Princess Marie's Maternity Fashion: November 2008 -

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In general I hate satin gala gowns but I like this one.I love the color.Her make up is also nice.Her eyes make up is wonderful
She looks great and it appears that she did in fact (first time we have visual confirmation) that she received the Order of the Elephant. It appears that you can see the chain of the order peeking out from her fur wrap.

At first I thought it was just an accessory or something for the dress. But since you mentioned it, yes, i think it is indeed an order. Looks a little the same as to what Joachim is wearing....

Too bad we can't see any pics of the gown without the fur.... :nonono:
So now we're sure that she receive this order. But still nothing or royal site.
Just do away with the fur and she's a picture perfect princess!
She looks like a fairytale princess. The color of the gown is one of the best colors for her complexion, and I like the shape of the skirt. I am very curious about the top of the gown. Her hair looks really lovely with the floral tiara.
She looked radiant, regal ,gorgeous!They make a lovely happy couple!
Marie looks more regal than I ever thought she would. Very professional appreance. However, I don't like the very very low neckline in combination with her increasing cup size and I don't like the fur. Not because it's fur but because it doesn't suit the outfit at all.
She had a chance to be very beautiful here, but alas the fur ruins the look. It could be a stunning gown if only we could see it! I understand the whole "hide the baby bump" thing, but her fur doesn't coordinate with her dress like Queen Margarethe's or Crown Princess Mary's.
My feelings exactly, RubyPrincess! Certainly the color is beautiful on her and the skirt looks wonderful, but with the exception of her bountiful bosom you really cannot see the whole gown. And why would she want to hide the beautiful 'baby bump'? It is a thing of beauty to be sure and something to be very proud of! :)

CP Mary looked exceptionally warm with her lovely fur and yet one could see her very flat tummy. I think that Marie would have been alot warmer if she had covered her very bare shoulders. :whistling: Now that we have agreed to disagree I am Certain that we will get to see her in full soon! :flowers:
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IMO Marie looked lovely. And I'm going to cut her some slack and say that I'm not crazy over the color of the fur stole but it may be the only one she's got. Other than that, her hair is beautiful, her make up wonderful and the color of the dress is fantastic. Not bad for her first New Years gala as a princess.
What can I say? She looks very elegant.I love her gown.She is really fashionable!:flowers:
I love Marie's gown from the gala :D
She looks fantastic, for me better than Mary :)
She looked fabulous,as I said above,but the shoes were not the best choice in my opinion.
I liked the colour of her dress but I think that Mary always looks better. The fur stole, it was cold and the dress was light, there is nothing better than a fur stole to keep warm when entering a building in an evening dress.
The look on Marie's face is that of a girl playing dress up for the first time , like "I can't believe I'm here".
No,it's not....Come on,how did you guess that?LOL
Not what would have been my first choice by a landslide. They match the dress, that's true, but they're clunky. Something more delicate looking--but perhaps she has bad feet and needed that chunky heel?
Yes, they're not quite suit... but we have winter so these shoes can be;) Maybe she forgot to buy better... or she doesn't want. That's her choice.
I believe they look awful and absolutely not "well-made" if I can use that term.Perhaps,she didn't have another choice,because of the "difficult" color of the gown...
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