Princess Marie Clotilde Bonaparte (1912-1996)

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Princess Marie Clotilde Bonaparte (1912-1996).

She is the daughter of Clémentine Albertine Marie Léopoldine, born at Laeken on July 30, 1872 and died at Nice, France on March 8, 1955. She married Prince Napoléon Victor Jérôme Frédéric Bonaparte (1862 - 1926), head of the Bonaparte family.

Does anyone have any more information or pictures of her, and her siblings, neices and nephews? There is very little information to be foun don this branch of the family it seems. Even though they are the predecessors to the current claimant.
H.I.H. Princess Marie Clotilde Eugénie Alberte Laetitia Geneviève Napoléon was born in Brussels on March 20, 1912. She was the only daughter and eldest child of H.I.H. Napoléon Victor Jérôme Frédéric, Prince Napoléon (b.Paris July 18, 1862;d.Brussels May 3, 1926), and of H.R.H. Princess Clementine Albertine Marie Leopoldine of Belgium (b.Laeken July 30, 1872;d.Nice March 8, 1955). Marie Clotilde's birth was followed two years later by that of her only sibling, Louis Jérôme Victor Emmanuel Léopold Marie.

On October 17, 1938, at Our Lady of Victories Church, on Kensington High Street in London, Marie Clotilde married the Russian Count Serge de Witt (b.Moscow December 30, 1891;d.Cendrieux July 21, 1990). Serge was the son of Count Oscar de Witt and Lydia de Fidler. He had gained the rank of Captain while serving in the Russian Imperial Calvary. The couple were married for fifty-one years and had a total of ten children (in order of birth: Marie Eugénie, Hélène, Napoléon Serge, Yolande, Véra Geneviève, Baudoin, Isabelle, Jean Jérôme, Wladimir, and Anne Clémentine). Sadly, Napoléon Serge and Yolande de Witt died in infancy.

Most of Marie Clotilde's daughters married members of the French nobility. One of Marie Clotilde's grandsons from such a marriage, Count Cyril Amédéo de Commarque (second son of Véra Geneviève de Witt and Raymond Godefroy, Marquis de Commarque) married Princess Cécile Marita Dorothea zu Hohenlohe-Langenburg in 1998.

Princess Marie Clotilde died at the Château de la Pommerie in Cendrieux on April 14, 1996 at the age of eighty-four.
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A young Princess Marie Clotilde:

With her husband Serge:
Thanks so much for the information. Do you know of any links where further information on the family can be found?
Her son Jerome de Witt is a famous clock maker, there are internet pages about him, where he is to see. He resembles much his father, I do not see much of Clothilde in him. Baudoin de Witt is the owner of the famous castle "Pommerie", it´s now an open museum with many pieces of the napoleonic heritage. His daughter Lätitia graduated at the Sorbonne with a work about about Prince Victor, her ansistor. Unfortunately I don´t have pictures of her and her other aunts, the children of Serge and Clothilde. Has anyone pictures and can help?
Thank you for this picture of King Leopold II graddaughter.
I knew the first wife of one of her Sons, she told me Clothilde was a warm person, that they attend 3 days weddings . When the jewels arrived the doors were closed.
They and Prince Louis Napoleon ,whose wife is still alive ,were close to King Baudouin and Queen Fabiola
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