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Out of pure curiosity, does anyone know what type of relationship did the late King and his former wife have after their divorce? Was it a civil one or was it contentious?
Let's put it this way, when Queen Alia died, it was to Princess Muna that King Husein turned for comfort. It seems Queen Noor felt a bit threatened by the presence of the other wives and one only has to look at Abdullah's wedding to see that Muna was pushed to the side quite a lot. I think Hussein always had a great respect for Muna and she was the mother of his first born son - to an Arab man, that is a big thing. They always seemed to have a cordial relationship.

There is footage of Princess Muna leaving hospital with baby Abdullah and the king and Hussein is so concerned with his wife getting into the car OK, little gestures that show how proud he was of her and that he loved her. He was more concerned with his wife than showing off the baby and then, heir to the throne.

They did have a happy marriage but perhaps maybe distance set in, but then Alia came on the scene and the rest is history. After the King married Alia, many Jordanians did not approve and lots of shopkeepers kept pictures of the king and Muna together for a long time after he had married Alia. So there has always been respect and support for Muna and I thinkit is strange for an English lady how she acted like the most traditional 'Arab' wife out of all Hussein's wives.

Kudos to Princess Muna for always keeping her dignity, being a great mother and grandmother and for all the years of work she has done in Jordan which often was overshadowed by others. Muna was too much of a lady to make a fuss and is naturally modest and I think Hussein appreciated that very much.
Thank you for your thoughts. I know very little about the Jordanian family and I appreciate this insight.
I agree Yamamah. And if you see old mags you see that Muna was very sad after King wedding with Alia, is normal. Muna gave a interview after wedding and she said that she always loves King. I think Muna and Hussein were great friends.
Princess Muna was KHussein and QNoor´s wedding, and all years during QZein´s birthday.
She looks good. I don't hear about her as much as Queen Noor. Well, it's great that she got her honorary degree. King Abdullah looks very much like her.
I agree. King Abdullah's facial features are much like his mother's.
I like to see men treat their wives with love and respect and as a woman it is something one notices. I liked that Hussein's ego wasn't the priority but his wife and child. King Hussein was a very warm man anyway and had enormous charm and charisma. It is easy to see why people were drawn to him. I think Muna always loved him too and to be honest, I think he always loved her and was kind to her. Muna is a very special lady and to me it speaks volumes that she was active in facilitating the reunion of Queen Dina with Princess Alia, after all, she didn't need to take an interest in an ex-wife's child. Muna has a big heart. She was also very good to Ali, Haya and Abir after Alia's untimely death. I have so much respect for her as a person.
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I'm not an expert in this area, but I think there is some closeness. It seems that since the king succeeded his father, Princess Muna has been elevated and Queen Noor demoted somewhat. I think that's a natural reaction on the king's part. Maybe our Jordanian friends have some ideas about this?
Princess Moona looks magnificent! She is every day more beatiful. Worth mother of a King! Vanesa.
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