Princess Margriet of the Netherlands Jewellery

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I too don't understand why Maxima and till now also Amalia has never worn that tiara as it is quiet a beautiful smaller tiara. But luckily Princess Margriet and also Princess Laurentien seem to like it.
I agree, it is a lovely taira and Mrfriet wears it well.

I would have thought it would be a good one for Amalia, but I suspect she is going for the bigger tiaras.
I am actually most surprised we have not seen it on Beatrix after the abdication. Supposedly it was a gift to her from her parents.
Princess Margriet wears the Laurel Wreath Tiara very well.
I never considered a princess or a queen having a trade mark tiara.
It means a tiara that I would associate them with as they have worn it quite frequently!
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