Princess Sofia's Fashion & Style, Part 5: April 2022 -

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I think she looks very lovely and unusually radiant, including her hair.
Still dislike that gown with fussy and cheap-looking flower, and it's still poorly fitted/constructed.
I think there's too much in her look. A voluminous hair with a full gown is simply too much. I think an updoo would've suited that dress the most. Anyway, I like the soft color.
I'm not sure if its the hairstyle or gown but neither of them worked so a miss from me!
I don't necessarily like the dress itself that much but it's a lovely look for Sofia today.
I don't like the shoes but other than that it's a great outfit.
The outfit minus the shoes is really nice!
A very different look this time. Her hair completes the look.
Sofia looks really good,one of her more polished appearances.
Great look, but a bit bland for the occasion IMO. Her hair is better than I've seen it i a long time. New hairdressser?
Princess Sofia at the Polar Music Prize award ceremony today, May 21:

** Full view ** Upper part **

I really like that look on Sofia, and I don’t usually care for or even notice most of her style. She looks polished and both low-key yet glamorous at the same time. It suits her. With any luck, maybe she’ll do some more.
I wonder if Sofia has a new stylist?
The last 2 outfits have been among her nicest in sometime.
The colours are nice but the suit looks a little big on Sofia.
It’s not obviously a so-called “big suit”; it just looks like it’s a little too big!
Princess Sofia during the birthday celebrations for Queen Silvia this past weekend wearing a dress with red roses:

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 ** Pic 3 **

And with a nice flower print dress during an engagement today, June 17:

** Full view ** Upper part ** Upper part **
2 Floral looks on Princess Sofia but the one worn today was the winner!
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