Princess Sofia's Fashion & Style, Part 5: April 2022 -

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Dress is too big/ drapey. Color is blah and blends with her skin.
Not a fan of the color of this dress. The design is nice and looks good, the color blends too much with her own skin tone. I would have loved to have seen this in a lovely dark kelly green on Sofia. And then use the emeralds with her tiara.
A nice all black look on Princess Sofia today :previous:
Princess Sofia at the Peace Prayer for Ukraine at the Stockholm Royal Palace’s Royal Chapel today, February 24 - the hair slightly ruined the otherwise nice look...

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Agree. From the neck down she looks great. Her hair looks awful. Sofia is so pretty but her hair is always unflattering and/or messy.
I think her hair looks fine. It looks brushed, it doesn't look matted or dirty. A color refresh wouldn't hurt, but that's it. I think we need to get away from assuming a woman with her hair down is somehow unkempt or unprofessional or not regal. Updos are lovely, but sometimes, we just don't want to wear our hair up, and that's okay.
For me, Sofia's hair is her biggest miss. It is not about her wearing it long vs an up-do, it is about the color and condition, although up-dos tend to be more forgiving when it comes to camouflaging issues.

I never thought that the dark color she had in her 20s and early 30s was her natural color, but I could be totally wrong there. I think that the lighter color she now has, note it is not significantly lighter, suits her better for this stage in her life minus those odd streaks she sports.

Regarding the condition, I'll tread lightly her and just muse out loud that maybe Carl Philip's hair products take up all the space leaving no space for Sofia's.
Had Sofia tied her hair back it would have looked nicer for the church service.
Princess Sofia visiting the European Parliament Intergroup on Children's Rights in Brussels today:

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The colour is really lovely but the top part reminds me of a pyjama top.
Another monochrome look on day 2 in Brussels today, April 11:

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