Princess Pavlos, Marie Chantal's Fashion and Style Part 1: February 2003 - June 2013

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I liked the outfit,very chic & feminine,but not these tacky shoes.A really bad choice,imo.
I like this black and white dress. The top is really nice, and the neckline adds an interesting detail to the dress.
Marie-Chantal in a black/navy cropped pant suit with a ruffle shirt matched with a Balenciaga burgendy clutch (dont know when this picture was taken)

I've never seen this photo, but I like the blouse underneath the jacket. It makes the suit look more modern.
She looked so polished at Christian's christening!Very regal!
I don't know how she manages to look so elegant even in a simple sweater.Thanks for sharing the pics,Emmeleia!
I love the photos of MC in her shop! She looks so happy there.

ANP Beeldbank is this HGD Guillame with her?
It certainly looks like him, but I'm going to have to go back to old pictures to make sure. Marie-Chantal is such a classic dresser and she very rarely makes a fashion oops. She has a model's figure and so can wear almost anything. I hate her. Just kidding!:p

I don't think thats Marie-Chantel at the wedding. More like Infante Christina.

The other pictures are beautiful. :flowers:
About the 1st pic:this man might be Prince Andrew,but the woman is definitely not Marie-Chantal.
She looked so elegant during the christening of her children.I agree,the Valentino dress at Odysseus' christening is gorgeous!I also loved her shoes that day,with the small bows on the heels.So chic!
Thank you for posting the christening photos, I really like P Marue Chantal's fashion. She seems to really know what looks good on her, great color choices, I especially think!
MC looks gorgeous in pink.I liked both looks,at Valentino's gala & at the wedding(Joachim's?).Actually,I liked all outfits/dresses,except for the "futuristic" one.That was ugly.
I agree with you MelindaB regarding the futuristic Black dress- Im not a big fan of that one either. But the rest of the gowns (esp Valentino) are really great.
Marie Chantal looked great! And indeed a stylish tie of Prince Pavlos. :flowers:
Has she changed her hair cut style or colour???

She has surely done something.
I think she cuts her hair quite often,that's why they always look so shiny and stylish.The color is the same,imo.
Her hair appears to have more warmth and the style more shaped I have to say it was looking quite "tarty" but do like it now.
If we live that ill-fitting dress she wore during the recent christening out of our discussion,the rest of the outfits/dresses are absolutely gorgeous!I liked the dress in the picture with Sharon Stone.I never saw this pic before.Really beautiful and unique!
Marie-Chantal looks gorgeous & classy in the third pic of those Nika posted. :flowers: Her hair is shorter, it suits her as well.
Most of Princess Pavlos' outfits and dresses are great.:)
Her fashion choice is always free and very good!
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