Princess Stephanie & family for Fight Aids Monaco and UNAIDS - Part 2

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Princess Stéphanie came to greet the volunteers of Her association Fightaids Monaco after a day devoted to HIV screening for Operation Test in the City on the forecourt of the Galerie Marchande de Fontvieille today 29 November.
Louis as President of the Barbagiuans presented a check of 180,000 Euro to Princess Stéphanie as President of FIGHT AIDS MONACO. The donation is the proceeds of the FIGHT AIDS CUP 2023 in January:

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Yesterday, June 22, Princess Stéphanie and Louis visited the Fight Aids Monaco team during the "Test in the City" HIV screening day:

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Following the earthquake in Morocco Fight Aids Monaco and the Monegasque Red Cross have donated an emergency aid of €15,000 to the Association against AIDS in Morocco. Representatives of the organizations including Princess Stephanie posed for a photo:

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Princess Stéphanie, Louis and Camille attended the annual ceremony to mark World Aids Day today, December 1:

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Princess Stéphanie together with Camille and Marie received the proceeds of the Centenary Ball that had taken place in October in support of Fight Aids Monaco:

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Louis was interviewed prior to the 4th edition of the Fight AIDs Cup:

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I saw the logo of Fight AIDS Monaco on the screen. So, the cup is in connection with Stephanie's foundation. I don't know French, I wonder what he says. ?
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Winnie Byanyima, Executive Director of UNAIDS, has paid a visit to Monaco and Fight Aids Monaco yesterday, April 9:

Stéphanie and Camille attended the celebration for the 14th anniversary of the Maison de Vie today, June 13:

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