Princess Marie Chantal is expecting her 5th child

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^^ I don't know about orthodox, but I think they are members of some branch of catholicism, which either way encourages many children.

Are you telling me that she was eight months pregnant at the Prince Joachim and Marie Cavallier wedding?? Holy wow! Getty Images - Unsupported browser detected Is that really her??
No. That is Prince Nikolaos and his girlfriend Tatiana Blatnik. The news services have really mixed those couples up lately.
No, that's not her. It's Tatiana Blahnik. They wrongly identified her. Marie-Chantal didn't go to the wedding.

Thank you! That makes much more sense! This girl does look a bit similar to her though, the little I know about Marie-Chantal...
Has anyone heard anything lately about MC? She must be in the final stages of her pregnancy. There's been no news on that either, so I take it no news is good news. I know she didn't attend the wedding of Prince Joachim nor the christening of Pss Alexia's youngest daughter so she must be taking it easy these last few weeks. Let's hope there are no complications this time around and there's good news to be had (and that it's a healthy girl!)
I'm suprised she hasn't had the baby yet. I feel like she's been pregnant forever this time!
Well, the baby is not due until the beginning of July, so technically we might have to wait a bit longer! Can't wait to find out if she has a boy or a girl!
Pavlos and Marie-Chantal had their fifth child, a boy, 4 kgs, at 6:45am on Sunday June 29th, at the Cedars-Sinai Hospital, Los Angeles.

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