Princess Pavlos, Marie Chantal's Fashion and Style Part 1: February 2003 - June 2013

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A great look for Marie Chantal at Princess Madeleine's wedding in Stockholm today, June 8, the simplicity makes the dress so elegant!

** Full view ** Upper part **
It's a very nice dress and the color makes it work perfectly.
Why is she wearing WHITE to a wedding?!?!?! :bang:
The bodice doesnt fit properly - it sags. And white is a poor choice. But I thought she rocked last night.

Pavlos "slippers" - very trendy. Ralph Lauren, Paul Smith etc all do these for evening wear.
Personally, I think they look silly.
White is a no and she should know better. Is there no place these royals can find a bra?
I think in Europe it is not as big a deal as it is in America the guest's wearing white.
The dress is very regal and elegant but I'm not a fan of the color.
I was hoping to see her other tiara. Her fringe is very beautiful but time for a change Marie Chantal!.
I expected something better from MC! Do we know the designer?

The tiara is the one I hoped for, the other one is too imposing for this occasion.
White for a start totally not okay at a wedding whether it is nice on her or not I think it is thoughtless thing to do end of story.
Simple and elegant but white, which I don't like.

I agree, she should know not to wear white at someone else's wedding. To be fair, no one could take the focus away from Madeleine today.

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