Princess Marie, Current Events Part 2: June 2016 -

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Today, November 14, Princess Marie was present at the local finals of the Project Edison at the Øster Farimagsgades School in Copenhagen. Under the theme "Better and safer traffic" pupils from different school competed to find ideas for new traffic solutions.

The article with the video concentrates on something else though ;)

** BB: KGL KOBBERBRYLLUP: Prinsesse Marie ønsker kronprinsparret tillykke ** translation **
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Here is another BB video: VIDEO: Prinsesse Marie modtaget som en rockstjerne | BILLED-BLADET

Our Marie got an enthusiastic welcome, when she arrived at the school, for the local-finals of Project Edison. The theme being how to prevent safety in the traffic.
Afterwards Marie said how impressive the ideas were.

This school is considered "immigrant-heavy".
As a member of the Civil Defense, our Marie today visited Jyllinge near the town of Roskilde: Prinsesse Marie besøger Jyllinge Nordmark
Prinsesse Marie: Vi skal forebygge stormflod | BILLED-BLADET

Jyllinge, which is located in Roskilde Fjord is one of the areas most hard hit by flooding after the storm yesterday.
Fortunately there was plenty of warning and the meteorologists were correct in their predictions, combined with yesterday being a holyday, no one was hurt and the damage caused by flooding is relatively limited.
The Civil Defense and Home Guard along with volunteers were ready and able to limit the worst effects of flooding.
Marie visited the area, along with those in charge of the operations and the local mayor. She also met and praised those who had taken part in the flood-prevention.
Afterwards she said: "It's a great job, the Civil defense is doing, but nature strikes hard.
We must find a solution so that damages can be prevented".

Marie spoke to TV2 News, so I guess a clip will be available shortly.

That also means that it is very likely that M&J went to Copenhagen either early yesterday or sometime today. Now that the bridges are open and the ferries sail normally again.
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I'm very glad Marie is involved in this organization. They do important work
great visit by marie and at a time when she (and all the DRF) was 'on holiday'. i am glad she found time to visit the flooded area and comfort those affected, it shows she truly cares. i know first hand how meaningful such visits are when these things happen.
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I was going to complain about the wrong informations given by the royal house. (there was an announcement that Marie would work on this project starting with 27 June 2016 and suddenly she worked on it since 6 years?)
But I can see now that it's the translation which is wrong. It actually says:
"HRH Princess Marie has over the last half year worked with the Emergency Management Agency for a new prevention strategy."

Good project to work on! Well chosen.
Spoke the Princess danish perfectly without the Prince Henrik French accent ?
Spoke the Princess danish perfectly without the Prince Henrik French accent ?

Good heavens, yes! :)
The two of them can hardly be compared.

Our Marie speaks near perfect Danish with only a slight accent. While PH speaks Danish with a very heavy accent and with constant basic grammatical mistakes. - He's understanding of Danish however, must be near perfect, otherwise he wouldn't be able to catch the many innuendos and word-plays instantly which he likes so much. But his spoken Danish is pretty poor.

Both Marie and Mary are lightyears past that point!
However, it's my impression that Marie, who seems to have a talent for languages, is at a level where she instantly picks up the subtleties of the language. Where Mary sometimes seems to have a problems either understanding it or picking it up. Latest at the Icelandic state visit where the President did a little stand-up comedy. We saw a clip of M&F and M&J together. It looked to me like Marie got it, while Mary did a: what did he say?/what did he mean?

But while Mary speaks Danish at a academic level, Marie use a more simple Danish. - Perhaps that's the way to do it?

Thanks, Iceflower. :flowers:
Another interesting activity for Marie! Great that she supports students debating about global issues.
Another gallery for this event

PPE Agency

Very proud both Prince Henrik and Prince Joachim for our (sorry Muhler) Marie!!!
Thanks for the pics. :flowers:
That's a seriously proud Marie!

I did some research into the order and as far as I can tell our Marie (it's okay, Eya ;)) is now officer of the Legion of Honour.
That's the second of the five classes.
Please correct me if I'm wrong.

I appear to be wrong, because according to BB, Marie is now Grand Officer of the Legion of Honour. That's the second highest grade. - It comes with a star to be worn on the right side. But I guess it was only the order itself that was pinned to her chest.
Apart from PH and Joachim, Marie's family had also flown in to witness the ceremony. Her father in particular was very moved.
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Princess Marie was bestowed the French Legion d'Honneur on Friday.

Kirsten Biering‏ @DKAmb_France 10h10 hours ago
At French Amb Residence in Copenhagen French born Princess Marie receives Legion d'Honneur this afternoon. We are so proud to call her ours.
It seems to me that the French Legion d'Honneur is awarded for just being married to a right person or into a right family.
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