Princess Marie as Patron of the National Association for Autism 2010 - 2024

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Thank you for the explanation Muhler. We have something that is similar here in the U.S. My daughter just graduated from high school on Wednesday and was clad in a blue rented robe with mortarboard cap, tassel and white stole. All of which is now being returned this morning so we can get our deposit back and she can pick up her diploma. The graduates only receive the diploma cover at the ceremony. We could have purchased the robe, stole, cap and tassel but with our son being about six inches taller than his older sister, we'll just rent the clothing again in two years when he graduates. ?
Thanks Iceflower & Polyesco. :flowers:

Here is a nice BB video, where our Marie in her usual likable way told about being interviewed by the good Jason and his crew, who all have autism.

Marie went on to say that it was good to attend this conference where the focus was on the special competences of people with autism and how to use them, rather than seeing them as someone who don't fit into the society and don't have a place in the society.

Jason asked among other things how it was to be a princess, Marie replied that one of the good things was being here, addressing this topic.
I admire that the interviewer and his team are all on the autism spectrum:)
I admire that the interviewer and his team are all on the autism spectrum:)

i agree - a nice touch! nice to see marie travelling solo to least expected locations. i believe another autism conference not long ago took her to greenland solo.

i wonder, how is marie's danish these days?
i agree - a nice touch! nice to see marie travelling solo to least expected locations. i believe another autism conference not long ago took her to greenland solo.

i wonder, how is marie's danish these days?

A minor accent and sometimes a mispronunciation and the odd grammatical mistake, but very easy to understand.
She clearly understands almost everything that is being said. (And spoken Danish is anything but easy to understand!)
She speaks at conversation speed.
She use a simpler vocabulary than Mary, but if she is more comfortable with that and she still gets her message across, that doesn't matter IMO.
Summary of article in Billed Bladet #46, 2018.
Written by our Scotland correspondent, Henrik Salling.

As you no doubt recall, Our Marie went to Glasgow recently to attend a conference about autism.
Apart from that the Association for Scottish Autism celebrates its 50th jubilee this year and as patron for the Danish Autism Association, Marie was the guest of honor. That meant Marie got the big tour. Like visiting Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum - because one way to express yourself as an autist can be through art and Marie were shown examples of just that.
The conference was very much about how to incorporate people with autism into the society as a whole and preferably also in a workplace, with due considerations to their special needs but also their special competences.
And very much in line with that, Marie agreed to an interview with TV-crew who are all autists and after the interview she obligingly posed with them, as you can see in the scans posted in the M&F in Italy thread.
Thank, Eya.

The first photo of our Marie is really great!

- It seems that after three totally uneventful weeks of 2019, the DRF have decided to be everywhere at the same time! - I can't keep up!
Princess Marie as Patron of the Danish Association for Autism releasing a video message on the occassion of the World Autism Day today

It is no secret that many autists are so focused, for a lack of a better word, that they become absolutely brilliant at something specific.

As patron for the Autism Association our Marie will appear in a TV-series focusing on people with autism who have such extraordinary skills.

As you can see in the article, that includes a you woman, Nina Skov Jensen, who has painted a very good picture of Marie.
Marie was so fond of the painting that she invited Nina Skov to come to Amalienborg to present the painting. Which incredibly is only the second oil painting she has made.
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The poor woman was asked how she (they) is doing and also how it went at the balcony.
She responded in the only way she good: Fine and it went well.

But it distracted her so that she almost walked by the people who were to welcome her.

But she talked about their move to USA.
Saying that the family looked forward to the move, even though it hadn't quite dawned on the children yet. But she was confident they were looking forward as well.

Then she talked about Henrik's confirmation. Saying that it was Henrik's decision to be confirmed in Paris, since they had lived there for four years.

She ignored two questions though:
How much she expects to be working for the DRF, when living in USA.
And whether Henrik was disappointed that his farmor would not be attending his confirmation.
As Patron of the National Autism Association Princess Marie has sent a message on the occasion of World Autism Day today:

All people have value. All people can contribute something, regardless of diversity, and society needs that diversity.Like all other people, autistic people are also different. Autistic people have different strengths and different needs. But everyone needs to be part of a community.It is our joint task to ensure that we all feel seen and met. Because together we can do so much more than individually.Together we are stronger

Very good indeed. A slight accent but she is clearly used to speaking Danish. Her pronunciation (albeit with the before-mentioned accent) is correct.
She speaks slowly here, well below conversation-speed. And it helps of course that she is reading or reciting a text she clearly has rehearsed.
You would think that having lived first in Paris for a number of years and now USA would result in a slight deterioration of Her Danish, simply from no longer being embedded in language, but there is no trace of that here.
But in order to make a better assessment, it's better to hear her talk to someone or respond to questions unprepared.
This morning, April 23, Princess Marie together with the Autism Association visited the Psychiatric Center Glostrup in Glostrup:

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