Princess Marie, Current Events Part 2: June 2016 -

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It's good to see our Marie attending events at the Civil Defense regularly.
No long hair with Army Uniform.

Not with the army (*), but this is the Civil Defense, a uniformed civilian organization under the Ministry of Interior.

Beforehand conscripts who did not want to serve in the military, could opt for service in Civil defense instead. And traditionally they maintained a strong sense of not being militaristic.
Nowadays practically all conscripts to the military are volunteers, those few who are conscientious objectors and who draw a very low number can opt for service in the Civil Defense. But the majority of their conscripts are volunteers as well.
The organization has now gone from being "sandbag-fillers" and "ditch-diggers" manned by sparetime-hippies to a well-run and very professional organization with dedicated volunteers and employees, beefed up by conscripts who do a lot of good and are actually quite busy.
Today they wear their uniform with pride and not because they have to - and as "civilian" as possible.

(*) As we all know, in the army things are done correct and in style and with discipline. Right? ;)?
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:previous: They really have no idea about what they are writing about! :ermm:
Princess Marie yesterday at the opening of the 'Small animal veterinary euro- and world congress 2017' in Bella Center in Copenhagen.

PPE Agency
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VIDEO: Prinsesse Marie i Paris: Jeg er stolt af Danmark | BILLED-BLADET

Thanks Iceflower & Polyesco :flowers:

Here is a delightful video of our Marie, in fine form!

A major department store in Paris has the Danish Christmas traditions as theme this year.
And there is a considerable difference as Marie pointed out. The food is of course different. There is no dancing around the Christmas tree and presents are opened on the morning of the 25th - "so that Santa Claus has time to deliver them".

Her entire Parisian branch of the family showed up. She spotted them all over the place. - They are no doubt proud of their Marie. ?

Marie also wished the Parisians a Merry Christmas in Danish = Glædelig Jul.
Is it difficult to pronounce the Danish Christmas greeting, for a Frenchman? Yes! The soft D is a challenge!

- I noticed that Marie, who usually speak fluent Danish with only a very slight accent, this time had a much more pronounced accent. - No doubt stemming from speaking mainly French.
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Thanks, Iceflower :flowers:

I have a couple of questions for our French friends in particular:
How well known is our Marie in France?
How is she covered? In a positive light? Or a in very objective manner?
How is she regarded by those who know about her?

And finally: Marie's French. Since she and Joachim speak a lot of French when together I don't suppose she has acquired a Danish lilt in her accent. But how would you describe her French? Posh? Parisian? You name it.
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She is not very well known in France, she is only covered by Point de vue which is a royalty média. She speaks French with a rather parisian accent , I didn’t hear a hint of Danish accent.
:previous: A belated thank you, Assia :flowers:

Summary of article in Billed Bladet #47, 2017.
Written by our man in the City of Lights, Henrik Salling.

The Danish way of celebrating Christmas appears to be in this year in Paris. (Can't say if it's correct, but the Danish press say so, so it must be true...)

Anyway, on that occasion our Marie went to Paris to open the Christmas exhibition in the department store BHV Marais. (*)
This is of course an opportunity to sell Danish products (at inflated prices :D) and perhaps lure a few Parisians to Denmark in December where they can be fleeced... I mean where they experience the genuine thing. ?
So the Danish ambassador was also present.

Marie did fine, she gave a nice little speech and led a countdown to lighting the exhibition and was showed around inside. That of course included Danish Christmas decorations and how we do celebrate Christmas and all that.
Marie who has had first hand experience of the phenomenon explained that there are actually considerable differences.
In DK Christmas is celebrated and the presents presented on the 24th, in France on the 25th.
There is no dancing around the Christmas Tree in France.
In DK the homes are decorated for Christmas all through December. - That's true. Mrs Muhler has mobilized our children for the full scale decoration of our home this Saturday. While I have a more... guiding and advisory role. ?
That however is not the case in France it seems.

But for Marie it was also an opportunity to meet her family. The Parisian branch of the family had shown up in force and Marie did indeed spot them here and there in the crowd.
"It's not only my father who is here. My whole family came. I could see them all over the place".

Christmas means a lot to her family. (And as we have learned Marie and her Joachim are indeed to celebrate Christmas abroad this year, no doubt with her family).

But while in Paris, Marie also visited the Danish embassy for lunch and a reception. Here she was seen wearing a coat from Theory.

You can see more here: BB #47, 2017

(*) Is that the French equivalent to say Harrods? I must confess I've never heard about it.
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:previous: What a nice event! Very sweet Marie with the kids.

I thought her and Joachim might have been abroad already, since on Monday the audiences were canceled instead of Joachim taking over. So its nice to see they are still in town. :flowers:
Ah yes, the audience.

As you may remember QMII had to cancel a public audience because she couldn't take off from London in time due to bad weather there.
And Frederik was on his way to Australia, so he couldn't take over either.

Joachim and Benedikte got a good deal of heat, in some of the press, who should know better BTW!
Why hadn't they taken over from QMII?

The audiences is a very old tradition and an opportunity for all citizens, who have something valid to say, to meet the Monarch. - Not just any member of the DRF, but the Monarch.
It has happened that Frederik has stepped in, but as a Crown Prince his position is special
Apart from that QMII does take the audiences seriously. They are not just a courtesy.

Unfortunately, since this was a public audience, people are not invited but show up if they have the opportunity to do so. Since the audience was cancelled in the last minute, that meant some people went in vain.

- But could certain journalists be bothered to call the court and ask what all this audience thing is all about? Nah.
Summary of article in Biled Bladet #15, 2018.
Written by Ken Richter.

Whatever is written by Ken Richter happened, no more, no less.

Our Marie is a frequent visitor to the HC Andersen Children's Hospital, that is a part of Odense University Hospital. (OUH) (*)
The children's hospital is now ten years old and on that occasion Marie came visiting, where she met with and played with some of the children undergoing treatment at the hospital.
The big craze among children these days is artificial goo, so Marie sat next to the children to make some goo Something she is pretty experienced in making: "I've making goo all Easter". Athena and Henrik are just the right age for making goo! :D
Apart from playing with goo, Marie also received a pretty nice painting made by the children. (Better than what hangs in most modern art galleries!)

But there were also serious stuff on the agenda.
Marie took part in a seminar about asthma and allergy and said: "I have hay-fever myself."
Joachim also suffer from allergy: Birch, grass and cats. And several of his children also suffer from hay-fever. (No doubt Henrik is among them!)
The hospital has a school, Odense Asthma School, where children suffering from allergy are taught and informed about their condition, their medication and what to do. Exercise is a big help, so Mary jumped and leapt with the children.
Mary told our reporter: "It's like my second home and it's always a pleasure to be with the children."

(*) OUH is one of a handful "super-hospitals" in DK. With the best doctors and the best equipment and as such also the best treatment.
HRH Princess Marie participates in the opening of Too Good To Go's new store focusing on reducing food waste.

Too Good To Go combats food waste by helping food stores sell their excess food. The company has been around since 2016 and is now opening a store to reduce food waste from wholesalers and large producers.
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