Princess Marie's Fashion and Style Part 9: February 2014 - April 2015

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This time, I prefer Marie's outfit over Mary's. It's lovely and suits her a lot. Her bracelet is a little on the large side though.
Marie looks quite lovely. Her hair and makeup is really flattering.
Marie's pumps and clutch are by Jimmy Choo. The dress is nice but it needed to be dressed up with a belt. Moreover, the gold pumps and clutch did not match the dress.
I believe the pumps and clutch are silver, and I think they do coordinate with the cooler tones of the dress.
I like the dress and I agree the shoes are odd.. but indeed she looks a treat compared with Mary.

yes, this is not good at all. very cheap looking and not princessy at all!
Big miss. The top makes me dizzy, and don't like the skirt. For some reason reminds me of zebras- and not in a good way.
Oh no! this is not a business outfit, looks more like a nightclub outfit!
furthermore, the blouse pattern is super -unattractive and really doesn't pair well with the skirt, which looks like it has a wide elastic waistband. Where does she find such things!
Not a good outfit indeed. The skirt looks so cheap.
The top looks like an optical illusion and it makes me dizzy, too! Not an elegant look at all for a princess. I don't understand how she manages to find outfits like this!
I wonder what type of event this was? Because that would greatly affect my opinion on this outfit.
I wonder what type of event this was? Because that would greatly affect my opinion on this outfit.

"HRH Princess Marie participate in the launch of a new strategy for the work of UNESCO in Denmark." :flowers:
That is a Zara skirt from two colletions ago, I have the same... it is indeed a leather skirt...but I used it with something long above it...
I think it is a little bit of fun - perhaps not for an engagement, but for a private social engagement.
Love all 3- my favorite being the red and black.
I'm not the biggest fan of Marie's first dress. I like the gold although for me, the black panelling at the side and black belt ruin the dress. If it were all gold however, I would've given this look two thumbs up as the gold is great and looks good on her.

I love her second outfit. In most cases, one can't go wrong with red and black, and Marie's red and black suit is no exception. She looks wonderful in this particular colour combination. IIRC, she hasn't worn a lot of red and black outfits, which is a shame because as I've said before, I think she really does look great in them.

I think her second dress is probably my favourite out of the three outfits. Marie looks fabulous in that shade of blue, and I love the simpleness and professionalness (I doubt this is an actual word, but this is the only 'word' I could find to describe this dress :D) of the whole look. Her shoes go nicely with it too. The only thing I don't like here is the brooch, as I feel that it doesn't go too well with the dress.
Now see, I like the black with the gold, though it would also look good like you said, if it were just gold. Or just black band- no side panels. But I like it as is.
You nailed the black and red- you can't go wrong with black and red, and Marie looks especially good in that color combo- more so than black and white.
The first cocktail dress is lovely and I can see it on two other royals. The style and the color combination are very flattering, I don't mind her hair open but would've liked to see it half up if not all.

The black and red outfit is a typical Marie look. Nothing interesting or new.

The second dress (blue) is a nice color, the detailing on the waist was lovely and added a lot to the dress. I like the brooch with the look.
I like the blue dress, but the other two outfits are ordinary. I rarely like what Marie wears. She is such a pretty little Princess, but she just doesn't dress for her role.
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