Princess Marie's Maternity Fashion: November 2008 -

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Jan 13, 2008
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Here is a photo of Princess Marie arriving in Morocco today with Lalla Miriam:

Maghreb Arabe Presse: Arrivée à Rabat de SAR la princesse Marie du Danemark

If you click on the link underneath the photo, you can see a larger version. I like Marie's coat.

More photos of Princess Marie arriving in Morocco:

Billed-Bladet - Helt nye billeder: Marie ankommet til Marokko

Billed-Bladet - Gravide prinsesse Marie ankommet til Marokko

She really looks great in this coat, and I like the light blue (scarf? shirt?) that is showing in the collar.
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Yes, points for Marie!
Having read through this thread I have to say that I am quite surprised at some of the negative (to say the least) comments about Princess Marie's outfits. The bottom line here is that if Prince Joachim and the palace do not like what she wears I am sure they would say/do something about it. More importantly, it is Marie herself who has to feel comfortable in what she wears and if she's struggling to adjust to her new royal status and find a defining style then we will have to put up with that until she has settled in more. I cannot imagine how she would feel if she read this thread and unless people are prepared to tell her, Joachim and the palace they do not like her/her style etc then they should tone down their comments. I have no doubt that if she started to dress as Princess Mary does people would soon start to complain she is trying to compete. Therefore, Marie is stuck between two problems. Sorry to sound so annoyed but it's not easy being a princess!!
Everyone, whether you agree with them or not, has a right to express themselves.

In the meantime, please let's focus on her latest ensembles and discuss if they look lovely on her or not.
Photos of Marie in Morocco on 11 November 2008:

B.T. online avis nyheder, politik, sport, underholdning

B.T. online avis nyheder, politik, sport, underholdning

Billed-Bladet - Billedserie: Prinsesse Marie stråler i Marokko

The suit doesn't look like it fits her well, but we all know the reason why! I really don't like the sunglasses attached to her shirt, though.

Here is Marie during her visit to a school:

B.T. online avis nyheder, politik, sport, underholdning

TV 2 Galleri

TV 2 Galleri

I like the colors of this outfit, but I am not so fond of the shape of the shirt. It looks like it doesn't fit her very well (again, we know why).
I like the blouse but I think it doesn't flatter her at all! The jacket she wore when she arrived was way to big!
Loved the arrival outfit, except for the shoes, with her being so petit she needed some heels with that jacket being so long. The suit was ok, but the pants could have been a little looser, the school outfit was a nice color for her. All in all, she's done well, nothing that was awful, but there is definitely room for improvement, although I don't think we'll see any in the next 6-7 months since she's expecting.
didn't like the coat upon arrival, marie looked like the woman soldier from elton john's nikita video. plus ballerinas? omg.

the suit was awful, more of a jacket / trousers combo thrown together that didn't really work. hated the sunglasses hanging around the neckline.

the only outfit i thought was really nice were the purple blouse and the skirt. as others already said, much room for improvement!
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i actually thought the shoes during the whole trip were impecable. lovely choices.

any ideas on who designed the purple top? the cut was perfect.
I really love her arrival outfit.

The lilac blouse has a nice color that flatter her complexion, but the shape of it isn't nice. Might be nice since and comfortable for her though, since she is pregnant and already have a small cute baby tummy.

All in all I think she is elegant! It will be interresting to watch pictures of her in the future! :flowers:
I think that the purple outfit was the pick of the bunch. The cut may not have been one I would have reached for myself, but its ok.
I don't see why she should be wearing clothes that are too tight for her as she Knew she was pregnant before she left! (I am referring to the jacket she wore with the unmatching pants she wore the second day.) Frankly, I have never been impressed with her style even before her wedding and I don't see her changing much. She was STUNNING on her wedding day, however, so she Does have the ability to choose well. Perhaps she will look lovely during her pregnancy and surprise us all!! I hope so... :)
nice hair & suit but for official photos the neckline is too low for my taste - you can see more of the decollete than necessary. marie's style makes the whole couple look strange - a fast-aging joachim, pale & gaunt with the young sexy french girl marie showing off what she's got.

How true! Marie needs to shove Joachim into the tanning machine or toss him her bottle of "fake tanning lotion" to give him some color - the guy almost looks unhealthy (of course, all of his cigarette smoking doesn't help!)
pamk, the Duke of M is almost always right on the mark with opinions! Maybe the photographer didn't do his/her best for Joachim with lighting, make-up, etc. concentrating instead on Marie....
sgl, I'm having trouble using your links. They show up blank.

I think Marie looks fine. she certainly doesn't look bad. I don't think she is wearing anything too tight. The cut of her clothes is very modern.
I would like to see Marie in more fitted clothes that show off her growing stomach. She is petite, so anything that is overly loose will look strange on her. I liked her outfits in Morocco, but the suit jacket looked like it didn't quite fit her properly.
Fashionista, It is a shame that you are unable to see sgl photos/links. I have no problems and they show precisely what I am trying to say. I just tried again and they all came through loud and clear! Maybe you could give it another try?? (Scroll way up to #205.)
I didn't know she was pregnant!!!!
Maybe some of her maternity outfits will be nice.
but the suit jacket looked like it didn't quite fit her properly.

I think this appearance would have been minimised had the pants matched...
Often newly pregnant women go from wearing an outfit perfectly one day to not being able to fit in it the next. It's very possible that the outfit's jacket didn't fit properly because her pregnancy, even if it did in fittings earlier. It's also possible that those pants weren't the ones she had picked out....but the only ones she had with her extra that fit.:whistling:

Marie's a new Princess and isn't going to be old school about being prepared add a changing pregnant body to the mix and anything is possible.

A few months ago there were some great photos -- one at the opening of parliament and the other at a dance. Marie looked beautiful in both.:flowers:
I'm sorry but I just don't see any sense of style savvy with her choices. Of course that could change and hopefully so. She obviously has the potential to look smashing and also the where-with -all to do so. I am looking forward to the months ahead!! :)
I am looking forward to the months ahead!! :)

Me too, I am interested to see how she dresses during her pregnancy as it must surely necessitate some changes or reconsiderations...
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