Princess Margaret Rose & Antony Armstrong-Jones: May 6, 1960

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This is a gown that has "grown" in favor with me over the years. For a time I thought it was too heavy, too plain, too severe, and I didn't think it was at all flattering to the petite Margaret. After a time I became a little more discerning about the style-especially the flaring bell-like skirt that emphasized her tiny waist-and realized it was very fitting for her. Sometimes it's good to get old and take a second (or third!) look at things!:)
This gown easily finds itself in my top five, so I am so pleased to see it featured here. For me, everything about Margret's bridal look, from head to toe, was spot on - beautiful, regal, classic, timeless, understated grandeur, feminine, complimentary, and so on! I have always been enchanted by it.
Margaret's gown was amazing! I thought everything was perfect. The necklace and tiara were exquisite!
Perhaps, they missed this one. The many other have made their rounds.
Princess Margaret's dress was just perfect. She is one of my absolute favourite royal brides.
Margarets wedding gown has been described as "radical". So different - no embroidery (HMQ and every bride before her). She was right - she was so small - 4'10"/4'11" - that embroidery would have swamped her. Everything about that ensemble was perfect - dress', veil, jewels. Spot on!
The BBC broadcaster of Princess Margaret's wedding said he thought Prince Charles looked delightful in his green doublet, lace jabot, and Royal Stuart kilt.

Some of the guests who attended Princess Margaret's wedding
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Broadcasters and the media in general were a lot more reverential towards royalty in those days. Margaret's choice was an unusual one but I just think her relatives were relieved that she had found someone she loved who was reasonably upperclass. She was 30. Even males married at a younger age then than they do now and I suppose her options were closing. She made a lovely bride and was a gorgeous looking woman. Wonderful eyes!

The wedding was a huge affair, but I suppose the bride and the Queen Mother took it for granted Margaret would be married in the Abbey. Nowadays it might well have been nuptials at St George's.
Princess Margaret was beautiful enough for ten women. She was more than beautiful, she was lovely.

That definitely seems over the top to me.

In her young days, Margaret was quite pretty, definitely more so than her sister, but to call her one of the world's great beauties seems a bit much.

But eye of the beholder, I guess.
Princess Margaret's dress was just perfect. She is one of my absolute favourite royal brides.

She is definitely on my Top Ten Royal Brides list..her veil alone is just a work of art.

Princess Margaret's wedding was huge news here at the time - I remember I played "weddings" with my dolls afterwards.
A colour film of the wedding was shown at the cinema and attracted good audiences.
I believe she wore a little hairpiece on top of her head which gave her some more height and showed off her tiara.
She was a most beautiful bride.
Princess Margaret Rose and Antony's arrival back at Buckingham Palace after the Royal Wedding

I'm sure many of you have seen it but just came across the 'balcony scene'.

It seems the bridegroom had a better report with his mother-in-law than with his bride; and the crowd seemed to produce more noise when the queen arrived on the balcony than when the bridal couple did.
May weddings are supposed to be unlucky...
Other than members of the British Royal and extended Royal Family there were very few foreign royal guests!
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