Princess Marie Christine of Prussia (1947-1966), dau of Prince Hubertus

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Mar 14, 2011
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Hello Royal Forum!

I am looking for more information on Princess Marie Christine of Prussia. She is a character in a novel I am writing, and I need to know more about her! I know she died very young from inuries suffered in a car accident, but any other details about her and her life are very hard to find! Does anyone know where I can find more information? Does anyone know where I can find a photo of her? My novel is historical and I do not want to be inaccurate....thank you!!
I'm sure you've tried Google, but you might try and find some info. plus some of our very smart members will help also.:flowers:
Was Marie Christine the daughter of Prince Hubertus of Prussia and his second wife? I think she had a twin sister.
Yes, Marie Christine was the daughter of Prince Hubertus and Princess Magdalene.
Prince Hubertus (1909-1950) was the third son of Crown Prince Wilhelm (Wilhelm II's son) and Crown Princess Cecilie; Princess Magdalene (1920-2009) was the daughter of Prince Heinrich XXXVI and Princess Hermine Reuss zu Köstritz.
Hubertus and Magdalene married in 1943; a few months before he divorced from his first wife, Baroness Maria Anna von Humboldt-Dachdroeden.
They had two daughters, Anastasia (born in 1944, wife of the Prince of Lowenstein-Wertheim-Rosenberg) and Marie Christine (1947-1966).
Thanks MAfan. I don't know where I got the idea the sisters were twins! I think I stayed up too late last night.:p Mea Culpa.
I am searching for a photo of Princess Marie Christine, a photo of her mother and sister at the time of Marie Christine's death, and also the circumstances surrounding the accident. I have been searching for several weeks via the internet but so far nothing has come up.

1) Were there any other victims involved in the car accident? Survivors?
2) Where did the accident occur? What date and time?
3) What hospital cared for Marie Christine?
4) What kind of vehicle was involved in the accident?
5) Where was Marie Christine living at the time?
6) What was Marie Christine's physical description?

These are some of the questions I m asking. If anyone has any details, photos, or the means of how I can obtain this information, it would be helpful. As I stated before, I do not want to be inaccurate or have to guess on my own what happened and what she looked like.



I have tried the website suggested above and found nothing...FYI
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I have tried the website suggested above and found nothing...FYI

There are some German newspapers which have an archive that goes back to the 60ties and don't charge for using it. Tomorrow I have a bit of time and will try to get answers to your questions from newspaper reports.
That's what I found.

Marie Christine is not the twin sister of Anastasia but was born after the war in 1947. She died at 30.5.1966 at the university hospital in Giessen (Hesse) after having had a car accident near Lauterbach (Hesse). At that time she lived in London and was on her way from the funeral of her uncle Prince Friedrich of Prussia. Her car crashed with a Volkswagen Bus.

Here you can buy an article about her death including a photo.

If you need help with translating it, just send me a PM.
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Re: Princess Marie Christine of Prussia

I thank you so much for the info!! Unfortunately, I cannot buy the article as I can't even understand the language to make the transaction!! I will keep looking in case another newspaper has an article. I find it funny that a newspaper would charge for the article in the first place, but I guess that's how they roll in Germany...
It's because you buy a page of an old newspaper, not an article.
Still Looking...

I am still in the midst of research for Princess Marie Christine of Prussia. I'm having to conjure up details out of my head to fill in the gaps. Is there any way I can even contact her royal house to get information? I know that's borderline creepy and may be unwelcomed, but the information is so hard to find.
Brief life history
Brief life history
Unless I'm missing something, the "brief life history" just lists the basic genealogical datas about her (birth, parents, death, burial)...
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