Princess Marie as Patron of the Danish National Commission for UNESCO 2009 - 2024

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Some great pictures on PPE
Marie looked nice, happy and quite confident. I like how she was all smiley at this event.

BB picture gallery
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Princess Marie will go to Paris for UNESCO on 23 April. She will participate in meetings, take a tour of their Parisian headquarters, and is invited to a luncheon:

Billed-Bladet - Prinsesse Marie tager til Paris

The article does not say if Joachim or little Henrik will accompany her. It sounds like she will only be there for one day.
Princess Marie visits UNESCO's Headquarters in Paris: 21 April 2010

I was excited to see that Princess Marie will visit UNESCO's Headquarters in Paris as its protector this month: 21 April 2010.

H.K.H. Prinsesse Marie besøger som protektor UNESCO's hovedkvarter i Paris.
According to the official website of the Royal House of Denmark
Princess Marie's visit in Paris from April 21 till 22 has been cancelled
as to the current flight situation!
let's see if it improves, although i thought denmark opened their airways?
The delayed visit at the UNESCO's Headquarters in Paris will take place tomorrow, June 14, 2010!
The delayed visit at the UNESCO's Headquarters in Paris will take place tomorrow, June 14, 2010!

So this is the visit which was suppos eto take place in April?
It was a two day event but this is a one day event.
Yes, that's the visit. Maybe they've shortened the programme
or the second day is simply not listed, we'll see..:)
Here she is! Marie in Paris on June 14 visiting the UNESCO's Headquarters:

A wonderful gallery of pics from

** - gallery **
Here she is! Marie in Paris on June 14 visiting the UNESCO's Headquarters:

A wonderful gallery of pics from

** - gallery **

Almost came to think that the event was cancelled or either no pictures were taken :D
Marie looked nice and confident, its nice seeing her attending events also outside of Denmark.
Thanks for the gallery.
In the first pictures it looks like she was listening to soemething boring
Thank for the gallery.
It is always a pleasure to see princess Marie on active.
In the first pictures it looks like she was listening to soemething boring
Actually the headline of BT's picture gallery is: "Marie is bored". And there is another article at BT: "Are you bored, Marie?"
Here are some more pics of Princess Marie in Paris, a Billed-Bladet
reporter met her on the streets of Paris and she told him that
little Henrik stayed at home with his father and that a short visit
to her father was planned as well.

** Prinsesse Marie tilbage i Paris ** gallery **
Indeed she looks very bored.

She is only smiling when she knows that a photografer takes pictures of herself.

She should be more professional.

Many lessons to learn from Mary and Maxima( although she is not a crown princess, she will probably have much royal taks to perform when F&M will be King and Queen.
Summary of article in Billed Bladet #24, 2010.
Jeg ville gerne have været til bryllup - I should have liked to have gone to wedding.
Written by Henrik Salling.

Marie visited UNESCO's headquater in Paris and during that visit our Paris correspondent, Henrik Salling, caught up with her.
She said (no doubt among many things): "I would of course have liked to go to wedding in Sweden but duty calls for Prince Joachim. And when that situation arise we in the family help each other".

The visit to UNESCO collided with the first match played by the Danish soccer team in South Africa and to that she said: "I do love to watch soccer and would have liked to see the match but this time it was more important to work. Unfortunately we lost that game. Because now with Denmark".

She had time to meet her family in Paris, especially her father, Alain Cavallier, with whom she went to a cafe. About that she told: "It's been lovely to se my father - and Paris. I should like to come here more often than I already do".
As our Marie is taking an active part in the work at UNESCO she can look forward to more visits to Paris.

After the tour of UNESCO and the meeting there she confided to us afterwards: "It's been a very great day (*) and I've got many fine ideas to take home with me.
It's so important with education and it's an area which really interest me a lot. But also ecology and IT I think is exciting".
Princess Marie was accompanied by her LiW Marianne Engel.

