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On day 3 today, April 5, Princess Marie met the Governor of Kampong Chhnang Province and visited DanChurchAid's partner Farmer and Nature Net and the agricultural cooperative Kraing Leav Samki in Kampong Chhang province. During a little ceremony she was blessed by a Buddhist monk:

** kongehuset gallery ** kongehuset: Besøg i Cambodja - dag 3 **

** BB article: Det har hun aldrig oplevet før: Prinsesse Marie velsignet af munk **

** BB article: Ambulance fulgte med hele dagen: Prinsesse Marie kan føle sig tryg **

** BB video: Prinsesse Marie efter smuk ceremoni: Det var en spændende oplevelse **
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Princess Marie prepared something very special to eat today, April 6 ;)

** BB article: Det har vi aldrig oplevet før: Prinsesse Marie steger græshopper til pressen **

On today's agenda were a visit to the province of Takeo, where Marie visited a number of farms in the field of rice cultivation and grasshopper farming (see above) and a visit to the Cambodian Center for Independent Media.

** kongehuset gallery ** kongehuset: Besøg i Cambodja - dag 4**

** BB video: Sådan har du aldrig set prinsesse Marie før: Kongelig kok i topform **

** BB article: Prinsesse Marie indrømmer: Jeg skulle lige vænne mig til tanken **
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:previous: Thanks for these posts, it's sobering these days to be reminded that other countries have and have had their problems with war as well.

By area Cambodia is the most bombed country in the world. That happened during the Vietnam War.
Then Pol Pot took over at murdered IIRC a quarter of the population in some insane Maoist interpretation of going to basics.
Until Vietnam invaded and ousted Pol Pot.

Landmines is a huge problem in Cambodia! With people, as well as wildlife and domesticated animals falling victims to mines, and still do now 40 years later.


Perhaps more royals should adopt the approach of serving bugs to journalists? :D

Now, how are you going to cover this trip? BTW I'm considering cooking some local delicacies for you journalists tonight... :devil:
:ohmy::blink:?:yuk: :queen:

Anyway, our man in Cambodia, the Ulrik Ulriksen, seems to have genuinely enjoyed the grasshoppers.
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