Princess Noor Bint Asem & family: News and Pictures Part 1

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it is old event right ? Noor is much more thinner now with shorter hair .
it is old event right ? Noor is much more thinner now with shorter hair .

Xavi I think the dress makes her bigger.
Her neckline is to much for a princess , for a jordan princess
This is the same hairband? Is not she princess noor at the wedding?


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Thanks for the informations
Yes, it is princess Noor.
Thanks Fadel & sancakli70:flowers:
This photos are not clear i found her with the same hairband. Its good to see in weddings and in jordan :) ehere live p. Noor? Anyone know?
Thanks Rossina, it's nice to see princess noor a little more public now. I think she's in a new phase for her life, finding her voice and new style. :flowers:
Her style shows to her oder than she is :(
Well, her style doesn't matter at all. I'm happy for her, she has obviously found something productive and fulfilling! :flowers:
Its nıce to prıncess noor attendıng an event after so many tıme
She hasn't changed one bit since her marriage years! Looks very cute and I like what she's wearing!
Princess Noor`s Bio from the Energy Sector Capacity Building Activity website:
Her Royal Highness Princess Noor Bint Asem

HRH Princess Noor is the daughter of HRH Prince Asem bint Nayef and Princess Firouzaeh Vokhshouri. Although she was born in Amman in 1982, HRH Princess Noor grew up in Spain from the ages of 2-17 years old, where she received her elementary education. HRH Princess Noor obtained the British General Certificate Education (IGCSE) from King's College in Spain and her bachelor's degree in Political Communication from Emerson College in the United States of America, in 2004. Furthermore, she obtained the following certificates: in Soft Skills and job Allocation for Youth Works on Practices in 2005, in Parentology in 2012, as Co-Active Coach in 2012, and as an Executive Coach in 2013 from International Coach Federation in Spain and in the United Arab Emirates.

HRH Princess Noor distinguishes her journey in life as being a quest for happiness only to be achieved through positive contribution to the wellbeing of society. Recognizing the importance of collective work aimed at achieving sustainable peace in a region that is in dire need for more empathy and harmony is her mission. HRH Princess Noor focuses her interests on education advancement and improved learning skills and her goal is to build an scientific foundation and to introduce the best practices of leadership, mindfulness, emotional intelligence, a sense of purpose, change, life coaching, and self-development on a personal and a professional level. At present, HRH Princess Noor offers workshops on self-development and one-on-one consultancy.

Her objective is to demonstrate the principles of life and leadership coaching, to encourage positive thinking, inner peace and meditation, and to help maximize personal and professional potentials especially amongst females, who wish to resume a leadership role in their lives and in their careers, within the region and the Middle East.

HRH Princess Noor speaks five languages with a high degree of fluency. These languages are English, French, Spanish, Farsi and Arabic. She enjoys nature, skydiving, hiking, biking, traveling and reading. Additionally, HRH Princess Noor is an active member in several institutions, such as: The Institute of Coaching, The International Coaching Institute, and The Middle East Leadership Academy (MELA), amongst others.
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Thank you Rossina. It´s great to see how she has found her way.
I love her ! She is so naturally beautiful. . I like her smile but I feel she is still sad buy strong
she looks very pretty in those photos,nice to see her again.
thanks for sharing Rossina.
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