Princess Margarita of Bourbon-Parma (1972- ) & Family

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I think she has her father's eyes, Margarita and Tjalling look a bit alike imo and their child looks like them.
HRH Princess Margarita,husband Tjalling ten Cate and Julia will move from Amsterdam to the Horsten Estate in Wassenaar,owned by HM.
The Horsten already is the home of Alexander and Maxima.The couple will move in an already existing house on the estate,as will cousin
Prince Floris and his family.A Royal Compound in Wassenaar.I think it is way better to grow up in a the environment the estate offers,and
also it is easyer from a security point of view.The couple moves in a building close to the Wassenaar area.
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Will they have to pay for the house, or does Her Majesty grant them it for free?
Will they have to pay for the house, or does Her Majesty grant them it for free?

HM owns it,so she can do whatever she pleases.But they bought a property on the grounds last year.
As a matter of fact HRH Princess Irene and Tjalling jointly purchased the property from HM:)
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Who would have thought this in 2003? Princess Margarita safely married to a sane guy and living on the family estates. Good for her!
According to RTL the property is rather old, and needs a lot of reconstructing.
Pictures on the webiste of the Amsterdam television station AT5. Princes Margarita on her way to clean the house ;):

Margarita maakt nog een keer oude huis schoon - AT5 Nieuws

the article impies that she cleaned it the last time before moving to Wassenaar, but since the new house is in a rather desolate state I suppose she will stay in Amsterdam for at least another year.


her husband has some hidden talents too, according to his professional profile he also is an illustrator for childrens books (apart from his job at the Dutch central bank).

Courtesy: ATR


in the mean time that creepy ex-husband of her gave an interview to 'Flair' in which he states that he kept believing that Margarita would return to him for a very long time:

he got the message when she became pregnant from her daughter Julia and Edwin de Roy claims that he collapsed and lost a lot of weight in this period.

I also saw him recently interviewed for a television programme in which he sarcastically referred to himself as 'nouveau pauvre' (new poor) as opposed to the nouveau riche. He says he will continue his fight for justice and money as he feels that the RF ruined his life. Some therapy and self reflection might be needed here ;).
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The lawyer of princess Margarita wrongly informed the Amsterdam court about the tax return of princess Margarita. The lawyer said that the royal family fills in their tax form collectively. Because of that reason the princess could not give her ex-husband any insight in documents about her tax return (& income).

However, the tax forms are all individual. It is impossible that families have collective forms. This also counts for the RF.

Edwin the Roy van Zuydewijn wants to get alimony from his ex-wife and went to court several times. According to him, he was ruined by the royal family and that he would have been a CEO of a major company were it not for the actions of the RF.

In Dutch:
Some pictures of princess Margarita and Edwin de Roy van Zuydewijn, made on October 7th, when they both met in court.

Reni van Maren

Yesterday they met again and according to the press, princess Margarita was crying and left half way from the court room.

Courtesy: PMMF at ATR.

The princess arriving at the Amsterdam court on the Prinsengracht (and later Edwin arrives too:

According to Edwin: 'the Bea-constrictor has Margarita in a choke hold'... which is why he wants allemony. Sigh.
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Great news! I saw pictures of her today and I was already wondering if she was expecting for the 2nd time. I am happy that things seem to have worked out for her!
:previous: Congratulations to Princess Margarita and her family.
Great news! Apparently the baby was already born on Friday at 18:05 in the Bronovo hospital in The Hague and weighs 2825 gr. The couple says that they are intensely grateful and happy with the birth of their 2nd daughter and that the girl is 'very healthy'.

Now, considering the name I guess princess Laurentien will be the godmother of the girl.

On a different note: did they move to The Hague/Wassenaar already? Their house on the Horsten estate is far from ready, so they must have rented/bought something else in the mean time.
Congratulations to the happy parents!
Congratulations to the happy family!

Btw, wasn't the baby expected to be born in April?
I just googled it and in most press reports it is said that the couple expected their baby in the spring.

If they are still living in Amsterdam I wonder why she delivered in The Hague, but you can not plan these things of course so she might have been there on a visit when she started to have contractions.
Was the name given to honour Queen Paola?
Now, considering the name I guess princess Laurentien will be the godmother of the girl.

Is Laurentien a catholic? If not, the godmother could be princess Cecile of Bourbon-Parma.
I don't think she is Catholic.
She may however be a witness in conjunction with the Catholic godmother (like CP Victoria of Sweden for Princess Eleonore of Belgium).
I don't think they ever announced the godparents of her sister Julia, so I wouldn;t be surprised if we will never know the godparents of Paola either.

I am not sure if Tjalling is catholic and if the girls are raised catholic. Is it possible for them to get baptised in a catholic church since according to the church Margarita is still married to Edwin (the marriage was not annulled).
Of course. Regardless of whether its parents live in a "sacramental" marriage or not, the child has the right to be baptized.
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