Princess Pavlos, Marie Chantal's Fashion and Style Part 1: February 2003 - June 2013

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I like everything except that hot pink disaster. and with tan shoes???
I think I've found one of MC clutch (seen last october and also at one shops opening one year ago) ; I'm glad because it was my favorite !Product Covered Giant Envelope- SLG - Balenciaga)

Sorry I forgot : the clutch MC has is in chestnut color.
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I liked the picture of MC "& Sharon Stone too!
That's a lovely dress. She looks really good, IMO. Just the shoes aren't that great, I think they make her legs look shorter.
Really pretty dress, one of my favorites. Don't like the shoes at all on her. Gorgeous earrings (and husband) as well. I hope to be wowed at wedding by MC!!
I love the dress and the shoes just not together. I acutally thought MC was at another party because it looks what a Hollywood celebrity would wear to go shopping!
Top part of the dress is not very flattering, bottom looks better. I like her sandals.
With the extra long dress and the high ankled sandals the outfit makes her look short.
One can't see the dress but for the awful shawl.
I don't know why she even wore a shawl. It's not like it's cold.
It looks lovely and romantic, IMO. I love the colors of this outfit and it's original.
I agree. I first wasn't sure about the outfit, but it grows on me and I think MC looked really lovely.
I don't know why she even wore a shawl. It's not like it's cold.

She had to wear a shawl for inside the church (covering the shoulders) but most of the other guests carried theirs (Mary, Maxima, Marie, etc) and showed off the dresses outside.
It is a lovely shawl. Perhaps she forgot to take it off outside.
I have seen her wear this shawl 2 other times and her mother wore it at one of her childrens baptism! I would love to see the dress without. She does look beautiful IMO though!!
I actually like this dress and thought it was one of the better looks at the wedding.
I would love to see it withour the shawl. But the colour is very nice!
I always thought of Princess Marie-Chantal as a beautiful young woman with the finest taste, but that was beyond my imagination! She looked so elegant and aristocratic, simply perfect! Her hairdo is just amazing - great choices IMO!
I also think the dress is not flattering for her, but it looks cool and feminine. I just hate those shoes and they are highly unflattering.
The dress for the wedding's day seemed nice but we saw little of it because of the shawl. Maybe the shawl was supposed to cover the soulders in church for decency. I think the whole look was simple and joyful... and MC wore colours at last !
Has she gained weight? Or is something else going on?

Scroll to the bottom for the picture...

Lottas kungliga modeblogg

I don't think so. The dress makes her look a bit more curvy than usual, which is actually nice, IMO. Plus she has given birth to five children! I think she's in a perfect shape. :flowers:

Dress & Shawl Valentino.

I have seen in in boutiques & was actually a very pretty dress but with no special cut to, it was just a straight cut. The bead work is in metallic/rusted silver on the bust area. She had ruined it would covering the best part of the dress up with a Valentino flower shawl.
^ Thank you, Dazz! I first thought the dress was by Chanel (Charlotte Casiraghi had worn a similar dress earlier in the spring ;)). I don't think the shawl ruined the look, it rather added some 'character' to it. JMO
i enjoy this thread so much. Marie-Chantal is one of my personal royal icons, she is exciting, she always experiments, never gets boring; superb lady! Her wedding outfit here is lovely and she always looks gorgeous when wearing Valentino. The shawl is so rich and yet underlines her statuesque features.
This fabulous shawl had thousands of crystals embroidered on it, something that very few noticed. MC is glorious indeed, luv the Miller Sisters since like 1993. Gr8 ladies n' fashionistas,they love Valentino but the Master loves them too. He has always taken really good care of them, they're among his very beloved clients. Pink dress was fantastic, excellent job by the Master, i'm bowing.
I agree Marie Chantal looked wonderful at the wedding in Greece even if a bit matronly compared to the other princesses with that heavy shawl. She is aging very well! It's unbelievable that she has five kids!
hermes, i so agree with you. The Miller sisters are phenomenal!! thousands of little crystals sounds so dreamlike to me, do you have a good picture of the shawl perhaps? i would like to buy it for my mother.
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