Princess Marie's Fashion and Style Part 10: May 2015 - October 2016

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Today, August 30, Princess Marie attended the Tønder Festival. It's a folk music festival, so she chose a casual look with boots, leggings and a black jacket. The only thing I like is the blouse, but it's surely the right choice for the occasion:

** Full view ** Upper part **
Exactly that the right choice for this event.
I dont care for her look, it all matched nicely but it's too dark IMO for a festival which is being held during summer. Im sure some color would've been so much nicer.
Not very festive for a summer festival!! More like a winter event... A nicer hairdo and some makeup would do wonders, as well.
Marie looks nice though I agree with udyusa and dazzling, the whole outfit feels a bit dark and wintery for a summer event.
Very chic , very professional beautiful. I love her hair and amazing necklace.
Chic and alot better than the usual I agree
She looks very elegant and classic.
Add my name to the list of her hair lovers! :)
Marie looks great. The suit is really elegant and I love the hair.
Another positive review of Marie's latest outfit. :) She looks lovely.
Love the 2 latest looks. She actually looks like a royal Princess for once.
Very beautiful. Perfect for the event.
I wish we had a better close up picture but from the pictures, she looks really nice.

A nice and and simple look with a blue dress for Marie at the welcome ceremony for the new international students at the University of Southern Denmark today, September 8:

** Full view ** Upper part **
A simple but very elegant Marie.
Finally! A very polished look for Marie! Lovely color and style.
A nice dress and a nice color for Marie. Her heels are nice but a bit too light for the dress.
A nice dress and a nice color for Marie. Her heels are nice but a bit too light for the dress.
I have to admit she is looking fine as ninepence and I even love her shoes! (But that's the design of them, not the colour). :flowers:
:previous: I want to like this dress, as it suits Marie though I find the sequins and sparkles on the top half to be quite cheap looking.
I like that dress. Bright and festive as the night and the hostess.
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