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Jan 29, 2005

Princess Marie has accepted the patronage for Folkekirkens Nødhjælp it is reported today.

Folkekirkens Nødhjælp (DanChurchAid, DCA) "assists the world’s poorest to lead a life in dignity. Aid is
given regardless of race, creed, political or religious affiliation".

The DCA is a religious relief organization based in The Danish National Church, founded in 1922, it's today
one of Denmark's largest independent humanitarian organizations and part of a worldwide church aid work.

** ** **

** Prinsesse Marie protektor for folkekirkens noedhjaelp ** translation **

** Prinsesse Marie bliver protektor for nødhjælp ** translation **
Is this the first kind of patronage a member takes up with the Church?
Its nice to see Marie slowly accepting or asked to join new different patronages. Im sure there are a lot more to come.
Great seeing her back to work. Marie looks great! Cant tell she has had a baby 4 months ago. Nice spring look, liking the fresh colors of the outfit.
Summary of article in Billed Bladet #18, 2012.
Afbryder barsel - Interrupts maternity (leave).
Written by Trine Larsen.

Our Marie took a break from her maternity leave the other day to attend a meeting at Nyborg Strand Hotel with a couple of hundred employees and volunteers in Folkekirkens Nødhjælp = the State Church Relief Organisation.
Among those present were also bishop Erik Normann Svendsen, who will baptise little Piaf later this month.
While there she handed out a framed photograph of a woman from Bangladesh to a couple who opened the first recycling shop, for the relief organisation in Aarhus some 40 years ago. (*)
La belle Marie is not a loss for words so she told our reporter: "It means a lot to me to be here today. In order to get to know with the work of Folkekirkens Nødhjælp (**) and because I really would like to be involved in humanitarian work.
I really like the methods of Folkekirkens Nødhjælp and what they stand for and it also means a lot to me that they work all over the world. That's why the meeting today was important, because I could meet the partners from other countries they work with, the sponsors and many of the volunteers who do a fantastic job. And I hope we can work more together very soon, but I'm still on maternity (leave)".

- There is also a portrait of bette Henrik in this week's issue. He will turn three this Friday. And the fair Marie said: "He's a really good boy. So sweet and happy".
He's also fond of his younger sister: "There is no jealusy at all. It's going so well".

I can add that a note said that Princess Benedikte will not attend the christening. She will be in New York 15-23. May, so I guess Joachim and Marie will not go to Sweden for the christening there.

(*) I believe it's the one in Grønnegade. Aarhus being very much a university city with a mulititude of additional other educational facillities is a perfect place for poor students needing cheap furnitures and what not. Among them a young Mrs. Muhler, before she moved in with me.

(**) It's her most resent protection.
A brief summary on what Princess Marie is going to do on her next event taking place June 25, 2012

Monday 25 June visit HRH Princess Marie as patron DanChurchAid thrift store in barrels.

The princess will greet the volunteers and be shown around the store before the Princess at. 14.00 is responsible for the opening of the store's new premises.

This year is the 40 years since DCA opened Denmark's first charity shop, and today the organization has 123 thrift stores operated by over 3400 volunteers.

Thrift Shop in Tonder was opened in 1982 and thus this year celebrates 30-year anniversary.

Princess Marie has been a patron of the DCA since 2011 and said the appointment: "I have great respect for DanChurchAid work helping some of the world's poorest people a better life. It is my hope that I can help to tell that it is useless to help both in everyday life, and when disasters occur. "
Thanks, Iceflower :flowers:

She sure did. Some clothes for girls and she was presented with bedlinen for children made from old cotton shirts.

The town of Tønder (which also means barrels) is located less than three kilometres from Schackenborg. Litterally just down the road. As such Joachim and our Marie is not an uncommon sight in the streets of that town.

I think the charming Marie has lost too much weight, she needs to gain five kilos. It doesnt suit women to be too skinny. Hopefully her diet will be trown out the window during the summer.