(*) Well, the patiently waiting photographers certainly managed to catch her in moments where she was perhaps less enthusiastic about what was going on.
And that's one of the things I find endearing with the Marie. She sucks at pretending. What you see is how she is.
06/09 10 H.K.H. Princess Marie attends the patronage of UNESCO Denmark exhibition " Biodiversity is life - Biodiversity is our life " at the Botanical Museum, Gothersgade 130 , Copenhagen , at . and from 16:00 pm . 17.00 at the French Embassy, Kongens Nytorv , Copenhagen.
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Marie is more and more into her role.:flowers:
She looks very well today, confident and intersted.
And she has one of the most beautiful pair of legs from the Royal circle:w00t:
Today Princess Marie attended the patronage of UNESCO Conference Norden a sustainable region with a focus on lifelong learning in Gallery Galschiødt, Odense.

Before the conference she visited the gallery of the Danish artist Jens Galschiot
Prinsessen begejstrede - - Indland/Fyn


Thank you, Paty. :flowers:

The fair Marie is often in Odense on the Island of Funen and that appears to be appreciated. Fyens Stiftstidende certainly seem to follow her antics where ever she is...

Anyway, Denmark currently holds the chairmanship in the Nordic Council for education and research and in that connection Princess Marie was invited to attend a conference in Odense.
Before that there was time for her to drop by an artgallery, owned by Jens Galschiødt, and have a look at some of his sculptures. He has incidentally, according to another article, been busy tidying up in his gallery because of this visit.

As there is a kindergarten right next door to the gallery, all available children had been mobilized and equipped with flags. To help them pass the time, they chanted: "Marie, we do like". - It actually sounded more to my like they chanted "Mary", but I guess that's what can happen, when Marie is pronounced in French-Danish.
After having recieved a bouquet of flowers from a shy flowergirl, Marie, now having something to do with her hands, entered the artgallery.

La Marie duly looked at the many sculptures, by Jens Galschiødt, who is a controversial artist. (*) At some point she let her fingers slide over a sculpture and asked: "What's that"? Jens Galschiødt replied: "Well, what it is. It's the head of a pig", and ushered Marie over to two other sculptures. (**)

(*) All artists are considered controversial. Or they'll cry themselves to sleep at night.

(**) Wonderful! :lol: She pulled an "emperor's new clothes" on him. May she do many more of those.
In all fairness it should perhaps be mentioned that the sculpture in question was probably one called: "Den indre svinehund = the inner Schweinhund". It's a political statement and Jens Galschiødt perhaps preferred not to get himself entangled in a long explanation. I still love that she simply asked what it was though. Most would simply attempt to look knowingly, even though they have no clue.
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Hasn't she been to Island of Funen before? She seems to be liked there, nice turn out of people. The visit looked interesting, thanks for the pictures.
Marie looked great, loved her outfit.
Very strange art, but Marie seemed to be interested in it :flowers:
and a few more pictures. I wonder if a discussion/meeting took place after the tour since she was seen at a table with a few people

BE&W gallery
I wonder if a discussion/meeting took place after the tour since she was seen at a table with a few people

The main event Princess Marie attended was the UNESCO conference "Nordic
region - a sustainable region" about climate change and sustainable development.
It took place at the Gallery Galschiødt. Prior to the discussion Marie viewed the
gallery of sculptor Jens Galschiøt. Just see Paty's and Muhler's posts above,
they've mentioned that as well :flowers:
Summary of article in Billed Bladet #46, 2010.
Marie har travlt med Julen - Marie is busy being occupied with Christmas.
Written by Ken Richter.

Who had a chat with our Marie in Gallery Galschiøt in Odense, before she attended a meeting in her capacity as patron for UNESCO.
Christmas is her responsibility this year, and with mother-in-law (svigermor) who is also a queen, it might be understandable if she was a little nervous. Marie told our reporter: "I'm really busy but I've got everything under control".

La Marie was drooling over the sculptures in the gallery: "There is one of Galschiøt's sculptures in the park at Marselisborg Manor. - I sure would like to have such a sculpture standing at Schackenborg. There is plenty of room in the park".

Ken Richter suggested she could wish for a sculpture as Christmas present.
Marie smiled: "That'll be way too expensive".

She also said: "I would like to come back here and perhaps bring some guests with me".
Marie was sort of begging for a free sculpture.

How embarressing.
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