Princess Marie's Partnership with the Syddansk University 2009 - 2024

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Summary of article in Billed Bladet #37, 2013.
Written by our learned reporter, Trine Larsen.

Yes, Marie was in Odense recently in inaugurate the student house, a place where all the 25.000 students of Southern Danish University can gather and meet.

Waiting for our Marie on this day with sporadic showers were two flowergirls, dressed in their fines, the twins Sif and Kraka. (*) Marie took her time chatting with the children and making them feel at easy before she asked for their help in holding the ribbon when she was to cut it.
Time for speeches. Marie listened while she rubbed the arms of the twins. The poor girls were apparantly a little cold, having bare arms in the neat dresses.
Then Marie was taken for a tour of the building which is to be used for among other things networking, meetings, lectures, concelling, concerts and so on.

SDU is not placed in one university town, but is spread out over a number of town and cities in Southern Jutland and Funen, so Marie was driven to the next event, to be met a Emilie, whom Marie also took good care of. Along with the flowergirl Marie went inside to a large auditorium where 1.500 foreign students were seated.
Marie had specifically requested that she waould not be seated up in front in a single chair like royals usually do, but rather that she would be seated on the front row and so be it.
This year 4.000 foreign students from 81 countries will attend at SDU.
Marie was stored on many cameras and phones during the whole show, which included listening to Danish songs and later on a reception

(*) Both names stems from the Norse mythology.
And I always mention the flowergirls because they are children and it's a big day for them - and an even bigger day for their grandparents...
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Princess Marie opened the Syddansk University's Child Language Conference at the Syddansk University today, January 20, 2014. The conference tried to explore the circumstances that make it easy or difficult for children to acquire language.

** Børnesprogskonference på Syddansk Universitet **

** Prinsesse Marie på SDU ** translation **

** Prinsesse hører om børnesprog på SDU ** translation **

** BB: VIDEO: Prinsesse Marie sang børnesang ** translation **

** pp gallery: Princesse Marie : Enfantillages à la fac d'Odense, avant les 2 ans d'Athena **

Prinsesse Marie åbner børnesprogskonference - YouTube
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Summary of article in Billed Bladet #14, 2014.
Written by Ken Richter, our reporter in the west.

Yes, our Marie did indeed give a speech at the Southern Danish University (SDU) in Odense. The topic was Children's Language and in her speech Marie overlapped the Mary Foundation, which also focus on teaching children to increase their vocubulary.
Marie said in her speech: ""I now have two lovely children and it's fantastic to experience when the language begins to develope. The funny sounds, we as parents understand best, become words and in time the children learn to express emotions and needs.
In regards to the develpement and learning of the child later in life it is crucial that the child learn the language during the first years of its life. That is not only a job for the teachers in the institutions (nursery, kindergarten, school), because in this the parents have a desicive role to play. We are the most important rolemodels for the children. It is important to mine, to yours and all children in the society.
Children with a limited vocabulary have more problems reading and writing than children who speak well. That's whyit's important to do an effort early on to spot the weal children, so that they and their parents can have the necessary support".

Afterwards our reporter cornered Marie and asked her about Athena's upcoming birthday and how the children are doing. It's no secret that J&M bring up their children to become bilingual and to that Marie said: "I think my children are doing really well, when it's about learning the two laguages, Danish and French".
How about Athena?
Marie: "She speaks mostly Danish". Which is perhaps not surprising as she is immersed in Danish on a daily basis, attending a nursery. Bette Henrik is attending a kindergarten.
Will there be layered cake for Athena's birthday?
M: "Yes, I hope so".
November 27, 2014 -


SDU is the first university in Denmark sold training to a foreign university. Today, HRH Princess Marie and a delegation from SDU visited a women's university in Riyadh, where 216 students are taught in undergraduate programs based on the Danish university concepts.



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BB have quite a few treats for us this week! More on that later.

Summary of article in Billed Bladet #49, 2014.
Written by Henrik Salling.

Marie went to Saudi Arabia recently with a delegation from Southern Danish University (SDU) and here they were to see two bachelor lines that SDU has sold to the women's university in the capital of Riyadh.
Saudi Arabia has decided to invest in higher education for women and the aim is for 200.000 women to have a higher education. To reach that goal they have bought education from universities worldwide and SDU is the only Danish university that has sold an education to Saudi Arabia so far.

