Princess Marie is Pregnant!

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My eldest brother is 22 years older than me.
It's an advantage i think, i have 2 older brothers who I look up to and they give me advice because they have been through everything before me :)

9 years isn't that big to be honest.
Danish and Billed Bladet(article date 29th March 2009) have photo galleries of Pss Marie chronicling her pregnancy.

Doesn't it seem like yesterday that they announced the pregnancy? Yet the baby's due next month! Time does fly! But she looks gorgeous during her pregnancy.
Marie looks absolutely gorgeous. I'm not saying this in a bad way, but she looks like she is getting quite a bit bigger (belly wise) than Mary did with either of her pregnancies. Maybe she's having twins. :lol:
Marie does look wonderful - she is still carrying the baby high - her tummy has not dropped yet so I think that the birth is not imminent -
according to hola, which quotes billed bladet, marie's mother is now in denmark waiting for the birth of her grandchild.
according to the magazines, the baby may arrive earlier than expected.
Noticias breves de actualidad
According to the announcement of the pregnancy from the palace it said the baby was due at the beginning of May so I guess it could be anytime. We also don't know if they give the correct due dates.

Although we don't know the circumstances of the delivery some women who have to have caesareans usually have them scheduled two weeks earlier than their actual due date. So the baby could make an appearance anytime in the next few weeks.

Oh well, we will just have to wait and see - and then starts the name guessing and the wait for the christening.
Princess Marie looks to me as if she could deliver at any moment. Of course this could be due to the fact that she is a petite person, and her belly just looks really big due to her small frame. I just wish that she has a healthy and safe delivery, whenever the time comes.
I am very excited about the birth. Perhaps the baby will come on my birthday. I wish Marie a very stressless birth.
I'm guessing the baby will be born on may 2nd. :-D Any points for that? :-D
i can't wait to know if it will be a prince or princess. :)
I'm sure she's tired, looks ready to deliver from the side views.

I'm guessing a girl - if I'm allowed to guess. Also wonder if Joachim will be in attendance as he was for the boys.
As an experienced father, he surely must know that once the baby is born, he will be getting a little less sleep for a while !

He seems to have a good sense of humor :)
:flowers:Ooohh the impatience is growing we want the baby now....:ROFLMAO: Probably Marie does too. My friends all describe their pregnancies as sick, getting there, glowing, waiting, DONE WITH IT the last bit at the heaviest and most awkward they just cant wait for it to happen. And neither can I Hope its a little girl dont care really just let everybody be safe and sound and healthy:rolleyes:
In spite of the impending birth, I do hope Joachim will take time out to celebrate his big four oh with his family and close friends.
I have a feeling it will be a girl as well.

Joachim will have a wonderful birthday this year, with a new addition to his family, new life in Schackenborg, all good, positive things to celebrate.

One step at a time, as he said in the engagement interview --- "One child at a time", when asked how many children they would like to have.

It won't be long now.
Billed-Bladet has an article about the maternity ward where Princess Marie will give birth. The article says that the blinds have been lowered in the window, giving privacy to the ward. The only thing missing, according to the article, is Princess Marie. She is expected to deliver at any time.

Billed-Bladet - Persiennerne rullet ned på Maries fødestue

Also, you can enter your mobile number on BB's website, and they will text you when the Princess delivers. I would imagine that this is only for mobiles in Denmark.
cant wait for the baby.. i'm hoping that the baby will be a girl..
Me, too --- I think Prince Joachim would be over the moon with a little daughter.
Does anyone think that we are welcoming the baby this week?
Usually, the Courts give the last due date.
IMHO, the baby will be born before mid-May!:flowers:

Maybe on May 6th...that's also my birthday!!!:lol:
I'm thinking may 2nd or may 3rd. Or maybe even tomorrow! :-D

With Isabella I actually guessed the date! :D
I would be very surprised if she makes it to May 16. She looks very pregnant! I just hope that whenever it does happen, that it happens safely.
Absolutely. She looks very much almost ready to deliver. May 16 is probably way on the outside of possible due dates.

If she canceled an event as early as April 26, it's hard to believe that she could possibly deliver 3 weeks later. The actual date is probably a lot closer than that.

Over all, a safe delivery and a healthy baby. It will be such a nice addition to the family and to her/his two older brothers.
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