I guess we won't know much about her current relationship. And I think that is the way it should be. I hope she is happy, which seems to be the case. :flowers:

Autumn vacation for Stephanie, Camille and a friend on Mauritius: Here are some pics from October
29, Camille and Stephanie handled it were well and hilariously when noticing the photographer..:)

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 ** Pic 3 ** Pic 4 ** Pic 5 ** gallery **
Nice pics. They seem to enjoy the sun.
Great family!!
I'm not sure why Stephanie decided to go topless when she knew the photographer was there, those pics are in the gallery.Maybe she wasn't aware until after.I'm sure she wishes they would leave her alone.
I suppose she noticed the photographer a little bit too late.
And after she saw him she put some clothes on. But I don't think she really minds him taking topless pics. :D She is used to razzie pics her whole life.
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Most women, 46 years old or in that neighborhood, that I know would probably be taking pictures of themselves in their 'bare essentials' if they had Stephanie's figure. The years of catching tan might be telling but she is in great shape. :D And appears well stocked in the dairy department if I may say so :ROFLMAO:.

Okay, sorry if that last bit was too 'off color' but I gotta stick up for Stephanie, she's always been my girl! Love ya Steph! :heart:

I have just read the interview she made for Point de Vue... she said some interesting things, she talked about fight aids, her life, her children, some artist, the wedding, the rumors and her family generaly speaking (Pr Charlene, Pr Rainier, Pr Albert and Pr Caroline).
About her children, she said that Louis is currently studying Sport Management at Sophian Antipolis University, that Pauline helps her with the international circus festival and is doing study about Languages in Monaco and Camille is in 4e.
She talked about how they were the most beautiful things wich occured to her in her life. She can't live without them and she adds that it 's very enjoyable to hear others complimented her about how her children are adorable and well raised.
About their future in the public life, she said that Pauline has already an official role in being the president of New generation festival of young artist circus (Pauline choose and did all the program) but first of all, she wants her children to have the time, to see what they like to do and then we will see to what extent they can help their uncle.

About the wedding, she said that before being the wedding of Prince of Monaco, it was first of all the wedding of her brother. For her, it was touching to see them happy. She would have loved to have their parents next to them during this special moment, she said that she is sure that they saw it from the sky and that they were proud to see their son happy. She adds that it was a family party
About the ugly rumors, she said that giving an answer to them would be like giving too much importance to the people who lied

She talked about her family too. About Pr Charlène, she said that they know each other for years, that they are close friends. She loved the fact that people know very little about Charlene. She met her few days ago, she is starting to be very busy and to be at ease with her new functions. About her family she said that her brother, and her sister with Amade, help her to find her way. She don't see them very often in private because of their planning, they enjoyed seing each others but it's normal that when they have free time, they would rather spend it with their children or in the case of Albert, with Charlene. They are a family and they always spend the most important time of their life together, they can rely on every member of the family. After the death of their father, all she wanted with her sister and brother is to become an only one person. They have always been close but they are even closer now.
About her father she said that he supported her a lot at the begining of Fight aids Monaco like Abert and Charlene now, that he really influenced her, he always knew how to encourage her letting her sometimes to commit faults, Just being next to him stimulates her, she inherited his determination.

pfff, my longest post ever...
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I find this interview very interessing, I admire Princess Stéphanie fot the big work she does for the people who have the sida and for all the work she does for the principality, she is reserved and humble. I like her a lot.

Princess Stephanie attended the Christmas gift distribution at the Hector Otto Foundation
in Monaco on December 16, 2011.

Wonderful pics, it's so nice to see her interact that charmingly and jokingly with the eldery people!

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 ** Pic 3 ** Pic 4 ** Pic 5 ** gettyimages/wireimage gallery **
I am happy to see the princess Stephanie, she is nice here with the old people, she is very present on Monaco, I like her a lot. Soon, she will be busy with the circus of monaco in january.On the pic 3, she has the same smile as her mother and her brother Albert
It's so good to see Stephanie and her siblings interacting with the elderly people of Monaco these last few days. :) And I'm sure they had good practice with their late elderly father and aunt Antoinette. Very beautiful photos. Thanks for posting them.
Great on you Steph!
Go Grimaldis, go! :D

Princess Stephanie has spent the last days of December in her favourite ski resort Auron, France.
She was pictured with a ski instructor, I've scanned in some pics:

** Pics **
Thanks for posting the ski pics, I thought I remember Princess Stephanie as an avid snow skier!
Such lovely daughters; Camille has such a resemblance to a young Kate Middleton to me.
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WOW, thanks iceflower! :flowers:

My gosh I literally stopped in my tracks looking at Princess Stephanie's youngest, Camille, she's a dead ringer for Princess Grace and her sisters, especially Peggy.

Peggy ~ Decor To Adore: Royal Wedding Wednesday~ The Wedding of Prince Rainier and Grace Kelly

Camille ~ Image - Free Image Hosting - View Image

She looks exactly like a Kelly, going back to her maternal great-grandmother, one only need to look at all the Kellys together, seen her (scroll down to pics) :

Same trademark small square face, small nose, full lips, blue eyes, blonde hair. What a joy it must be for Stephanie to see her mother's face in Camille. She looks more like Grace & the Kellys then Caroline, Albert, and Stephanie combined imho. :wub:

And not to forget her equally lovely sister, Pauline, whom I've always stated resembles Kate Middleton (could be sisters).

Kate ~ Kate Middleton Photos, Kate Middleton Wallpapers, Kate Middleton Galleries - 23783829

Pauline ~ Look de Pauline Ducruet : 5 raisons de faire d'elle une it-girl de la mode | meltyFashion

Same oval-shaped face, lips, nose, blue eyes, long brunette hair, teeth, et al. How lucky for Pauline to be mistaken for the lovely Duchess of Cambridge, which I bet she gets alot. :flowers:

I predict both Pauline & Camille will set the world on fire in a few years, in the same way Kate & Pippa have done so, as well as so many well-known gorgeous sisters throughout the years (aka Queen Elizabeth & Princess Margaret, Princesses Beatrice & Eugenie, etc.). :cool:

BRAVO to Princess Stephanie on raising such two exquisite daughters! :heart:
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Ah, yes, the sisters mixed up; I meant Pauline has that definite resemblance to Kate.
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