ADDED: A gallery from BT:
The girl in pink in one of the pictures is merely curious. Perhaps she wondered why Marie didn't look like princess? Anyway, it's also a charming picture of how close people could get to Marie end the event. And as usual I couldn't see any police officers.
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Summary of article in Billed Bladet #26, 2012.
Købte genbrugstøj til Athena - Bought second-hand clothes for Athena.
Written by Ken Richter.

Our Marie opened a second hand store operated by Folkekirkens Nødhjælp (a charity organisation under the state church) in the town of Tønder just down the road from Schackenborg.
There are now 123 such stores in DK run by Kirkens Nødhjælp. (*)

With the store sesibly located in the pedestrian street of Tønder, Marie cut the ribbon and went inside to browse. A little jumpsuit for babies was picked but dismissed: "She's too portly". (**) But a little skirt would do nicely for Athena: "It doesn't fit her right now, but it's smart".
Marie also found a little shirt for bette Henrik and in all it amounted to 65 DKK. (Very cheap! It's the prize of a good pizza). She paid in cash with 100 DKK, but alas the shopkeeper couldn't give her change. Marie said: "Never mind. I'll come back some other time". (***)
Mary also got a set of bedlinen for Athena, sewn from three mens shirts. (****)
Marie said about the second hand store: "I have previously shopped in second hand stores and I would also do it today.
Of course I'll come back visiting when Athena's babyclothes are too small, then I'll come and hand it in.
Of course I'll also hand over some of my discarded clothes here in the shop, because I hope everyone will help people in need".

The proceed from these stores go to relief for people who are starving, especially in Africa. Last year the stores, managed by 4.300 volunteers created a surplus of 19.5 million DKK = 3.2 million $.

(*) Other similar organisations have similar stores and the quality and very affordable prices makes them a popular alternative to what you can get in supermarkets.

(**) Actually she said "tyk", which means thick. It's a word between chubby and fat. The traditional image of Santa Claus is a "tyk" man.

(***) To pay or get a discount on the next purchase. That's not uncommon in towns and villages here in DK, when you know each other.

(****) As far as I can see with a hideous light pink pattern. The shirts would hang for a loooong time before any gentlemen in the good town of Tønder would buy let alone wear such shirts, so it's a good idea to convert them.
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As Patron of the DanChurchAid Princess Marie will travel to Cambodia from October 9 - October 2, 2012.

Through its partners in Cambodia, DanChurchAid supports a wide range of activities in Cambodia since the early 1980s
and Princess Marie will visit various projects like a shelter for women and a training center for street children during
her visit.

** source: ** translation **

That should make this visit the heaviest solo-duty our Marie will have done so far.
She has gained confidence and is really flapping her wings now.
Im starting to really like Marie she comes across as self assured and quietly confident. Her fashion choices have improved a lot.
And we have a gallery of our Marie at the opening of Go4Bunker in BT: Se billederne: Prinsesse Marie på job i Cambodja |

The Danish company deliver products to the oil industry. Cambodia is a country that very much needs an economical push forward.

Notice the first picture. It must be a nice change for Marie to, for once, be the tallest.
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Notice the first picture. It must be a nice change for Marie to, for once, be the tallest.

True :)

I forgot to add that the gallery of the official website is regularely updated as usual.

By now pics of Marie's visits to the Cambodia Women's Crisis Centre and to the organizsation Mith Samlanh (that helps vulnerable children, young people and their families through prevention work in local communities), that have both taken place today, October 10, have been added. So it's worth checking it again!

** hellomagazine: Mary and Marie fly solo on international power engagements **
A gallery of Marie in Cambodia: Se billederne: Prinsesse Marie på job i Cambodja |

The picture with the girl is particularly charming.

In the clip Iceflower :flowers: kindly posted our Marie emphasized the importance of the work that is being done to help the poor.
- And it is. Women who seek refuge at the crisis centre are often the victims of long time abuse and they litterally have no other place to go. Their own families may not want them back, as they are a burden, if they are poor or in other cases because their families have lost face because the women have "abandoned" their husbands. That is often the case in villages.
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Our Marie was on the 19.00 news on TV2 last night: TV 2 Nyhederne - Video
You'll find the short clip here.