Our Marie was shown around at the university and she also gave a speech where she among other things said: "The co-operation in education is profitable for both sides. Knowledge is exchanged, the cultural dialoque is strengthened and new opportunities for common research projects arise".

- I was pusseled as to why Marie was dressed so, shall we say westerly, when visiting the arguably very conservative Saudi Arabia. Apparantly that was while she was at the women's university. Because Marie was also dressed in the local robe abaya, which is mandatory for women to wear in public. There were also restrictions for the press during the visit. There was only one photographer who were allowed to take pictures and most of the students and teachers were not to be photographed.

Princess Marie has participated in the final working group meeting regarding the internationalization of SDUs study environment at the University of Southern Denmark in Odense yesterday, April 28:

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 ** Pic 3 **
Prinsesse Marie får hjælp til sit danske |

Here is a video of our Marie, part of it giving a speech in Danish. She emphasized the importance of learning Danish. And talked about the concept of there being no bad weather in Denmark only wrong clothing. - And added, she still hadn't learned that...
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Having lived in both USA and Denmark and having to immerse herself in English and Danish our Marie is a well chosen assistant-teacher. She would no doubt be able to offer a number of practical advise to the students.

I see it's BB's Henrik Salling who cover this event. He speaks or at least understands French.
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Having lived in both USA and Denmark and having to immerse herself in English and Danish our Marie is a well chosen assistant-teacher. She would no doubt be able to offer a number of practical advise to the students.

I see it's BB's Henrik Salling who cover this event. He speaks or at least understands French.

La princesse Marie did indeed offer practical advice in learning French..or any language for that matter: practice, practice, practice! I was pleasantly surprised at the size of the class; one reads that interest in learning French is declining:bang: but clearly here there were a good number of interested learners! Thank you Muhler, for sharing; I was glad to be able to understand at least a few words spoken in a Danish classroom!:flowers:
:previous: The language was English when you went to DK a couple of years ago IIRC?

Summary of article in Billed Bladet #03, 2018.
Written by Henrik Salling who speaks French.

As you may recall our Marie recently went to Vejen Gymnasium (high school) in the town of, you guessed it, Vejen to teach French in a two-hour lesson.
She had in fact been invited by the high school and since Marie is a strong advocate for learning new languages she accepted.

Well arrived and received she went to a 2G class (second year students. In a high school in DK you study for three years. Most students come straight from 9th grade in school, some from 10th grade.)
Here she started by telling the students: "I've been in Denmark for more than 10 years and - probably like you think it's hard to learn French, I also thought it was hard to learn Danish".
She offered a piece of advise based on her own experience: "Speak, speak and speak. It's the best way to learn a language".

Then it was the turn of the students to briefly introduce themselves and also their French teacher, who is married to a Frenchman. And then Marie was asked to tell a little about herself.

Having completed the introductions it was time for class. The students had been divided into groups (there is a heap-load of group work in all, repeat all Danish schools, universities and courses!) while Marie mingled and offered advise and corrections.

Afterwards Marie said: "It was real fun and I'm very impressed by their motivation to learn French. I think i's nice there are high schools outside the major cities who offer the students an opportunity to learn French.
French is an important language that is spoken in many countries and that's why it's really good that the students wish to learn French".

- French was really a must in high schools until the 50's here in DK. Then German took over again and during the 80's and 90's German was very much replaced by Japanese and today it's very much Chinese that is in.
Many high school students opt for only one more language besides English. Simply because many of them also learn Latin. So having to study three languages intensely is hard enough without adding a fourth.
Of course high schools outside the major cities have a problem getting qualified teachers who can teach other languages besides English and German.

And here are the scans from last weeks BB:
BB #03, 2018
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It seems to be over or is ending by now.

There was/is of course a good deal of security around ex-president Obama.

But ironically the island of Zealand (where Copenhagen is located) is right now in lock-down. I.e. all bridges, ferries, trains and so on to and from Zealand are blocked. While the police is looking for "a dangerous perpetrator". No other information have been published.
Wonder if it's somehow related to the Obama visit?

The general public at the bridges have been told to stay in their cars.
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