Princess Marie as Patron of the Danish National Commission for UNESCO 2009 - 2024

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Thanks Iceflower & Polyesco :flowers:

I noticed that Marie used informal you in her speech, when she thanked the chairwoman of the national committee here in DK.
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And a nice BB video.
It was, as you can tell, windy today.

Our Marie told us that children inspire her, so it wasn't a problem for her to create a clay-mask of her own.
A point in Odsherred municipality is officially considered the center of Denmark, when you draw a circle and include Bornholm.

It's also a place of geological interest. During the last ice-age (*) the glaciers reached as far a southern Jutland and the northern shores of Germany and Poland. And the ice pushed the soil before it like a bulldozer and deposited the soil in heaps which is now evident as gentle rolling hills in central Jutland, and in Odsherred.

Herred BTW means shire and has historically had the same significance, albeit on a smaller scale, as in England.

(*) Technically speaking we are still in an ice-age, we've just had a warm spell lately. :igloo:☀️:cool:
Last week Princess Marie met with France's Ambassador Christophe Parisot, the Chairman of the Danish UNESCO National Commission Elsebeth Gerner Nielsen and representatives of the jury prior to the competition for Denmark's Best Baguette 2024 in May:

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