She says in Danish, while pouring water over the little girl: "You are so sweet".
:previous: Thanks, Dbarn67 :flowers:

Minimum makeup and minimum jewellery. Practical and appropriate when you visit people who are very poor and it was "The worst I have ever seen", said our Marie.
To say that our Marie's visit to Cambodia is well covered would be an understatement!
I'll start out with an unusually strong interview and add a general summary of the trip later.

Translation of an interview in Billed Bladet #42, 2012.
Det var stærkt og chokerende - It was strong and shocking.
Interviewer: Trine Larsen.

The tears streamed down the cheeks of the Princess, who was so moved by the many shocking impressions with little sick children in the unimaginable plight and misery of poor people.
On the trip with DanChurchAid (*) Princess Marie was in front and as such saw human faiths and misery that only a few will see. Ane even though the Princess had prepared herself thoroughly before the visit, she was personally deeply moved. So much that she several times during the interview began to cry again.
- "It was very strong and shocking experiences. I had never imagined it would be so hard", said Princess Marie and added:
"Like so many others I have of course seen lots of TV and read a lot. There is after all hunger, want and misery in many places but I could never imagine how strong an impression it makes on you before you stand there. It really puts things into perspective", said the Princess quietly.
"What I experienced was really what you can call poverty. Utterly extreme poverty and injustice. These people really need help", said Princess Marie, who had been on her first trip as patron for DanChurchAid to Cambodia for with her own eyes to see the work of the organisation and the many projects.
And during those four days the Princess was in that country she was from early in the morning to late in the evening bombarded with impressions, that will for ever leave a deep mark within her.

Q: Had the Princess expected to be that moved by the experiences, before you came out here?
M: "No! No, I hadn't. Honestly, you cannot imagine how it is or how it affects you, before you have experienced it. Want and poverty in TV and papers is one thing, but it's not like that in real life. It's impossible to imagine how bad it is. In particular several of the children we have met, have moved me a lot. Their looks, when we looked at each other it went straight to my heart. Sometimes it was a sweet look, other times such a sad look", (**) said Princess Marie again with tears in the eyes.

Q: Is there something you reflect on from this trip, which you would like to continue working with when you return home?
M: "There is no doubt that I would like to help. There is no doubt that I must help. After this... but, surely I cannot just return home and sit down and pretend nothing happened. No! I cannot... Right now, I don't know how, because it's still so close, but there is such a good co-operation with DanChurchAid that we will find some way... to make the help even stronger", said the Princess enthusiastically and added:
"But I think it's impressive the work DanChurchAid is already doing. I'm very impressed and proud".

Q: What will you take home and share with your husband and family from this trip?
M: "Oh, there is so much. But I think I get a feeling of loving my family even more after having experienced all this. It's impossible to forget.
And you really want to tell (***) - not just the Danes - but the whole world that we must and have to do something for these people. This cannot be. Something must be done", said the Princess and was delighted that she through her position can help getting the message across.
"Yes, that's fantastic. And I will try and do my best - it's just so hard to believe that I... that I can really make a difference. But I would so much like to. So much", said the Princess with teary eyes, that left no doubt that she will never forget the days in Cambodia - and that she is ready to fight to give these and other people who suffer a better and more dignified life.

(*) DanChurchAid = Folkekirkens Nødhjælp. The aide organisation under the state church.

(**) Old eyes. Or worse, eyes where the spark has completely gone. No children should have old eyes.

(***) The Danish wording is actually stronger. She didn't just mean inform, it's more like yelling the message across.
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A lovely interview with Marie, thanks for posting it, Muhler.

She appears to be genuinely moved by her experience in Cambodia.
If she, as a Danish Princess, was able to bring any attention to the plight of the poor and deprived, than she achieved a lot already.
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