Princess Margrethe of Denmark and Henri de Laborde de Monpezat: June 10, 1967

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I'm glad that so many like the wedding dress of the then Princess Margrethe. It was indeed a master piece by the late couturier Jorgen Bendtner, who also designed the wedding dresses of the two 'Alexandras' the former Princess Alexandra (Manley) and Princess Alexandra of Berleburg.
The material was ziberline, a wolly sort of silk, and its design was perfect for the application of the Connaught lace panels!
Some thirtyseven years later, the same lace panels were applied to one of the worst royal wedding dresses in recent history, Mary Donaldsons!

Interesting note about the dinner at Margarethe's and Henrik's reception - not long before the wedding, the residents of the Danish island of Bornholm contacted the King with a unique proposal. At the time, Bornholm had a massive overpopulation of deer. The Bornholm residents invited Frederik and his entourage to the island for a deer hunt. The resulting venison could be used on the menu for the dinner following the wedding.

Frederik loved the idea. He took a hunting party to the island and was able to kill enough deer to feed several hundred people at reception. So, the Danish royals got to use Danish venison for their future queen's wedding, and Bornholm had a much more manageable deer herd. Talk about practicality!
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Is anyone able to name the four flowergirls?

Wedding of Margrethe II of Denmark & Henri Laborde de Monpezat | Unofficial Royalty
On this website (scroll down to wedding guests and attendants) four bridesmaids are mentioned, are these the girls you mean?

the site doesn't always work on every device I think, so just in case, here the paragraph about the bridesmaids:
"The couple had four young teenage girls serve as bridesmaids. The bridesmaids were Kristin Dahl, Countess Desiree of Rosenborg (daughter of Count Flemming), Anne Oxholm Tillisch and Carina Oxholm Tillisch. Each of the bridesmaids wore short-sleeved blue dresses with circlets of daisies in their hair."
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It was a proud day when King Frederik walked his daughter down the aisle.
The engagement of Princess Margarethe and Count Henri
Seing the Video back I wonder if Henri de Laborde de Montpezat was strong enough to marry the Heiress of the Throne of Denmark. He was certainly happy before his wife became Queen !
Denmark gave him all , a Castle in France with its wineyards , he was able to buy jade collections and others but he has been ungrateful .
He knew that Philip and Claus were not Kings , that was the low of the Consorts husbands, but never understood !
Is Margrethe the one giving commentary on the wedding video? It's hard to tell who the two people are.
Is Margrethe the one giving commentary on the wedding video? It's hard to tell who the two people are.
No, it's not the Queen. Funny, I fast-forwarded to hear the voices and the first I heard was - "There's Crown Prince Harald. Isn't it about time for him to find a wife?!". If she only knew...
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